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German Equatorial

10 Micron GM1000HPS --- My Experience

Dec 15 2014 12:14 PM | sayitfast in German Equatorial

My first setup was working OK for me. I had a Celestron 11 inch HD scope a Hyperstar, Atik camera and a Celestron CGEM mount. I was getting images that I thought were wonderful and was overall very happy. The one major pain point I had was set up time and accuracy of the mount using was not always a fast fun experience. I found the CGEM mount overall worked well but there were some things that frustrated me which I will not go into here. I also wanted to do more advanced imagery… namely Satellites and Comets and I wanted it to be as easy as possible of course.

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My Adventures in Fixing a Meade LXD75 Mount

Jan 06 2010 08:05 AM | Middle Age Man in German Equatorial

I purchased the LXD75 mount used in June of 2006 and I'm not sure if the seller was the original owner so I'm not sure of its vintage. The mount did not come in its standard configuration as it had

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Orion Sirius Goto Mount

Dec 18 2009 06:45 AM | John F Smith in German Equatorial

I have used the Celestron C8 and C9.25 optical tubes and an Orion ED 80 refractor. For imaging I use the StarlightXpress SXVF H9 CCD camera with a TruTech Filter wheel. I use a

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Goto or Not to Goto - Losmandy G11

Sep 03 2009 07:23 AM | dmilone in German Equatorial

That is the question. At least it was for me in my personal struggle to find a new mount for astrophotography

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Meade LXD75 Mount

Aug 13 2009 06:33 AM | Guest in German Equatorial

I bought a Meade LXD75 mount when they first became available some years ago. It replaced my LXD55 mount

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Astro Physics Mach1 GTO Mount

Jan 16 2009 12:41 AM | Jared in German Equatorial

Astro Physics Mach1 GTO German Equatorial Mount

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GM2000 QCI Mount

Sep 15 2007 02:22 AM | Astro_Slacker in German Equatorial

Seasoned astrophotographers will tell you that in order to succeed in astrophotography you need three things: A good mount - a good mount - and did I mention, a good mount.

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Kenko Skymemo Mount

Dec 23 2006 03:20 AM | Samir Kharusi in German Equatorial

An ultra-portable DSLR astro tracking mount

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Orion SVP Mount

Jan 11 2006 08:30 AM | Mike B in German Equatorial

A brief shake-down cruise

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Parallax Instruments HD-250C GE Mount

Jul 03 2005 05:54 AM | Tim Povlick in German Equatorial

Review of the Parallax Instruments HD-250C GE Mount... I talked with Joe at Parallax Instruments about my requirements. He uses Byer's gears in the mounts and I knew right off this would be a big plus. Joe was working on a new mount to fit between the monster sized observatory

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