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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 08:57 AM

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Wanted Slo Mo Cable 8mm

Category: Wanted By: LaurelGreen Location: Central WV

I am looking for a slow motion extension cable for an AT Voyager I which has an 8mm shaft, not the more standard 6mm...

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

Views: 53


Wanted Celestron x-cel ep

Category: Eyepieces By: Newbie8se Location: Any

Looking for celestron x-cel eyepieces

Yesterday, 09:41 PM

Views: 43


Wanted Celestron 8 inch evolution (C8 or EdgeHD)

Category: Cats & Casses By: power_star Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Looking for a Celestron 8 inch evolution + OTA (either C8 or EdgeHD). Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and can m...

Yesterday, 07:13 PM

Views: 41


Wanted Celestron 9.25 Edge HD OTA Wanted

Category: Cats & Casses By: stax Location: Southern California

Looking for a Celestron 9.25 Edge OTA in excellent condition available for pick up in the Southern California area....

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

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Wanted AT92

Category: Refractors By: Toddeo Location: AZ 85650

Looking for a AT92ASTRO-TECH AT92 F/5.5 TRIPLET APO REFRACTOR . Must be in excellent condition. Looking for one in t...

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

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Wanted Wanted!! Updated 8” LX200 GPS fork mount

Category: Cats & Casses By: woody wood Location: Long Island

I got my hands on an LX90 fork mount. It works great but it doesn’t quite fit the LXD75 8” Schmidt Cassegrain OTA. Th...

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

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Category: Focusers By: ctcables Location: USA

Televue BIG Paracorr Type 2 Coma Corrector for 3"

Yesterday, 05:29 PM

Views: 35


Wanted Wanted C8 Tricolor in Good/Great Condition

Category: Cats & Casses By: vcnightscope2017 Location: California

Hello All, I’m on the hunt for a good to great celestron tricolor c8 with no dents or cracked glass. Let me know if...

Yesterday, 02:55 PM

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Wanted TMB Supermono Eyepieces 14 and 12mm

Category: Eyepieces By: Thom Location: Utah

Wanted: TMB Supermono Eyepieces 14 and 12mm, thank you for your consideration

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

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Wanted WTB Nightcrawler or Esatto 3" focuser

Category: Focusers By: Glutch Location: North Richland Hills Texas

I am looking for a Moonlight Nightcrawler or PrimaLuceLab Esatto 3" focuser. If you are downsizing or wanting/needin...

Yesterday, 01:04 PM

Views: 29


Wanted WTB: Televue Powermate 5X

Category: Barlows By: atan Location: San Jose, CA

Hello, I'm looking for a Televue Powermate 5X in excellent condition. Please let me know price w/ shipping Thanks!

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

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Wanted C8 Edge-HD OTA

Category: Cats & Casses By: Toddeo Location: AZ 85650

Looking for a C8 Edge-HD. Just the OTA. Would like to find a scope around the Arizona area- for pick up. If you have...

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

Views: 35


Wanted WTB: Orion Megavista 10.5mm 1.25" Ocular

Category: Eyepieces By: The Luckster Location: 91302

WANTED: Orion MegaVista 10mm 1.25" Ocular in good or better condition.I had one of these back in the early 90's, alo...

Yesterday, 11:32 AM

Views: 27


Wanted iOptron CEM60 or CEM70

Category: Wanted By: autotroph Location: Salt Lake City

Decided to dive in head first and looking for a mount that will carry my future planned gear. Looking for these two b...

Yesterday, 10:34 AM

Views: 27


Wanted Wanted: Meade "Research Grade" Wide Angle 12.4mm eyepiece

Category: Eyepieces By: AdmiralAckbar Location: Vermont

Howdy, Looking for one of these oldies in good condition. Please PM me if you have. Warm wishes, AA

Yesterday, 09:56 AM

Views: 32


Wanted Atlas/skywatcher EQ6 head for parts

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: Gustoresto Location: Ottsville

I may have stripped the Dec worm gear on my Atlas EQ6 I thought I'd ask if anyone had a junk EQ6 for parts laying...

Yesterday, 09:48 AM

Views: 28


Wanted Wanted: Celestron Silvertop Plossls 10mm, 17mm, 26mm, 36mm, 45mm

Category: Eyepieces By: spacenut59 Location: Long Island, NY

Wanted: Celestron Silvertop Plossls These are the versions from the 1980s made by Vixen in Japan with orange letterin...

Yesterday, 07:49 AM

Views: 57


Wanted Explore Scientific 102 mm CF F7 FCD100 TRIPLE $1200

Category: Refractors By: RDS Location: FL

Must be in excellent condition with original equipment$1200. (price negotiable)

Yesterday, 12:33 AM

Views: 43


Wanted Astro-Physics .67 Telecompressor - Just Missed One

I know! One just sold today. Urrggghhh! Anybody have one available. Thanks; Brad

18 Sep 2020

Views: 57


Wanted ASI385MC

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: stlp33 Location: Northern VA

Looking for a ZWO ASI385MC. If you have one you're ready to part with, let me know its condition and price shipped t...

18 Sep 2020

Updated: 18 Sep 2020

Views: 119


Wanted secondary refigure

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: greenglass Location: ontario canada

would anyone fix my 2.25" newtonian secondary? It's pyrex. I messed it up in 2009 polishing off the tarnished silver...

18 Sep 2020

Views: 46


Wanted Wanted- Burgess Backpacker 65

Category: Refractors By: tag1260 Location: Ohio

If anyone has a Burgess Backpacker 65 they would sell please let me know. Thanks

18 Sep 2020

Updated: Yesterday, 03:47 PM

Views: 83


Wanted Atik 11000 monochrome

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: Greg Mueller Location: US

Would like to find a used Atik 11000 camera in fabulous shape. Got one? Greg

18 Sep 2020

Views: 60


Wanted Delos 8mm eyepiece

Category: Eyepieces By: leetje Location: Madison CT

Looking for a Televue Delos 8mm eyepiece in excellent condition

18 Sep 2020

Views: 43


Wanted Tele Vue 2.5mm Nagler T6

Category: Eyepieces By: NC Startrekker Location: Central North Carolina

I am looking for a Tele Vue 2.5mm Nagler T6 and hoping someone here can help me out. I am willing to pay a very fair...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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