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EQ Newtonians and Dobs

Ten-inch Teleport

Mar 21 2005 11:53 AM | Guest in EQ Newtonians and Dobs

The ten inch Teleport is a unique high-end altazimuth newtonian made by Tom Noe of Wylie, Texas, and incorporating an F/5 primary mirror by Carl Zambuto. I first became aware of the Teleport from Todd Gross's review at www.weatherman.com in which the Boston-based equipment guru writes that if he could have only one telescope, it would probably be the Teleport. That statement got my attention. Having become interested in astronomy about a year ago with the purchase of a Celestron C5+ Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) I had decided that I really needed more light-gathering power. The C5+ was a great first telescope, but after about six months I was longing to see more detail in deep space objects (particularly globular clusters and nebulas) and craved better contrast for high-powered planetary viewing.

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