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Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

Celestron EdgeHD 8" SCT

Mar 19 2010 06:42 AM | Eddgie in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

The EdgeHD marks a milestone in commercial SCT development. In the standard SCT design, the primary and secondary mirrors are both spherical. As designed, the standard SCT has inherent off axis coma and a

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Outreach-Oriented Celestron C-8, StellarVue Nighthawk, Vixen PortaMount

Jan 05 2010 08:40 AM | Jay_Bird in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

Over 30 years I’ve used several scopes, learned and traded up second-hand scopes starting with a 30mm Balscope spotter on to 3-inch Gilbert reflector, using an equatorial 60mm long focus Tasco and 8-inch "classic" GEM reflector through college. I became a

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Meade 12" LX90-SC

Dec 29 2009 06:26 AM | Lujo in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from having to use a step stool during observation. Climbing up to the EP gives that sense of being in an observatory

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Meade 8" LX90-SC

Dec 28 2009 09:00 AM | Lujo in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

During my matriculation at the University of California I gratefully accepted a position as a teaching assistant for the telescope lab

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Celestron CPC1100

Dec 28 2009 08:46 AM | Aaron McNeely in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

I became familiar with this telescope during my summer work at the University of Notre Dame. I spend the rest of the year teaching high school Earth Science and Astronomy. When some

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Celestron 9.25 CPC

Dec 24 2009 06:25 AM | BryceSkies46 in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

This particular scope seems to have a dedicated following, as the mirror is configured differently from other Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes. Astro-photographers seem to prefer the

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Meade LX90

Dec 22 2009 10:31 AM | havira in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

I live in the suburbs in a pit formed by white pines and oaks (beautiful by day) with Lowes and Meijers (Big Box stores) less than a mile away

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Meade ETX-LS – Part 2 – Optics

Dec 21 2009 11:56 AM | geminijk in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

This is a summary of the optical performance of the Meade ETX-LS, and second part of a 3 part review I'm dedicating to the Meade ETX-LS

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Meade LX200 16" - Part II

Dec 21 2009 06:59 AM | norcaltakguy in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

By now the scope is fully assembled and with a flick of the power button the 16 is on its way for us to get into our views for the night. As with the newer GPS version

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Meade LX200 16" - Part I

Dec 21 2009 06:42 AM | norcaltakguy in Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs)

After owning and using a number of "Schmidts" my findings are based on many experiences using and viewing through many different types, the vast majority being the Schmit Cassegrians

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