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120mm - 130mm Refractors

SkyWatcher ED Esprit 120mm Apochromatic Triplet

Aug 17 2014 10:36 AM | DarrenT in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

I have always said that if I had to go from having a couple of scopes to one in weighing aperture versus portability, contrast and almost crystalline view, then that one scope would be a decent aperture refractor. This 120 might just be the ticket.

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Takahashi TSA-120

Jan 12 2010 10:12 AM | Bill Vance in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

One of the improvements of the new TSA design is better color correction. Even though the Takahashi fluorite doublets provide excellent images, some have complained about

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Explore Scientific 127mm APO Triplet

Jan 05 2010 07:41 AM | Tom Wade in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

The OTA and accessories all came in a large well built foot locker style case. The case is great for storing the scope when not in use but I've found it too large and heavy to be used in transporting

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Orion 120mm ST Refractor Telescope

Dec 24 2009 06:11 AM | pogobbler in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

The scope was well packed and seemed to be in fine shape. Once mounted on my ASGT mount via a dovetail and pair of tube rings I bought along with the scope, I found the lens cap was very tight, to the point where I

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Nikon D60 & Orion Starmax 127

Dec 22 2009 07:22 AM | Mark_Schilling in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

The Starmax, although having only an inch less aperture than the achromat, weighs several times less, takes up one quarter the space and requires significantly less time to

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Orion "Short-Tube" 120mm f/5 Refractor

Dec 17 2009 08:01 AM | Robert Piekiel in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

One can spend a whole lot of money on modern refractors in the 3-5 inch range. This easily gets into 4 figures if you have decided on something exotic like fluorite or

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Skywatcher 120/600 Short Tube Achromatic Refractor

Oct 19 2009 07:07 AM | Keats11 in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

I'm an amateur astronomer in Austria, having reignited my interest in the hobby some seven years ago, by purchasing a Synta 50mm, single lens objective scope, and a couple of years later a Skywatcher 90mm Maksutov

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Upgrading the Meade LXD75-AR5

Apr 04 2008 08:20 AM | Guest in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

Out of the box, the AR5 met most of my needs, but, something was still lacking

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Orion 120ST Refractor

Aug 20 2007 03:59 AM | Blair in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

Over the past few years I have used many scopes and setups trying to find the scope for me.

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Stellarvue 102T Triplet

Jun 22 2007 03:42 AM | wolfr in 120mm - 130mm Refractors

I have been observing since 2002. I previously owned a 10 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, an 85 mm doublet apo refractor, a 101 mm four-element apo refractor, and an 80 mm doublet apo refractor.

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