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Vixen SS 2000 PC - GOTO system...and a "tweaked" Synta CG-5/EQ-4 mount

Mar 28 2005 09:57 AM | Bob Berta in German Equatorial

Previously I had obtained one of the Chinese 6" achromat refractors and German mounts made by Synta and distributed by various companies with their company name and colors on the tube. Orion, Celestron, Bresser, SkyWatcher are just a few of the companies importing the Synta telescopes and selling them under their own company name. The intent was to use the telescope with an Aries Chromacor adaptor. I previously reviewed this very effective piece of optical magic for CloudyNights.com. I have since found the Synta/Chromacor to easily match many high end telescopes and the resulting telescope was so impressive that it warranted either improving the existing mount or replacing it with a better one.

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Mountain Instruments MI250 GOTO Mount

Mar 28 2005 09:35 AM | Guest in German Equatorial

I haven't seen many reviews of the Mountain Instruments MI250 Goto German Equatorial Mount so I thought that I would share some of my experiences. My love of astronomy was sparked as a seventh grader in Mr. Bruce's science class and it has continued for some 20 years since. Over the years, I've owned SCT, Newtonian and classical Cassegrain telescopes and also have had the pleasure of using a couple of large (7" +) university refractors including a historic Fitz refractor while a midshipman at the US Naval Academy. I have also ground and figured an 8" mirror and have ground and partially figured a 12.5" mirror (a work in perpetual progress). The 8" F6 I am currently using I built myself.

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Universal Astronomics Millenium Mount

Mar 28 2005 09:34 AM | Guest in German Equatorial

I like observing the sky with binoculars. I also like late nights out under the stars. What I don't like is the way these two activities usually interact, namely, long-term binocular viewing leads to considerable fatigue, inducing jitters and shakes which make the whole event less pleasant and productive than it could be and significantly reduces observing time. Over the years I've owned a variety of telescope mounts, including a Meade LX200 computerized system,

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The William Yang GT1 Mount

Mar 28 2005 09:30 AM | Skyman83 in German Equatorial

I bought the version that didn't come with the Vixen Skysensor as I already had one. It arrived in 3 boxes which contained the head, tripod, accessory tray, and a 15.5 pound counter weight. My first impression was it was packed very well. The head was double boxed, the accessory tray was in the outer box in it's own box. The tripod was double boxed and the weight was single boxed. All filled with styrofoam beans. It was very well packed!

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Vixen GP-DX Equatorial Mount Vixen Sky Sensor 2000 PC GOTO System

Mar 28 2005 09:25 AM | Dave Novoselsky in German Equatorial

A common question on most newsgroups and eGroups (pardon me, Yahoo groups) as well as elsewhere on the Net is where can one find a good, reasonably priced EQ mount? Another equally common question is where can I get a "good, reasonably priced GOTO system?" (Is there an echo in here, Dave?)

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Losmandy GM-8 Mount

Mar 28 2005 09:23 AM | Guest in German Equatorial

I remember my excitement the day when my new 6" Maksutov Cassegrain telescope arrived. It was a thing of beauty - compact, beautifully designed, clearly well built and best of all - exotic. I quickly attached the scope to my Taiwanese equatorial mount (about $230 retail) and waited for the sky to clear up so I could get first light with the scope.

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Synta/Skywatcher EQ-6 Mount

Mar 28 2005 07:37 AM | Guest in German Equatorial

The first rumours regarding a new heavy-duty mount from Synta began to spread during year 2000, but it was Spring 2001 before some preview mounts appeared. The first, real things has been on sale only since last 2001 quarter.

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Celestron’s CG-5 (aka “clone”) compared to Vixen’s Super/Great Polaris Line (with a few comments...

Mar 28 2005 07:30 AM | gnowellsct in German Equatorial

When I was a kid my mother gave me a 4.25” Optical Craftman telescope on a rock solid equatorial mount with a cast-iron pedestal. It was hard to move around but it was smooth and tracked well. I was very lucky: at the age of 10, after struggling with a very flimsy Edmund Scientific for two years (the legs kept falling off), my mother, a science teacher, decided I had an interest worth taking seriously. My early teen years with the Optical Craftsman (which is still in the family) scope conditioned me, as it were, to a fairly high standard of performance.

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Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial Mount

Mar 22 2005 01:13 PM | Bill Grass in German Equatorial

When I ordered my Orion SkyView Pro 100mm refractor last fall, I anticipated the arrival of the mount just as much as the telescope itself. Having owned many cheap, flimsy equatorial mounts over the years, I was anxious to see how the beefy-looking SkyView Pro mount would perform. It certainly looked heavy-duty in the Orion catalogs, so I was confident it would be a great mount.

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The New Generation of Computerized German EQ Mounts

Mar 22 2005 01:10 PM | jrcrilly in German Equatorial

In the past decade there's been a tremendous surge in the availability of computerized telescopes. The earliest popular players were the LX200 by Meade and the Ultima 2000 by Celestron. Both consisted of Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tubes permanently attached to computerized fork mounts. Fork mounts and computers were an obvious marriage, as the computer permits the mount to track accurately in the very simple and inexpensive (and stable) altitude/azimuth configuration.

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