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Baader Planetarium Hyperion 13mm Eyepiece

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My Comments: My name is Anthony Rogers and I live in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. I have been into amateur astronomy since 2003 plus I have been registered on Cloudy Nights since 09/24/07 as stargazertony. Over the years I have owned 10 telescopes but my collection is now down to four telescopes which consists of two newtonians, one Maksutov, and one SCT. I received the Baader 13mm Hyperion in 2007 and was amazed by the sheer size of it. The cost of the eyepiece was excellent for a premium ocular of this quality. The eyepiece fits both 2" & 1.25" focusers and has a very nice fit and finish. Galaxies, globular clusters and nebulae are the main objects that I observe and they are striking with the 13mm Hyperion in my 12.5" F5 Discovery PDHQ Dob. I really like the performance of this eyepiece and I give it a grade A for its optical quality. Star images are pinpoint sharp to the edge and I detected very little internal reflection or false color. With the 13mm I easily made out 6 stars in the Trapezium in M42, and definately made out the Cassini division in Saturn's ring system plus incredibly resolved the core of M13. I recommend these eyepieces to anyone with a scope as fast as F5, slow as F10 or anyone who wants a premium eyepiece that wont wipe out their astronomy budget. It is a fairly heavy eyepiece which may be a problem with some smaller lightweight telescopes.

Pros: Comfortable to use, Great Eye Relief, Strong Construction, Well Corrected Images, Quality coatings.

Cons: Weight may be an issue with some people with smaller telescopes.

My Conclusion: I highly recommend this eyepiece. I have had it for 2 years now and it is still one of my most used eyepieces for my 12.5” Discovery Dobsonian and Meade 8” SCT. I also have had nothing but good comments from people at star parties who have looked through my telescopes with this eyepiece in the focuser.


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