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Sky-Watcher GreatStart 90mm Refractor on AZ3 Alt-Azimuth Mount

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Hello. I got this scope about two weeks ago. My first views through the scope were a disappointment. At first i was going to return it but then decided to see if i could fix it. So i found out that the front lens was being pinched by the three screws holding the plastic lens cell onto the tube. There was to much space between the metal tube and plastic lens cell, so that when the screws, from the factory had been tightened down, the plastic cell pressed on the lens. So i got some self sticking flocking felt paper and did a once wrap around of the end of the metal tube. Now when i tighten down the screws they do not pinch the front lens. Next i found out the front lens and focuser were a little bit out of alignment. I loosened the three focuser screws and slightly adjusted the focuser alignment. Also by putting longer flat bottom screws through the side of the dew shield and through the original plastic lens cell holes i was able to adjust the front lens cell. So to get everything in order took me about two hours. And the result was a big improvement in the views, i would now rate the scope optically as vg+. The brighter planets, moon, look VG+ at 150x though i think i could go higher if the seeing ever gets good enough. There is minor CA on brighter stuff but that is to be expected. The brighter deep sky objects also looked very good. There are also two nice slow motion controls. Made tracking objects at 150x easy. The tripod dampens out in about 2-3 seconds. And if you have never seen a skywatcher refractor scope it is beautiful, from top to bottom. Comes with two quality plossl eps, a finder, software, diagonal and 2x barlow. So its all ready a complete ready to use setup. I would highly recommend this scope. Very portable. What i didnt like was the the misalignment problems and the 45 degree diagonal, would of preferred a 90 degree diagonal. The amount of grease on the focuser surprisly was just right. Glad i got this scope. I would buy another SkyWatcher scope with out having to think it over.


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