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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Jan 2015

Views: 877


Wanted 5” achromat for DIY project

in Refractors by fanglei

Any one who have a 5" achromat the ideal ones a...

17 Apr 2015

Views: 796


Wanted Meade LNT SmartFinder Lens

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by TK6411

I am in need of a Meade LNT SmartFinder Lens fo...

02 Jan 2015

Views: 790


Wanted Wanted SkyShed Pod Observatory in So Cal.

in Observatories by pablotwa

Hi, I'm looking for a reasonably priced used Sk...

11 Jul 2015

Views: 770


Wanted Celestron Pacific, Blue and White C10 or C12

in Cats & Casses by VictorMG

I am searching for an older blue and White Cele...

21 Mar 2016

Views: 755


Wanted Looking for a team to share remote observatory

in Observatories by darrell crofford

I am looking to find a couple of people to shar...

19 Dec 2015

Updated: 08 Jan 2016

Views: 690


Wanted Trade Scopes For Canon Lenses or Sell Outright

in Cats & Casses by 3Kids5cats

For sale is a pristine Celestron CPC1100 XLT......

14 Jul 2015

Views: 682


Wanted TeleVue 140mm APO refractor WANTED

in Refractors by stefang

I am looking for a TV140mm APO refractor. Only...

05 Apr 2015

Views: 680


Wanted Wanted Small Observatory

in Observatories by shurik

Looking for skypod like small observatory shed...

13 Aug 2015

Views: 674


Wanted WANTED: 12"-14" sonotube Dobsonian

in Reflectors by astrocomet100

Looking for a 12"-14" Dobsonian, specifically t...

16 Dec 2015

Views: 662


Wanted Celestron Schmidt Camera film holder

in Wanted by Astro Boy

I'm after a film holder for an 8" Schmidt Camer...

10 Mar 2016

Updated: 03 Aug 2016

Views: 644


Wanted Observatory to house my 14" telescope

in Observatories by naji

I'm in San Diego and willing to drive 400 miles...

31 Jan 2015

Views: 635


Wanted **Celestron heavy duty (HD) orange drive corrector **

in Mount Accessories and Drives by nexstar11

Looking for the Celestron/Sidereal Electronics...

13 Oct 2015

Views: 622


Wanted Celestron C4 blue white classic

in Wanted by nexstar11

I am looking for one of these puppies for my C1...

15 Sep 2015

Views: 601


Wanted Celestron #93965 – AUXILIARY PORT ACCESSORY KIT

in Wanted by Glenn Edens

Wanted: A Celestron #93965 – AUXILIARY PORT AC...

23 Feb 2015

Views: 596


Wanted TMB-130SS

in Refractors by Svalbard

Looking for a well cared for TMB-130SS (prefera...

30 Oct 2015

Updated: 05 Nov 2015

Views: 594


Wanted Starmaster 20" FX-Q

in Reflectors by Peter Natscher

I'm looking for a Starmaster 20" FX-Q. If you h...

10 Jan 2015

Views: 582


Wanted WANTED: 8" Dobsonian or larger near Connecticut

in Reflectors by jevilution

Title says it all! Let me know what you have, w...

08 Jan 2015

Views: 581


Wanted Celestron C11 with Fast Star compliant

in Cats & Casses by MikeFulla

looking for a good as new Celestron C11 with Fa...

06 Jan 2015

Views: 579


Wanted 18" Obsession or similar

in Reflectors by Exclusive Corals

Hi Guys, I'm looking to get an obsession 18" wi...

08 Mar 2016

Views: 575


Wanted Wanted: small observatory, skyshed pod, or similar in Florida

in Observatories by josh smith

I'm going to be building up a small observatory...

03 Aug 2016

Views: 544


Wanted Backyard Observatory

in Observatories by GraySkies

I'm in the market for a backyard observatory (+...

23 Feb 2015

Views: 529


Wanted (VSI) engineering giant 2" or 1.25" turret WANTED

in Wanted by stefang

Wanted to Buy Giant 2" or 1.25" turret from VSI...

21 Feb 2015

Views: 525


Wanted Looking for a Photon 127 F9 refractor

in Refractors by aldubart

Looking for a Photon 127mm F9 Refractor It shou...

21 Mar 2016

Views: 522


Wanted minolta celtic 7x50 or 7x35

in Binoculars by Valentin G

I want to buy the binoculars minolta "celtic" o...

19 Feb 2015

Views: 521


Wanted WO/TEC 110 f6.5 OR APM-TMB /SV105 f6.2 LZOS

in Refractors by Waxing Gibbous

I'm after one of these: http://www.cloudynig......

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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