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Dobsonians (10" - 40")

Orion Skyquest XXS12 Dobsonian

Jan 06 2010 10:45 AM | Bnmdev in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

I purchased my Orion Skyquest XXS12 Dobsonian this summer as a major upgrade to my viewing capabilities. I grew up sky observing using an Edmund Scientific 3 inch reflector. I would spend hours looking at the moon, Jupiter, but

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Orion XT12i Computerized IntelliScope

Dec 23 2009 08:52 AM | Ed in Illinois in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

Let me start by saying IT'S BIG! OH YEAH! Bigger is better. It's simple too. Simple is better. It's got a fancy focuser with very big, rubber wrapped adjustment knobs that can handle both

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Orion XT10i vs XT10

Dec 23 2009 07:35 AM | Guest in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

I have been interested in visual observation of the night sky for a long time. Anyone remember Sputnik? I do! My first scope was a 90 mm refractor from Sears. It was a

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Meade LightBridge 16" Dobsonian

Dec 22 2009 08:56 AM | detscorn in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

The scope came in two large boxes which looked to be in good shape. I was definately nervous opening the boxes, not sure what condition I would find the mirrors in. When I opened the boxes I was

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16" Meade LightBridge

Dec 18 2009 11:41 AM | Dale002 in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

The scope comes in three major pieces, plus the truss tubes. You have the base, the mirror cage, and upper cage. I had first guessed it would all fit in a

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Zhumell 10" Dobsonian

Dec 18 2009 11:36 AM | greenskeeper in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

Although the Zhumell is totally hands on, as opposed to the AutoStar feature of the Meade, the views that I saw were extremely enhanced and much

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Zhumell 10" Dobsonian and the Newbie

Dec 18 2009 08:05 AM | JimmyK in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

I began reading all I could on Cloudy Nights keeping silent at first and taking in the wisdom of those who have long held this love

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Meade 16" LightBridge

Dec 18 2009 07:10 AM | ROSWELL BOB2 in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

I own a 16" LightBridge made By Meade. I am very happy with the optics of this scope. The design Is Good too. But the material used on the

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Orion XT-10i Dobsonian

Dec 18 2009 06:50 AM | Guest in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

My college job involved teaching astronomy to kids at our university planetarium. Working at the planetarium also allowed me to

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15" Obsession Dobsonian

Dec 17 2009 10:56 AM | Renae Gage in Dobsonians (10" - 40")

Despite the demonstrated affinity I have for apochromatic refractors, I had been to enough star parties to learn that aperture ultimately wins. I began in astronomy as

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