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Other Solar Equipment

Coronado 10x25 BinoMite Solar Binoculars

Dec 29 2009 08:30 AM | achaios in Other Solar Equipment

I have gotten some use out of them, but I had to get used to some things. They are still available on the used market, but I don't think they are currently

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Imaging Source DMK 21AU04.AS Camera for Solar Imaging

Dec 11 2009 12:22 PM | FoxK in Other Solar Equipment

The DMK 21AU04.AS is a B&W cam from imaging source answering the call for an inexpensive cam that offers good performance for beginning imagers to moderate imagers on a limited budget

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Five-Way Shootout of Zoom Eyepieces for Solar Viewing

Oct 20 2005 07:52 AM | Guest in Other Solar Equipment

This is one observer's attempt to look at these eyepieces as objectively as possible and rate them "head to head".  I've got good eyesight and see coma and other optical imperfections quite easily, so I think I gave

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The Baader Herschel Prisma

Mar 12 2005 12:37 PM | Guest in Other Solar Equipment

Since I bought the “Herschel Prisma” as Baader names it, one wonders what a “Prisma” or prism has to do with solar observing, well as a matter of fact, the Herschel is a peculiar type of prism that reflects about 4.6% of the light you pass through one of the prism faces that is flat to 1/10 of a wave, the rest that is 95.4% of light and heat goes into the prism and exits through the other face and out the backdoor of the housing, thus the excess light and heat is dispensed and not used for observing.

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