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140mm + Refractors

D&G 6" f/12 Refractor

Jan 26 2006 02:20 AM | Tom Wade in 140mm + Refractors

I'll admit that when it comes to telescopes, I'm not very objective (sorry I couldn't resist). I love refractors

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Dec 30 2005 01:54 PM | jeffk1965 in 140mm + Refractors

In September of 2005, I sold my 4" APO as well as some other equipment to purchase my dream scope: The Tec140 APO

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TravelStar 11" f/5

Dec 17 2005 01:43 AM | Guest in 140mm + Refractors

Art and astronomy, what a beautiful combination!

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Celestron's C6-RGT Refractor

Dec 09 2005 09:00 AM | JayKSC in 140mm + Refractors

When such a large refractor is coupled with a computerized mount, it becomes an even more desirable telescope.

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Antares 150mm f/6.5 Achromat

Dec 05 2005 03:03 AM | Mr. Bill in 140mm + Refractors

After owning a Synta 120mm f/8.3 achromat and building my own folded refractor with a 6 inch f/8 lens set, I have become a confirmed refractor junkie

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D&G 8" F/12 Refractor

Nov 21 2005 01:56 AM | ltha in 140mm + Refractors

Aperture fever strikes us all. Mine came after a night out with my trusty D&G 6 F/15 and a Coast Instruments Treckerscope 8 F/8 Newtonian. After a few hours of planetary viewing, Jupiter and Saturn in particular, I went to

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8” f/6 ED Travel Star Refractor

Oct 18 2005 05:59 AM | oren in 140mm + Refractors

The tube is carefully crafted in three sections, all made of Marine Mahogany, which is a very light and strong type of marine plywood that is not affected by moisture. It can be easily disassembled for transportation. It is

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Celestron 6" f8 Achromat vs. Sky Watcher 10" f4.5 Reflector

Sep 22 2005 07:41 AM | steve-alicante in 140mm + Refractors

I can't afford high end equipment but I am interested in astro imaging, deep sky observation and I am prepared to experiment a little.

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Vixen NA 140 Neo-Achromat OTA

Mar 29 2005 07:48 AM | Eddgie in 140mm + Refractors

You really want to know how the Neo-Achromat optics performed, eh? With all of the hype around high-end APO scopes, and the soaring prices, everyone wants to find reasonable substitutes. Even used APO scopes command unearthly prices.

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TMB 8” F/9 Apochromatic Refractor

Mar 29 2005 07:46 AM | JimP in 140mm + Refractors

I would add that the ability of the focuser to be turned 360 degrees is a big plus. A telrad might work perfectly but I really don’t want to stick one on the OTA. But, I can always turn the focuser, which includes the mount for the finder, or in this instance, the Tak 78, 360 degrees, so the finder is always in a convenient location.

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