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Software Bisque Paramount MyT 10 Year Review

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | cchinckley in User Reviews

While a long time ago, I was educated as a physicist and was a power engineer until I migrated to other areas of the power industry. Mine is a useful perspective to bring to a review of the electro-mechanical equipment used in astrophotography, and I am reviewing my Paramount MyT mount after about 10 years of use. Here is the punch line: while there is serial defect and a series of lessons learned, I love this mount and the Software Bisque company, and their support of this product is flawless. I have experience with other mid-size mounts as well.

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Daystar Filters’ SR-127 ‘QT’ Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope (Chromosphere Model)

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | RHannahoe in User Reviews

In the end, all of my friend’s and my work testing the telescope and documenting in detail its deficiencies against its stated specifications were a waste of time and energy, and ultimately changed nothing. Daystar would not stand behind its product. At this point, I would never purchase another telescope from them.

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Portable power and distribution on a budget.

Jan 07 2024 03:26 PM | Waxman in Articles

Everyone with an imaging setup wants to be able to get to a dark sky location and capture a night or two of stunning images, whether galaxies, nebula, clusters, or our own Milky Way. But no one wants to haul heavy power equipment or pay the outrageous prices for power banks and overpriced power distribution modules. Since I must save money everywhere I can and still get my fix of taking pictures of the night wonders of our universe, to date I have been limited to as far as my extension cord can reach from the nearest power source.

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Why aren’t Celestron C6 focusers as good as their older C’s?

Jan 07 2024 01:10 PM | bmwscopeguy in Articles

Anyone that has used an older C5, knows that the focusers were….special. The C6’s, while seemingly universally excellent optically, have a fairly stiff and inconsistent focus feel. Having just found myself the coincidental owner of both scopes, I set about to find out why.

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John Dobson - Sidewalk Astronomer, Dobsonian Mount Inventor and Teacher

Jan 07 2024 12:17 PM | urright4me in Articles

In the 1990’s we had the privilege to have John Dobson as a short term tutor in astronomy. He came to Dallas, to teach his cosmology class and help a small group of us build telescopes.

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The Skies of January, 2024

Jan 06 2024 02:22 PM | cookman in This Month

Highlights: Comet Journal, Martian Landers, Meteor Showers, Planet Plotting, January Moon Focus Constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Camelopardalis, Lynx, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Auriga, Taurus, Perseus, Andromeda, Pegasus, Pisces, Aries

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Cosmic Challenge: NGC 1851

Jan 06 2024 12:13 PM | PhilH in Phil Harrington's Cosmic Challenge

I thought I'd welcome in the new year with a target that is not challenging due to its faintness, but rather due to its southern location far from any bright stars. NGC 1851 is a 7th-magnitude globular cluster in the constellation Columba, the Dove.

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The Skies of December, 2023

Dec 07 2023 11:30 AM | cookman in This Month

Highlights: Comet Journal, Martian Landers, Meteor Showers, Planet Plotting, December Moon Focus Constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco, Cygnus, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Camelopardalis, Lynx, Gemini, Auriga, Perseus, Andromeda, Pegasus, Pisces, Aries, Taurus

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Cosmic Challenge: NGC 51 Galaxy Group

Dec 01 2023 07:00 AM | PhilH in Phil Harrington's Cosmic Challenge

Of the dozens of galaxy groups scattered around the autumn sky, the 136-million-light-year-distant NGC 51 group is one of the more difficult bunches to spot. Although they are not listed among Paul Hickson's compact galaxy groups, the six galaxies here are ideally placed near the zenith in early December evenings for observers at mid-northern latitudes. Its high altitude carries the group far enough above any horizon-hugging interferences that might spoil some of our other challenges.

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Celestron CGE Pro Equatorial Mount: Replacing The Internal Battery

Dec 01 2023 07:00 AM | Carolina Observer in Articles

I’ve been having to reset the time or clock on my Celestron CGE-Pro equatorial mount before observing. I just recently found out from others, there is a CR2025 battery that requires changing from time to time.

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