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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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26 Mar 2021

Views: 358


Trade Mint 3" Unitron Refractor Tube Assembly

Category: Refractors By: cavecollector Location: North America

I have a beautiful and very mint (almost like new) 3" f/15 Unitron refractor tube assembly I would like to trade for...

12 Apr 2021

Updated: 13 Apr 2021

Views: 145


Trade GT81IV + Flat6AIII for 115EDT Trade or BUY

Category: Refractors By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne IN

Hello all! Looking to trade my Mint** William Optics GT81IV and Flattener - looking for something with more reach. T...

08 Jun 2017

Views: 594


Trade My Brandon 8mm Gold Anodized f your black

Category: Eyepieces By: dougspeterson Location: Socal

My Vernonscope 8mm gold anodised is the same as the 50 year anniversary and in like new condition. Looking to trade s...

14 Jun 2021

Views: 42


Trade FS/Trade- Telegizmo 9" SCT cover (T309) for 11" (T311) cover

Category: Misc. Items By: Davensocal Location: Saratoga Springs, NY (upstate)

I received one of the very nice Telegizmo 365 8-9" SCT covers for Christmas (model T309). Although it is the correct...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 572


Trade Trade: Televue 85 for 76

Category: Refractors By: D.N. Location: Seattle, WA

Ok, here’s the deal. I have a TV 86 in wonderful condition that is at least several years old. It has the previous si...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 646


Trade Olympus OM-2n 35mm Film Camera

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: Emeryh Location: Marietta, GA

Olympus OM-2n 35mm Film Camera with 50mm f/1.8 lens & 2 Focusing ScreensLike the similar OM-1, the following make...

29 Jun 2020

Views: 334


Trade ETX 90 Tube Assembly

Category: Cats & Casses By: Diggity Dog Location: Michigan

Looking to trade an excellent (like new) condition Meade ETX 90 tube assembly for an older model Celestron 4” f5 Wide...

22 Oct 2018

Views: 443


Trade Your Questar 8mm for my 40-80x vintage TRADE

Category: Eyepieces By: dougspeterson Location: SoCal

My classic Questar 40-80x wide field eyepiece in very good condition. Looking for modern 8mm Questar Brandon in very...

11 Aug 2019

Views: 376


Trade Meade LXD75 sn10 OTA only for TRADE for a 7 in. mak

Category: Cats & Casses By: owlwho Location: zip 23149

This ota is too big for me to carry down stairs, and even harder for me to mount. I am looking for a 7 in. mak for tr...

07 Jan 2018

Views: 534


Trade Trade Televue Nagler 9mm Type 6 for a Type 6 11mm

Category: Eyepieces By: rkaufmann87 Location: Folsom, CA

I have a pristine Televue Nagler 9mm Type 6 that I'd like to trade for a Nagler Type 6 11mm. If you have one for a st...

28 Jan 2019

Views: 386


Trade Counterweight (TRADE) ~10-11lbs

Category: Misc. Items By: W. T. Riker Location: 76053 or 46217

~10-11lb counterweight that came from a Meade LXD package, weighed on a marginally accurate scale. Looking to trade...

03 Nov 2017

Views: 583


Trade TRADE Your 32mm Tele Vue Plossl for My 40mm

Category: Eyepieces By: dougspeterson Location: Santa Ana, CA

My mint Tele Vue 40mm smooth no rubber and box for your similar 32mm smoothie.

09 Jun 2021

Views: 52


Trade TRADE: 2in mounted Chroma filters with 50mm unmounted round Chroma/Astrodon Filt

Category: Filters By: dhaval Location: 78681

Hello all, I have 2in mounted/round Chroma LRGB+SHO 3nm filters that I am looking to trade with someone who has 50mm...

10 May 2021

Views: 68


Trade TRADE: Pentax XP 3.8mm for Vixen HR 2mm

Category: Eyepieces By: Volvonium Location: Long Beach, CA

Looking for an equal trade of top shelf planetary eps. I have a Pentax XP 3.8mm in excellent condition (with 1.25"...

16 Jun 2021

Updated: 16 Jun 2021

Views: 99


Trade Meade lx 90 10” mount

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: josmy Location: PR

This mount is like new.I want to trade it for a refractor in same conditions

14 Jun 2021

Views: 101


Trade QHY183c trade for ASI183mc Pro, ASI178mc Cool, or ASI290mc Cool

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: austinstephens Location: Salem, OR

Hello all, I'm looking to trade my QHY183c cooled color camera for a similar ASI cooled color camera. Literally, the...

18 Apr 2021

Views: 76


Trade Trade My Hotech SCA for your SFFR102-25 /Buy your SFFR102-25 or similar

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: deepanvishal Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I am looking for a SFFR102-25 or similar flattener/reducer that I can thread on to my SV Access Focuser. I am o...

28 May 2021

Views: 90


Trade My color ASI178 for a mono ASI178

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: Eabate Location: Spring City, PA

For trade: Unused ZWO ASI178MC CMOS for a ZWO ASI178MM Monochrome CMOS in similar condition. USPS priority mail ship...

16 Mar 2020

Views: 442


Trade WILL TRADE Celestron Omni XLT 120 for a ED80 Reducer

Category: Refractors By: Tdeitr Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I have a Celestron Omni XLT 120 Scope only, with Rings and Padded Case that I would trade for a Sky-Watcher ED80 Evos...

16 Aug 2019

Views: 487


Trade (2) Hayward Navy Mk 45s for (1) SARD 6x42 Mk 43

Category: Binoculars By: Foss Location: San Diego

A pair of cased Hayward Mk 45s 7x50s in outstanding condition to trade for SARD Mk 43. Cash added ok. These will be p...

13 Sep 2018

Updated: 13 Sep 2018

Views: 545


Trade Rare parts for LXD650 and 750 mounts

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: AaronM Location: germany

Hello, I have here a few rare parts for the Meade LXD650 and LXD750 mounts. The "problem" : location is germany and s...

23 May 2021

Views: 140


Trade Gemini II for Gemini I

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: macdonjh Location: 77035

I have a Gemini II system, I think I bought it from Losmandy in 2019. I don't make use of its functionality, so I'd...

18 Dec 2019

Views: 499


Trade Arles Chromacor U (looking for, buying, or trade with I-N)

Category: Refractors By: astroroman Location: Roma, Italy

Looking for an Aries Chromacor U in good conditions for buying it or trading with my Chromacor I-N. I suppose to use...

24 Feb 2020

Views: 316


Trade 5D Mark III Non 1.3.6 Firmware

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: Joshiewowa Location: MO

Looking to trade my 5D3 with 1.3.6 for a 5D3 that has an older firmware.

22 Apr 2018

Views: 525


Trade Trade ZWOASI-120MC-s for a ZWO ASI-120MM-s

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: John Duchek Location: New Mexico

I recently purchased a ZWO ASI 120 MC-s camera (Color usb 3.0). I decided it would be better to have the monochrome...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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