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Rini 30mm MPL Eyepiece

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I bought this eyepiece from Telescope warehouse. about two years ago. It was advertised as a 60deg afov eyepiece with 15mm eyerelief. It has five coated elements. The price was $23.50 plus shipping. I was looking for the a widefield lowcost scanning eyepiece for my 80mm FL 11.4 Celestron Firstscope refractor in the 1.25 eyepiece size. The eyepiece is threaded for filters unlike some of Paul Rini's other eyepieces it also threaded on the top.I belive for a camera.for astrophotography.the 30mm is black in color and is rather large for a 1.25 eyepiece.there are pictures of it on the telescope warehouse website.Well how does it perform. It is sharper than my 25mm 500 series plossl in my scope it is sharp almost to the edge. I would say the last 5% be a little soft. Also, the afov is not 60deg by my calculations. I measured the field stop with digital calipers and came up with 28.3 field stop. If the formula that I got online is correct.28.3 divided by 30 times 57.3 =5 4 deg afov not 60deg but not bad with the 1.25 barrel limits. I also belive the barrel is the field stop. This is a decent eyepiece at anyprice a great eyepiece at $23.50.


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