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iOptron Mini Tower

Sep 08 2008 05:17 AM | StarStruckCarter in Alt-Azimuth

The mount itself comes very well protected within its own locking case. Included are just about anything and everything that one needs to be up and

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Astronomy Technologies Voyager Mount

Mar 21 2008 03:00 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

The first time I used the mount was aboard the Caribbean Princess during the Lunar Eclipse of February 2008. The Voyager came the day before I left for the cruise so I brought it along instead of my MicroStar, my usual air travel

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Vixen Skypod

Jun 26 2007 03:30 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

The Vixen Skypod is an Alt/Az mount that will also track an object as it moves across the sky.

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William Optics EZtouch Alt-Az Mount

Sep 21 2006 04:52 AM | timmbottoni in Alt-Azimuth

The mount is available separately from WO, and can be mounted on a different tripod if you like

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Stellarvue M6HD Mount

Aug 22 2006 03:08 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

My initial requirements for a mount were for a quick assembly, capable of holding either a large or heavy refractor, and fast settling times when arriving at the destination.

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Desert Sky Astro DSV-1 Alt-Az Mount

Apr 25 2006 06:59 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

I have owned an XT8i for about 8 months and a Williams Optics Megrez 80mm Triplet Apo for about two months.

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Tele Vue Panoramic Mount

Apr 09 2006 03:44 AM | Renae Gage in Alt-Azimuth

Mounts matter. A good mount can bring out the best in a mediocre telescope, but a poor mount will destroy the views in even the finest telescopes

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Helix Hercules Single-Arm Alt/Azm Mount

Jul 31 2005 05:19 AM | Guest in Alt-Azimuth

The two knobs used to secure the dovetail are kind of small, and while they work, are not in keeping with the fit and feel of the rest of the mount. I

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Small Scope Alt-Az Comparison: Wimberley vs. the GR-2 Deluxe

Mar 28 2005 09:59 AM | Paul Schroeder in Alt-Azimuth

I have for quite some time looked for the ideal highly portable scope package. My viewing time is often quite limited, and my principle viewing site (my yard) has a number of large trees; in order to see much, I need to keep moving about the yard. In addition, my best viewing tends to be on vacations when we're in locations with really dark skies, and I wanted something that was easy to carry (along with all the paraphernalia that goes with having a one-year-old daughter).

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Tele Vue Tele-Pod alt-az Mount

Mar 28 2005 09:48 AM | Steve Foltz in Alt-Azimuth

If portability is an important criteria in a mount for your small scope, then owning an alt-az Tele-Pod makes a lot of sense. It's very compact (travels well in a bogen or temba bag) and lightweight (~ 7lbs./3.2 kgs.), yet sturdy enough to absorb vibrations efficiently (takes 2-3 seconds) by way of three foam padded tripod legs with rubberized foot pads (including unscrewable spikes).

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