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100mm - 110mm Refractors

The Meade Infinity 102 AZ

Nov 22 2014 12:42 PM | Bill Steen in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

The Meade Infinity 102 AZ Altazimuth Refractor A Review by Bill Steen September, 2014 This review is in response to feedback I requested and received on an article submitted to Cloudy Nights on my thoughts on the two new lines of Meade entry level scopes, the Infinity Altazimuth and Polaris Equatorial series. After a few weeks, I received a cryptic email from Meade telling me that an Infinity 102 AZ Refractor and a Polaris 130 Equatorial Reflector were being sent to me for my review, with no other words.

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Meade DS-2102AT-TC Refractor with Autostar

Jan 06 2010 07:16 AM | spazmore in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

The Autostar controller motor and controller function as they should and as they did on two other Meade scopes that I’ve had (a DS2130-AT and a DS-2090AT-TC). It seems as if the drive sometime skips gear teeth or can’t

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Orion Apex 102mm

Dec 29 2009 06:33 AM | stargazertony in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

I am asked about the most is my Orion 102mm Maksutov. I use this scope primarily for splitting double stars which it does superbly, plus planetary and

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Sky-Watcher 100mm ED Refractor

Dec 17 2009 10:11 AM | twh in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

So since this was a floor model, I can’t speak to packing and assembly. Also, you will have to take some of my experience with a grain of salt since the scope had been handled and played with by who knows how many people. In addition, remember I was totally green, so

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Two Refractors

Dec 11 2009 07:18 AM | Wade J in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

Refractors use lenses to bend or refract light instead of mirrors that reflect light. When light is refracted not all colors are bend the

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Orion 120 mm F5 Short Tube Achromatic Refractor

Oct 30 2009 05:39 AM | Guest in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

After owning the scope for a while, I decided to try some color deep sky imaging with it. My thought was that maybe problems caused by chromatic aberration inherent in essentially all short focal length achromats might be able to be tamed in image post-processing

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A Little Piece of Russian Magic

Sep 10 2009 06:58 AM | astroneil in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

There's never been a better time to own a high-quality refractor. Improvements in manufacturing techniques, computer aided design and the ready availability of high quality glass has resulted in a proliferation of new designs, promising ever better views.

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Skywatcher 102AR-AZ4

Apr 23 2009 07:40 AM | chgomonitor in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

I was instantly struck with two first impressions, both of which have totally stuck. One, this thing is quite a bit bigger and heftier than I had thought and Two, the build quality, workmanship, craftsmanship and overall engineering of this thing are very, very impressive

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Sky-Watcher Pro 100ED

Feb 14 2009 01:44 AM | Retired Dave in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

I love refractors!

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Jan 24 2009 02:06 AM | Heavens Above in 100mm - 110mm Refractors

TMB 115 F7 Apo, AOK AYO Alt-Az Mount, Denkmeier Binoviewer

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