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Zhumell Z Series Planetary Eyepiece

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I purchased a 9 MM Eyepiece for my nephew as an upgrade to the existing eyepieces that came with a reflector scope I bought him last year. Here are the top reasons for my selection.
  1. Intended Use. We are casual gazers looking at the Moon , Saturn etc. but wish to enhance our experience by using different lenses/filter combinations.
  2. Positive reviews by others, this product in general received high marks for quality as a whole and even higher than other products at the same or higher price point.
  3. Quality - very well made eyepiece for the money
  4. Price point- Less than $60 it performs as well or better than much more expensive eyepieces.
To sum it up I would certainly purchase another product from Zhumell. The improvement over the stock eyepieces was quite impressive.


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