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CCD and Webcams

ATIK 314e CCD Camera

Mar 12 2010 06:19 AM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

Having a famous sounding last name naturally impressed me at an early age and learning about Edwin Hubble helped turned my interest toward astronomy; that, along with the Apollo program, got me really thinking about space and the Moon. I

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QSI 540ws/wsg CCD Camera

Dec 23 2009 08:35 AM | woodworkt in CCD and Webcams

In the last couple of years more gear has become available for astrophotographers than ever before, whether you're imaging with

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Orion StarShoot Pro Deep Space CCD Color Imaging Camera (v1)

Dec 21 2009 12:09 PM | Frank C in CCD and Webcams

The camera itself is light and thin compared to some cameras, but quite wide. It is supplied with a 2 inch nosepiece for inserting directly into a telescope tube. Unscrewing this adapter reveals

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Sierra Stars Observatory

Jan 07 2008 04:53 AM | dsnay in CCD and Webcams

Test drive of the Sierra Stars Observatory

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DMK USB 2.0 Camera

Nov 20 2007 12:53 AM | mpraet in CCD and Webcams

Before this camera DMK only provided the fire wire type of camera ,and you need a firewire port in you PC to run the camera

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Meade DSI

Sep 04 2007 06:04 AM | katekebo in CCD and Webcams

The following review and attached pictures are based on my first, and so far only, night out with the Meade DSI

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MallinCam Color Hyper Camera

Nov 16 2006 11:19 AM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

The MallinCam Color HYPER is a full-featured advanced astronomical observational video CCD camera featuring a Peltier-assisted radiant cooler, 6 and 12 second extended shutter integration (in addition to the standard 2.1 second

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Artemis285 CCD Camera

Oct 28 2005 03:22 AM | Jim Thommes in CCD and Webcams

There are many new and exciting tools coming available to the amateur Astronomer in the past few years. The area of astro-imaging is one area where these tools have advanced in both a technological and affordable manner. The Artemis series of

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Getting Started in Astrophotography using a Webcam

Mar 13 2005 01:29 PM | Oldfield in CCD and Webcams

Astrophotography is a very difficult subject in the past, but it has becoming easy. In this article, we introduce one of the easiest and cheapest ways to take images of the night sky. Webcam Imaging

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Philips ToUCam Pro

Mar 13 2005 01:27 PM | Oldfield in CCD and Webcams

I obtained my ToUCam Pro when the Hong Kong Astronomical Society join ordered it from oversea. We have obtained so many of them such that the whole package is of the size of a 29 inch television.

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