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140mm + Refractors

Celestron C6-RGT

Dec 23 2009 09:20 AM | RalphWaid in 140mm + Refractors

The supplied mounting hardware fit to the Celestron with no issues. I purchased a Orion Star shoot V2.0 color CCD as well. The one issue I had was

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Astro Telescopes 152mm, f/5.9 Refractor OTA

Dec 17 2009 08:35 AM | Larry Carlino in 140mm + Refractors

As a confirmed telescope "junkie" and seasoned-observer who has purchased perhaps 150 telescopes over the past 50 years I’ve always come back to the refractor as my very favorite type of instrument. Having owned many sizes and configurations of the breed, I’ve been on a seemingly endless quest for the ideal balance of

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Celestron 6" Refractor and Skyview Pro Mount Revisited

Dec 08 2009 10:25 AM | phxbird in 140mm + Refractors

In January of 2009 I posted a review of a Celestron 6” refractor on a SkyView Pro mount. Since then there have been some changes and modifications that have led to vastly improved capabilities

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Explore Scientific 6" f/6.5 Refractor

Oct 16 2009 09:11 AM | galaxyman in 140mm + Refractors

The package includes a 6" f/6.5 tube assembly (about 21 lbs.) with a cradle that has a handle, a 2" diagonal, a wide-field 20mm (1.25") eyepiece, a 8x50mm finder, and a very nice metal case for transporting the scope.

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The 6 inch f/8 Celestron C6-R Refractor

Apr 09 2009 04:56 AM | Guido Santacana in 140mm + Refractors

As many of you already know the C6-R is manufactured in China by Synta Optical Co. The refractor is sold under various other brand names.

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Celestron 6" Refractor and Skyview Pro Mount

Jan 29 2009 12:40 AM | phxbird in 140mm + Refractors

Review of a Celestron 6” Refractor and Skyview Pro Mount

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GPU 140/1200 APO

Oct 26 2007 02:22 AM | Attila the Hun in 140mm + Refractors

Practically I can say: the image quality of this GPU APO lens is as good as your eyepiece is good

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A&M 152mm f8 APO Refractor

Nov 07 2006 07:55 AM | Bob Berta in 140mm + Refractors

As an astrophotographer I wanted a refractor rather than a reflector since besides imaging from my own home observatory I do a lot of traveling to star parties and I wanted to eliminate the issue of collimation.

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Synta 150mm f/5 Refractor

Sep 06 2006 03:28 AM | Guest in 140mm + Refractors

First impressions on a 150 mm F/D 5 Synta Skywatcher achromatic refractor

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APM TMB 8" F/9 Achromat

Jun 17 2006 02:34 AM | galaxyman in 140mm + Refractors

For about a year or so I first saw pictures of the large achromats on the APM website

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