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Celestron NexStar 114 SLT

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I was visiting my Daughters family in Phoenix AZ last summer and my Grandson talked to me about his interest in astronomy. I decided to purchase one for him. After reviewing numerous scopes for quality and ease of operation I decided on the Celestron NexStar 114 based on price and features.

I,myself, had always been interested in astronomy, but had never used a GOOD telescope. That all changed when I purchased the Celestron NexStar 114 SLT for my grandson. We opened the well secured shipping container, attached the tube to the tripod and headed outside! Setup takes just minutes and the alignment process is foolproof. I've used both Jupiter and the moon for alignment. The telescope gets pretty close to the objects you tell it to go to. I did find however that when it moves to certain objects it seems to take the long way most of the time and tangles the power cord and hand held cord around the base. My Grandson was able to decipher the instructions better than I and shortly was utilizing it like a pro.

So far looking at Jupiter is extraordinary! I have seen the cloud bands and up to four of its moons with just the 25mm lens and a Barlow 2X. The moon? Don't get me started clear as day and all of those wonderful craters seen to pop out at you! Wonderful. Still trying to get myself out at 2:30 am to see Mars and Venus. Maybe tonight! Looking at stars with this telescope seems to make them look brighter and looking at archturus (I think that's what its called) seems to yield a wonderful array of flashing colors

I highly recommend getting Celestron's accessory kit with this telescope. With it comes lenses from 25mm to 4mm. The 4mm is great and makes Jupiter very big in the eyepiece, but the built in focusing knob in the eye piece becomes nearly impossible to use. I have yet to use any of the filters that come with the kit but I have read great things on what they do.

There have been some complaints about the batteries going dead too fast. There is an AC adapter available from some other sellers , or if you have a lot of electronics lying around the house like I do I bet that here is a 12 volt adapter lying around just screaming USE ME! USE ME! and that will work fine.

The only con I have -if it can be considered a con ;)- is the other night when my Grandson was really putting it through its paces a horrible stink came from the lateral drive box while it was moving to a new location. It did go away after a few minutes so maybe it was the gear lube heating up? Anyway it's still working perfectly and seems to be well built.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to start star gazing.


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