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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 May 2019

Views: 43


Trade Baader astrosolar film for 12" - buy or split

in Filters by Michael11

I'm looking for a large piece of baader astrosolar film for a 12" telescope. I'm willing either to buy a leftover pie...

17 Jun 2019

Views: 50


Trade TRADE: Z8 or Z12 Shoulders for your Z10 Shoulders

in ATM Parts and Such by Volvonium

Wanted: Bearing shoulders from a Zhumell Z10 or Apertura AD10. This is for the shoulders that mount to the tube onl...

22 May 2019

Views: 64


Trade Nikon D3300 & acces

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by flacrux

For your consideration, a Nikon D3300 , Nikon 18-55 lens , Nikon 55-200 lens . 3 batteries and charger , Nikon remote...

18 Dec 2018

Views: 77


Trade 62mm GSO secondary for 1.52" secondary

in Wanted by alvin58

I have a 62mm GSO secondary that I would like to trade for a 1.52" secondary in a usable condition. There are some li...

18 Mar 2019

Views: 86


Trade Wanted or Trade: Meade Super Plossl 26mm

in Eyepieces by tag1260

I have two Meade 26mm Super Plossls but they are two different builds. Both made in China. One is longer and has yell...

30 May 2019

Updated: 01 Jun 2019

Views: 99


Trade TRADE Pentax 0.965" SMC 0-18, 0-12, 0-9 Orthos

in Eyepieces by Cosmicron1

TRADE my Pentax 0.965" SMC 0-18, 0-12, 0-9 Orthos for your Pentax 0.965" SMC 0-7, 0-6, 0-5 Orthos TRADE My eyepieces...

28 Jan 2019

Views: 105


Trade Counterweight (TRADE) ~10-11lbs

in Misc. Items by W. T. Riker

~10-11lb counterweight that came from a Meade LXD package, weighed on a marginally accurate scale. Looking to trade...

22 Oct 2018

Views: 107


Trade Your Questar 8mm for my 40-80x vintage TRADE

in Eyepieces by dougspeterson

My classic Questar 40-80x wide field eyepiece in very good condition. Looking for modern 8mm Questar Brandon in very...

12 May 2019

Views: 107


Trade Trade ES 9mm 100° for 7mm Delite or Nagler

in Eyepieces by Luca Brasi

I bought a 9mm 120° so I no longer need my 9mm 100°... I would like to trade my ES 9mm 100° for an eyepiece in the 6-...

23 May 2019

Views: 113


Trade Questar Dark blue Dewshield for my lighter new shield

in Misc. Items by dougspeterson

I think Questar lightened the blue sky on their dewshield to acknowledge light pollution. :) I have a like new one t...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 118


Trade SkyView Pro EQ mount

in Mount Accessories and Drives by aalmanni

I do have a good working SkyView Pro EQ mount with DC/RC motors, I am looking for a trade with a full GoTo mount for...

07 Oct 2018

Views: 123


Trade Wanted-Orion SkyQuest XT8

in Wanted by KeithPBrandonFL

Searching for an Orion Skyquest 8" Dobsonian.. Willing to trade a couple other scopes I have, a 4" Galileo, 800mm wit...

10 Nov 2018

Views: 144


Trade Lodestar x2 color

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by ohills

I would like to trade for a Lodestar x2 mono

15 Jan 2019

Views: 147


Trade TV Delos for TV Nagler Type 6 Trade

in Eyepieces by BarrySimon615

A few years ago I sold virtually all of my TV Nagler Type 6 eyepieces to make room for some TV Delos eyepieces. I bo...

16 May 2018

Views: 148


Trade Unitron Latitude Collar for my latitude

in Wanted by BarrySimon615

I just acquired via trade a Unitron #128 mount. (I had two previously, but none in awhile). I was able to trade an...

14 Sep 2018

Views: 168


Trade Trade Meade F/6.3 field flattener for a Celestron F/6.3 field flattener

in Cats & Casses by John Duchek

I just got a Celestron SCT, and have a Meade F/6.3 field flattener, but would like to trade it for a Celestron one....

23 Jul 2018

Views: 182


Trade Trade AT6RC scope for a 8 inch f4 Newt.....

in Reflectors by vsteblina

I have a AT6RC scope that I am looking to trade for a 8inch f4 Newt. Can be either a imaging newt, a RFT or a SN. I...

28 Apr 2019

Views: 199


Trade Trade Cgem 11 for CPC 11

in Cats & Casses by ADIEL

Hello everyone, I have a CGEM C11 I would like to trade for a CPC 11. I am strictly a visual observer and an altazimu...

13 Sep 2018

Updated: 13 Sep 2018

Views: 200


Trade Rare parts for LXD650 and 750 mounts

in Mount Accessories and Drives by AaronM

Hello, I have here a few rare parts for the Meade LXD650 and LXD750 mounts. The "problem" : location is germany and s...

22 May 2018

Views: 201


Trade Trade my TeleVue 15mm Plossl pair for your D14 pair.

in Eyepieces by ratnamaravind

Let me know if you want to swap yours for mine in excellent condition with caps.

22 Apr 2018

Views: 210


Trade Trade ZWOASI-120MC-s for a ZWO ASI-120MM-s

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by John Duchek

I recently purchased a ZWO ASI 120 MC-s camera (Color usb 3.0). I decided it would be better to have the monochrome...

04 Jun 2018

Views: 212


Trade 17lb weight for CGEM or AVX trade for 11lb

in Mount Accessories and Drives by rusty2198

I know this is a long shot but anyone in or around houston area want to trade me a 11lb weight for my 17lb? Weight i...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 214


Trade Trade: Televue 85 for 76

in Refractors by D.N.

Ok, here’s the deal. I have a TV 86 in wonderful condition that is at least several years old. It has the previous si...

19 Sep 2018

Updated: 20 Sep 2018

Views: 235


Trade Wanted 70-80mm APO refractor

in Wanted by Rotciv.greene

Looking to trade my Celestron C8 (Nexstar SE) with XLT coatings and fastar compatibility for a 70-80mm APO refractor....

07 Jan 2018

Views: 241


Trade Trade Televue Nagler 9mm Type 6 for a Type 6 11mm

in Eyepieces by rkaufmann87

I have a pristine Televue Nagler 9mm Type 6 that I'd like to trade for a Nagler Type 6 11mm. If you have one for a st...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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