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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 12:23 PM

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Wanted Glatter 1.25" TuBlug, Laser Collimator, Parallizer

in Wanted by Stanley123

Looking for any of the above three, especially the TuBlug and Parallizer. Thanks! Hugh

Today, 11:26 AM

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Wanted ASI120mm mini or similar guide camera

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by Scdouglas

Looking for a guide camera in the 120mm type range. I’m trying to keep the camera price under $150 so if you’ve got o...

Today, 11:15 AM

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Wanted Dust Cap for 60mm Unitron

in Refractors by ScottAstroNut

I am looking for a dust cover to fit a 60mm Unitron refractor. Let me know condition and price. Thanks! Scott

Today, 11:10 AM

Views: 28


Wanted Takahashi FS-60CB

in Refractors by jay.i

Looking for a small packable visual scope for multi-night camping trips. Rings preferred over clamshell, not interest...

Today, 09:20 AM

Views: 14


Wanted Wanted- William Optics VR-1 filter

in Filters by Alrakis

Looking for the William Optics VR-1 filter, 2 inch size

Today, 09:18 AM

Views: 30


Wanted SE Mount and tripod for my 6" SCT.

in Wanted by gregs1020

I'm looking for a SE mount and tripod for my 6" sct. I have an AVX I'm selling so potentially a swap is possible, we...

Today, 09:14 AM

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Wanted cell phone adapter/holder for telescopes

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by hokkaido53

I'm looking for an adapter/holder for my Samsung 5S cell phone, to interface with my Orion 5" refractor. I don't kno...

Today, 07:56 AM

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Wanted Wanted: CCD camera with bad or missing sensor

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by mdavister

I am looking for a CCD camera that is broken or possibly even missing the CCD. I have a small collection of CCD's tha...

Yesterday, 08:18 PM

Views: 32


Wanted Wanted: FeatherTouch micro focuser for C11

in Focusers by Hankster

Looking for an FTM-C11 micro focuser for a non CPC C11.

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

Views: 27


Wanted Wanted: Tele Vue Nagler 11mm T6

in Eyepieces by pel

Hi: Looking for a Tele Vue Nagler T6 11mm, excellent condition (no NEAF blems please) with original box and caps. Thi...

Yesterday, 05:35 PM

Views: 48


Wanted Used Canon 6d wanted

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by bfalls

Hello, I'm looking to pick up a used 6D for some landscape shots.

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

Updated: Yesterday, 06:40 PM

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Wanted DayStar Quark to T adapter # SZ1T

in Wanted by zohsix

This accessory replaces the 1.25" eyepiece holder with a T Adapter to the Quark. Please let me know if you have one a...

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

Views: 44


Wanted LX200 used board or mount.....cheap

in Wanted by vsteblina

Need a working motherboard or cheap used LX200 mount. thanks. Vladimir

Yesterday, 12:30 PM

Views: 43


Wanted Meade 56mm Plossl 2"

in Eyepieces by eklf

Hello, I am looking for a Meade 56mm Plossl 2" in good condition. Pictures appreciated Can pay via paypal. Thanks, K...

Yesterday, 12:28 PM

Views: 43


Wanted AT65EDQ

in Wanted by gustavo_sanchez

Looking for an AT65EDQ refractor in excellent condition. If you above one and want to sell, please contact me.

Yesterday, 12:15 PM

Views: 28


Wanted takahashi le 5mm

in Eyepieces by bockos

I am looking for takahashi le 5mm Thanks for looking my ad!

Yesterday, 09:17 AM

Views: 38


Wanted Williams Optics ZS80 or GT81

in Refractors by jimthompson

Looking for used Williams Optics Zenithstar 80mm or GT81. Pay by Paypal. Located in Ottawa, Canada. Thanks,

Yesterday, 08:25 AM

Views: 28


Wanted Baader Morpheus 17.5mm wanted

in Eyepieces by gutz

Do you have one for sale?

Yesterday, 08:16 AM

Views: 30


Wanted Baader 1.25" RGB Filters

in Filters by Aaron Small

I'm looking for a complete set of Red-Green-Blue filters for imaging. I already have the UV-IR Cut but can work it o...

Yesterday, 06:28 AM

Views: 26


Wanted Celestron locked triangle tripod for C11/14

in Mounts/Tripods by John Higbee

Looking for a locked triangle tripod (the large one, for a C11/14)

Yesterday, 12:00 AM

Views: 30


Wanted Wanted: Takahashi Tube Ring Mount 114mm for FS102

in Mount Accessories and Drives by GMAN47

Hi, I am looking for a Takahashi 114mm tube ring used for the FS102. Please let me know condition and price. Thanks

23 Apr 2019

Views: 30


Wanted WTB TeleVue telescope case 101/102/127

in Misc. Items by x-ray

Do you have a case with no telescope? I think they are all the same on the outside for the 101/102/127 Let me know...

23 Apr 2019

Views: 25


Wanted Baader Varilock 29-46 T2 Extension

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by poolemarkw

Wanted, in any reasonable condition

23 Apr 2019

Views: 41


Wanted Zeiss 1B mount or TM

in Mounts/Tripods by sanderslewallen

looking for zeiss jena 1b mount and tripod. or TM and tripod. Sanders

23 Apr 2019

Views: 34


Wanted Wanted Orion Megaview 4 mm

in Eyepieces by drewh111

Would like to add a 4 mm to complete my eyepieces assortment .

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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