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ATIK 314e CCD Camera

Mar 12 2010 06:19 AM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

Having a famous sounding last name naturally impressed me at an early age and learning about Edwin Hubble helped turned my interest toward astronomy; that, along with the Apollo program, got me really thinking about space and the Moon. I

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Canon PowerShot SD790IS Digital Camera

Jan 06 2010 08:55 AM | bacesp in Digital Cameras

The camera has been used every day since including for astrophotography. It is small and compact with a bright 3 inch LCD display that can be viewed

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Meade Variable Projection Camera Adapter

Dec 28 2009 06:51 AM | earthman in Photography Accessories

First, the adapter seemed pretty heavy and with the camera, a Nikon D60, it was. The ETX needed a

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QSI 540ws/wsg CCD Camera

Dec 23 2009 08:35 AM | woodworkt in CCD and Webcams

In the last couple of years more gear has become available for astrophotographers than ever before, whether you're imaging with

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Orion StarShoot Pro Deep Space CCD Color Imaging Camera (v1)

Dec 21 2009 12:09 PM | Frank C in CCD and Webcams

The camera itself is light and thin compared to some cameras, but quite wide. It is supplied with a 2 inch nosepiece for inserting directly into a telescope tube. Unscrewing this adapter reveals

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Iris Diaphragm Useless in Visual Observations

Nov 08 2008 01:37 AM | Guest in Photography Accessories

there is a plain, simple device being offered at Edmund-Optics, a T-barreled iris diaphragm

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FocusStar Controller

Apr 07 2008 06:56 AM | brew in Photography Accessories

I am a big believer in using the computer to achieve focus for astrophotography

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Sierra Stars Observatory

Jan 07 2008 04:53 AM | dsnay in CCD and Webcams

Test drive of the Sierra Stars Observatory

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DMK USB 2.0 Camera

Nov 20 2007 12:53 AM | mpraet in CCD and Webcams

Before this camera DMK only provided the fire wire type of camera ,and you need a firewire port in you PC to run the camera

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Lumicon DigiCam Adapter

Oct 10 2007 06:00 AM | Guest in Photography Accessories

The main yoke and jaw are die-cast, probably from zinc as it feels heavier than aluminum. The camera platform is hard plastic.

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