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80mm - 90mm Refractors

Orion Star Seeker 80 Goto Refractor

Mar 23 2010 06:51 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

The reasons I chose to purchase this scope are manifold. Firstly, was the price, I was looking for a wide field goto refractor that wouldn’t break the bank as the poor economy has hit us all. I paid $269.95 for this scope delivered and it regularly sells for $329.95 plus shipping, so

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Takahashi Sky-90 SV

Feb 19 2010 08:14 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

When I received the scope, it was just as many said it was going to be. Packed extremely well and very well built. However, I didn’t deem it any more well built than my Vixen 80ss. In fact, the Vixen is more attractive, and the focuser

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Meade ETX-80AT

Jan 06 2010 06:59 AM | lemonsensation in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

If you plan to not use the AutoStar feature and want to just manually point to objects in the sky, then you will have to purchase a

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Sky-Watcher GreatStart 90mm Refractor on AZ3 Alt-Azimuth Mount

Dec 22 2009 08:45 AM | saturn5 in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

My first views through the scope were a disappointment. At first i was going to return it but

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Orion ShortTube 80-T with Orion Paragon Fluid Head Tripod

Dec 22 2009 08:18 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

Build quality seems adequate, with no department-style telescope finish visible. OTA felt

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Highly Satisfying Astronomy on the Cheap – Two Very Inexpensive Used Telescopes

Dec 18 2009 11:53 AM | bartine in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

Quite often I see notes from budding astronomers, asking which set of new equipment they should buy. It seems they are ready to fork out big $$ to get started

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Explore Scientific ED80 Triplet

Dec 17 2009 11:04 AM | noah way in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

The ES 80mm F/6 OTA is the same unit as the Meade 5000 and a few others. It is solidly built, has a smooth 10:1 focuser, an illuminated 8x50 erect image finder and comes with an

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Meade ETX90-RA

Dec 15 2009 07:39 AM | Zamboni in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

When I got the opportunity to put the classic ETX through its paces, I was left with a mixed impression of the scope. I can understand both viewpoints

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TMB92SS with FeatherTouch Focuser

Dec 11 2009 11:47 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

The TMB92SS, now this is a telescope I can get excited about! Perhaps I should say right up front that I love this telescope. It

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Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ Refractor Telescope Package 21048-OP - 80 EQ Telescope 21048 with Moto...

Dec 11 2009 09:11 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Refractors

My main telescope is a Meade LXD55 AR6, which I love, but is pretty heavy and hard to move and requires 20-30 minutes of setup time. So I wanted a

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