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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 07:50 AM

Updated: Today, 11:39 AM

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Trade MINT NIB William Optics 71 GT/ Trade for WO Zenithstar 103

Category: Refractors By: norcaltakguy Location: CA

I have a 2 month old MINT NEW WO 71mm Grand Turismo I would be willing to trade for a WO 103 Zenithstar ( GOLD )...I...

Today, 11:16 AM

Views: 22


Trade Have: JMI NGF-DX3 motorized focuser; Want JMI MFC8

Category: Focusers By: LHedbor Location: Oregon

I've got a working, complete JMI Crayford NGF-DX3 with Motofocus upgrade installed, with cable and controller. This...

13 Apr 2021

Views: 141


Trade Nexstar 8 se for trade

Category: Cats & Casses By: Carloscorona Location: 30721

Trade for a eq mount northwest ga area

12 Apr 2021

Updated: 13 Apr 2021

Views: 84


Trade GT81IV + Flat6AIII for 115EDT Trade or BUY

Category: Refractors By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne IN

Hello all! Looking to trade my Mint** William Optics GT81IV and Flattener - looking for something with more reach. T...

10 Apr 2021

Views: 75


Trade TRADE Feathertouch 2015BCR For 2025BCR

Category: Focusers By: Cometeer Location: Excellent

I've got a Feathertouch FTF2015BCR in excellent condition. However, I'm after a FTF2025BCR. I'm looking to see if any...

10 Apr 2021

Views: 194


Trade Clave long FL 75mm, 65mm, 55mm

Category: Eyepieces By: Disciplus55 Location: France

Hi there, Preferably looking for a trade here, I have three long focal Clave eyepieces (75, 65 and 55mm) in 50mm barr...

06 Apr 2021

Views: 62


Trade WTB or Trade 294mm Pro

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne Indiana

I have a good condition ASI183MM Pro - Looking for a 294MM Pro and can pay a cash difference.

06 Apr 2021

Views: 223


Trade CGE for trade or sale local only

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: infamousnation Location: Woodstock IL

I had back surgery a little over a year ago and I don’t think I will ever be able to use this thing again. I am only...

02 Apr 2021

Views: 202


Trade celestron omni xlt 150

Category: Reflectors By: otto61 Location: west mass

looking to trade onmi xlt 150 reflector and gso 30mm 2" eye piece for orion 25x100 big binoculars . just the scope /...

01 Apr 2021

Views: 120


Trade Mono to OSC Trade

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne IN

Hey everyone! I use a ZWO ASI183MM Pro with the ZWO EFW and their LRGB set, plus their Ha and Oiii filters. Works...

31 Mar 2021

Views: 91


Trade For TRADE is my early Vintage Kowa Prominar TS-2, 40 Power Spotting Scope

Category: Misc. Items By: Vitez Location: CA

I will trade for a Tele Vue eyepiece (you know, the one that you have that you just don’t use).Contacting Kowa I conf...

26 Mar 2021

Views: 291


Trade Mint 3" Unitron Refractor Tube Assembly

Category: Refractors By: cavecollector Location: North America

I have a beautiful and very mint (almost like new) 3" f/15 Unitron refractor tube assembly I would like to trade for...

24 Mar 2021

Views: 800


Trade trade all you see

Category: Cats & Casses By: josmy Location: Puerto Rico

To change, everything that is seen in the photo. I change it for a celestron 8 ". Everything as new. For more informa...

11 Mar 2021

Updated: 24 Mar 2021

Views: 152


Trade My 24mm Panoptic for your 18.2mm DeLite

Category: Eyepieces By: bthrel Location: TN

Still looking for a straight up trade, any takers? Trade my used maybe 3-4 times TeleVue 24mm Panoptic for your like...

20 Mar 2021

Updated: 22 Mar 2021

Views: 173


Trade Celestron C6 otta trade for C8 otta

Category: Cats & Casses By: josmy Location: Puerto Rico

My C6 is near new y can give money back

05 Mar 2021

Views: 395


Trade Apertura 72 FPL-53 & Flattener

Category: Refractors By: SP@CN2020 Location: Northampton, PA

Hello! Here I have an Apertura 72mm FPL-53 "super apo doublet" that I decorated (couldn't help myself) Comes with Fla...

04 Mar 2021

Views: 166


Trade Celestron Ultimas, Orion Ultrascopics...

Category: Eyepieces By: Roger Belveal Location: Duncan, Oklahoma

I'm looking to trade for the following eyepieces to finish my sets! Celestron 30mm Ultra for your Orion 30mm Ultrasco...

28 Feb 2021

Views: 159


Trade Celestron C8 deluxe to trade for goto mount

Category: Cats & Casses By: colecharris Location: Houston, TX

I have a ~2000s Celestron C8 deluxe (black tube) with a sturdy rolling hard case, and an extra fork/drive unit. More...

19 Feb 2021

Updated: 19 Feb 2021

Views: 73


Trade Trade Optolong L-Enhance 1.25” for L-Pro 2”

Category: Filters By: RichardKnox Location: 37849

Interested in swapping my Optolong L-Enhance 1.25” for your Optolong L-Pro 2”. Willing to pay $20 for difference in c...

16 Feb 2021

Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Views: 215


Trade EQ6-R Trade for CEM?

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: FiveByEagle Location: Fort Wayne Indiana

Hello all! I have a mint EQ6-R - only been used at my residence, never travelled. Averaged .5-.8 RMS guiding in PHD2...

10 Feb 2021

Views: 381


Trade Secretan refractor

Category: Refractors By: Emmanuel Beaudoin Location: France

I could possibly exchange this very beautiful 56mm Secretan refractor (one of the last models manufactured given its...

08 Feb 2021

Views: 214


Trade Starbound Observer's Chair (White) <-For-> Vestil CPRO-600

Category: Misc. Items By: finalassembly Location: Michigan 48170

Anyone near SE Michigan want to trade their Vestil CPRO-600 for my Starbound Observer's Chair (White)? I purchased...

29 Jan 2021

Views: 1867


Trade 8mm Clavé 27mm eyepiece "limited edition"

Category: Eyepieces By: Emmanuel Beaudoin Location: France

I would like to trade this ultra-rare Clavé eyepiece in perfect conditions, which I don't use. It is a limited editio...

20 Jan 2021

Views: 121


Trade Trade: My Black Teegul Lapides for Your Green Teegul Lapides

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: pacificdiver Location: Michigan

I have a beautiful black Takahashi Teegul Lapides (modified) that I would be willing to trade for your green modified...

10 Jan 2021

Views: 72


Trade Trade Pentax 7mm XW for your Pentax 5mm

Category: Eyepieces By: davidpitre Location: Austin

I would like to trade my Pentax 7 mm XW for your 5 mm XW. Mine is in very good condition and I would like the same. N...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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