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CCD and Webcams

Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams)

Mar 13 2005 01:25 PM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

In recent years, webcam imaging has become increasingly popular among amateur astronomers. It is easy to see why: they are inexpensive (< $100) and it is possible, with practice, to produce some truly amazing images. In my opinion, there's no better alternative to those interested in taking "pretty pictures" without spending a lot more

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ST-7Ei CCD Camera...A Poor Man’s ST-7E?

Mar 13 2005 01:24 PM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

he ST-7i is a limited run of CCD cameras offered by the renowned manufacturer of astronomy CCD cameras, Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG). According to SBIG, these cameras use the same KAF-0401E NABG CCD that is found in the standard ST-7E and ST-7XE cameras. They were manufactured with parallel port connectors, which an OEM discontinued when it switched to the later USB models. What do you get?

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Can SBIG's

Mar 13 2005 01:21 PM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

Let me begin by saying that my seventy-seven year old eyes, even after the cataract surgery so successfully performed a couple of months ago, aren't nearly as good for astronomy as they were almost sixty years ago when I was an eighteen year old cadet in pilot training. This was vividly demonstrated to me several years ago when I joined a group of much younger amateur astronomers in an evening of viewing through the thirty-six inch "light bucket" at the McDonald Observatory. They raved about objects that, although my eyes had reached a much deeper dark adaptation level than they had in many years, the detail enjoyed by my companions was being lost, probably "masked" by neural noise generated within my eyes. Talk about suddenly feeling old!

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Mar 13 2005 01:19 PM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

The SAC-IV is an entry-level astronomical imaging camera. Based on a Sony “HAD” chip (ICX098Ak), it offers 24-bit color in a 640x480 pixel (5.6 micron) array. It is offered by SAC Imaging (www.sac-imaging.com), which is based in Melbourne, FL.

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Nikon Coolpix 775 CCD

Mar 13 2005 01:16 PM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

Conventional astrophotography began with a lot of fans, many amateur astronomers entered this branch of astronomy with many expectations, but when they discovered that it was not that simple since there are many things you have to consider like film type, camera, exposure time and the development of the negatives. It also bore many expenses, since a lot of fans wanted to develop their negatives themselves because the photographic laboratories didn't give very good services, either for lack of experience in this type of pictures or not wanting to lose extra time with that costumer.

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Using a CFW8a and the Meade 3.3 Focal Reducer

Mar 13 2005 11:05 AM | Guest in CCD and Webcams

Before reading this article, please note that this arrangement is not supported by SBIG and using this arrangement takes the CFW8a and the filters provided by SBIG out of its intended design parameters. This worked with my CFW8a and SBIG filters. It may not work with yours. I have not tested this with the CFW8 using th

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