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Baader Planetarium Hyperion 24mm Eyepiece

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I’m a beginner of about 3 months in the hobby. I own a Sky-Watcher 100 mm ED F9 refractor that came with 32mm and 10mm plossl eyepieces. When I bought the telescope, I also purchased an Orion 3 lens 2x barlow. The plossl eyepieces were OK, but I did not like using the barlow because any movement off center of the eyepiece would cause the view to disappear. This was particularly bad with the 10mm eyepiece. I did discover that I really liked view using the 32mm and the barlow which is about 16mm. I found the 5mm FL achieved when using the barlow and 10mm eyepiece did degrade the view slightly probably due to my typical viewing conditions.

So I wanted to supplement the 2 eyepieces with some different focal lengths. I’d read good things about the hyperions on the web and I really liked the new $119 price point. The day I went down to my local astronomy store, I was undecided between the Celestron plossl set, the Meade plossl set, and the Baader hyperions. The shop was currently waiting on a shipment of hyperions, but they had one 13mm left. I decided I’d rather have one or 2 quality eyepieces rather than a big quantity set of lower quality eyepieces, so the 13mm hyperion went home with me that day. A couple of weeks later I purchased the 8mm and the 24mm hyperions. Let me interject here probably the biggest negative of the eyepieces which is the weight. I’ve included a picture of the 24mm hyperion and 32mm plossl. The day I purchased the 13mm I was only planned on purchasing the 8mm when the shop got the shipment in. However, I discovered the difference in weight between the plossls and the hyperions caused the telescope to be way out of balance when switching between the eyepieces. That was the deciding factor for me to go ahead and also get the 24mm.

Now you know the history. I’d been using the 13mm for a couple of weeks. I was really happy with the eyepiece. I could remove the 1 ¼ adapter and use the eyepiece as a 2” 23mm. It was kind of a hassle, but a nice feature that increases the value of the eyepiece. The 68 degree FOV was an obvious improvement over the 52 degree plossls. There’s no problem with having to have my eye centered on the eyepiece to see through it.

Driving home the day I purchased the 24mm I started kicking myself. I realized I could have purchased the 21mm which would have given me a 32mm when the 1 ¼ adapter was removed. The debate went on all day about whether I should return the 24 and get the 21 instead. Buyer’s remorse is a funny thing sometimes.

That night, when I finally put the 24mm on the scope and took that first view through it, I was blown away. It was different from the 13. The sky was darker. The stars were brighter. The contrast was better. Buyer’s remorse instantly disappeared. I fell in love with viewing star clusters that night.

I don’t have enough experience to really give a detailed technical review. As mentioned above about the 13mm, the 24 has the 68 degree FOV which I find is really nice compared to the plossl that came with my telescope. I don’t have any problems with the view blacking out because my eye is perfectly positioned on the eyepiece. The 24mm doesn’t have an element in the 1 ¼ adaptor part of the eyepiece. So you don’t get multiple FL capabilities like you do with the other hyperions from Baader. I have removed the 1 ¼ adapter and used the 24mm as a 2” eyepiece and it worked equally well. It did require adjusting the focus out a good bit. Some focusers might not have enough travel to do this. It wasn’t an issue on my refractor. The reason I did the test was to just see if the 1 ¼ adaptor affected the view at the out edges of the FOV. I really wasn’t able to see any difference.

On paper, the 32mm plossl and the 24mm hyperion have almost exactly the same AFOV (1.85 and 1.81 respectively). One night I did some comparison between the two. I found that the view through the hyperion was bigger and brighter for the obvious reason that I was seeing exact the same thing with more magnification. I really have no reason to get the 32 out of the bag.


I really like all 3 of my Baader hyperion eyepieces. Of the 3, the 24mm is clearly my favorite. For the money, I highly recommend this eyepieces.


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