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60mm - 78mm Refractors

1966 Sears 76mm f/16 Equatorial Refractor - "A Telescope made for Astronomers"

May 18 2010 07:20 AM | Guido Santacana in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

The year was 1966 and the day was the 25th of December. Early that morning I woke up and joined my brother, sister and first cousin in the quest to see what Santa had delivered under the Christmas tree. There was a corrugated cardboard box wit

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Meade 60mm Refractor : Paperweight or Powerhouse?

Apr 20 2010 06:38 AM | phxbird in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

Never go on Ebay if you don't want to spend money! One night I was rooting around to see what great deals I could find. There was a time when I missed out on a $5,000 sports car that I could have bought for $450 had I just looked in the next barn! Do not want to make that mistake again especially when it comes to telescopes. I Saw a Meade 60mm refractor advertised for

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Borg 77ED SWII Ultra Light Refractor

Jan 27 2010 07:22 AM | JayKSC in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

In operation, the focuser movements are smooth provided that heavy diagonals and eyepieces are avoided. With my orthoscopics or plossls combined with a 1.25-inch diagonal, I found the helical focuser provided

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TeleVue 76 Doublet Apochromat Refractor

Jan 15 2010 07:30 AM | astroneil in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

Tele Vue has enjoyed great success throughout the United States as producers of high quality optical products for the discriminating visual observer and more recently for the advanced astro-imager. Even after 30 years, Tele Vue eyepieces are made to a standard by which all other designs are compared and are

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TeleVue 70mm Pronto ED Doublet Refractor

Dec 29 2009 09:42 AM | Guest in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

In March 1993 TeleVue introduced the 70mm "Pronto" ED doublet refractor telescope. Since then, the "Pronto" has become

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Dec 24 2009 06:55 AM | Guest in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

Also, the Galileoscope arrives as a kit. Assembly is not terribly difficult but not something that I would

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Orion Observer 70mm Equatorial Refractor

Dec 23 2009 09:41 AM | eros312 in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

Initial assembly of the scope took about 15 minutes or so and the instruction manual is very well written. Setting up outside takes a minute. Just point the polar axis toward

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Sky-Watcher, USA GreatStart 70AR-AZ2 Refractor Telescope

Dec 22 2009 08:43 AM | saturn5 in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

I wanted something light and easy to transport and yet would give me VG views of brighter double stars, brighter planets, the moon and of the brighter deep sky objects

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Konus KJ-6 60mm Refractor

Dec 16 2009 09:41 AM | Guest in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

The optics are not that bad. I wasn't expecting much, but the objective is actually pretty decent. The achromatic objective is 60mm diameter with an 800mm

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Meade ETX60 AT

Dec 15 2009 07:33 AM | Zamboni in 60mm - 78mm Refractors

Optically, the telescope is quite good. The objective has very good multi-coatings. A star test revealed a tiny trace of undercorrection and

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