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Tripods and Piers

Sunpak Platinum Plus 7500TM Tripod/Monopod

Dec 29 2009 12:10 PM | aa5te in Tripods and Piers

The tripod serves its function with flying colors in my book. It is just a little shaky with 8.5 lb. binoculars on it, but it steadies out soon enough (a second or so). I find that the tightening screws

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Manfrotto 501HDV Head with the Oberwerk L- Adapter

Dec 24 2009 06:33 AM | Guest in Tripods and Piers

The 501 is one fine piece of engineering. Designed for the heavier HD camcorders, it provides more than ample stability for most large astronomical binoculars. The all-metal construction with a 13.3 lb payload limit gives it the ability to

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Tech2000 "Quick-Draw" Portable Pier

Jun 30 2008 07:41 AM | Dave Novoselsky in Tripods and Piers

For those of you who recall my scribbling from before, I am not a fan of GEM mounts, prefer alt-az for my visual observing

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Epsilon Telescopes Modular Pier System

Jul 18 2006 03:04 AM | Mondo in Tripods and Piers

Epsilon, in my mind have thought through what an amateur astronomer may want now, but also may want in the future, so they offer their standard Mark II pier with a flexible way of adapting it to

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Venus Optics Imager Tripod

Jul 07 2006 09:30 AM | Guest in Tripods and Piers

I am living in central Ohio and have been interested in Astronomy for over twenty years

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Pier-Tech 3 Electrically-Powered Adjustable Height Pier

Mar 28 2005 09:38 AM | Dave Novoselsky in Tripods and Piers

What do you do when you have a large telescope and face the prospect of hoisting it up onto its mount, in the dark, particularly when the saddle plate of the mount is at or over shoulder height? (Or, if you are my size - 5'10"- or shorter, how do you get a large OTA up over your head in the dark without worrying about dropping it?) Also, how much fun is it hoisting a large and heavy mount up on a pier or a tripod at any type of height?

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Particle Wave Portable Pier

Mar 22 2005 01:06 PM | jokun in Tripods and Piers

Not long ago I purchased a Mewlon 300 and NJP mount. The first time I mounted the very large Mewlon (VLM) on the mount, the Takahashi wooden tripod failed. The small screws that hold the support tray onto the tripod legs pulled out of the wood. This was almost a disaster. Fortunately, as the legs began to spread we were able to get the scope off the mount. I corrected the problem by drilling through the tray brackets and wooden legs and attaching them together with carriage bolts. It worked but I was never confident in the tripod again. My search for its replacement led me to the Particle Wave Technologies Website.

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