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The iOptron MiniTower - Part 2

Jan 15 2010 07:12 AM | john cameron in Alt-Azimuth

First, I am convinced that iOptron, a young company, wants to develop quality products and, since my March review, it has engaged in a program of quality control improvement. For example, Dr. Hou contacted me shortly after my review was published to

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Universal Astronomics Unistar Basic Mount

Jan 06 2010 08:45 AM | mikee in Alt-Azimuth

The mount arrived well packaged in about a week and had a small instruction manual (2 pages really). The first thing I noticed was that

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Vixen Mini Porta Mount

Dec 23 2009 08:19 AM | Midnight Dan in Alt-Azimuth

What I received surprised and disappointed me. But more on that later. Let’s start with the basics. I set up the mount with my Orion ST80 for a quick photo shoot

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Vixen Porta Mount

Dec 22 2009 09:15 AM | Scott Holland in Alt-Azimuth

The Vixen comes in what seems to be three models. First is the Mini Porta Mount which weighs 6 pounds and is rated at 8 pounds of load capacity, and sells for around

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SHOWDOWN: The iOptron CUBE PRO vs. The Nexstar GT Mount

Oct 13 2009 06:35 AM | john cameron in Alt-Azimuth

As promised in my April review of the iOptron MiniTower, I purchased and have spent many hours testing the iOptron Cube Pro

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Simple ALT/AZ Mount

Oct 13 2009 06:10 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

I almost walked past the "cheap scope" at a flea market recently but something about it caught my eye…

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Astro-Tech vs TeleVue Mount Comparison

Apr 24 2009 06:18 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

The Astro-Tech Voyager uses a Vixen style dovetail and the mount employs an arm that holds the altitude bearing either straight up or at 45 degrees on either side of the vertical

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The iOptron MiniTower - A Second Opinion

Apr 01 2009 04:41 PM | john cameron in Alt-Azimuth

John Cameron gives us his take on the iOptron MiniTower

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Universal Astronomics Dwarfstar Mount

Mar 01 2009 01:46 AM | David E in Alt-Azimuth

How can something this small work so well

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Astro-Tech Voyager Mount

Jan 11 2009 01:19 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

The Astro-Tech Voyager Alt Az Mount

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