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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Jan 2020

Views: 158


For Sale Carl Zeiss binoviewer - 30mm *** LAST ITEMS EVER ***

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

Unfortunately, like I stopped production of most binoviewers I made, now comes time to stop production of that binovi...

20 Jan 2020

Views: 203


For Sale *** Carl Zeiss APOchromatic & SHARPEST binoviewer ever***

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

24 pieces were available!(4 pieces sold)All items are NEW!​Thats only true APOchromatic binoviewer in the world,with...

13 Jan 2020

Views: 44


Wanted Arcturus Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by Toddeo

Looking for a used pair of Arcturus binoviewers. Would like to find a pair with all accessories- as when new. Must be...

13 Jan 2020

Updated: 15 Jan 2020

Views: 556


For Sale Tom’s Binoviewer’s 4 PAIR!

in Binoviewers by Dale Penkala

3rd Party ad approved by Don W. admin.Tom’s EquipmentThese item’s had belonged to Tom Trusock and are being sold for...

12 Jan 2020

Views: 125


For Sale Arcturus Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by Jeff L

I bought these a few months ago. I tried them once back then and have been sitting since. So they are like very new....

07 Jan 2020

Updated: 07 Jan 2020

Views: 235


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer + eyepieces and barlow

in Binoviewers by Tom Stock

William Optics BinoviewerIncludes:BinoviewerTwo William Optics 20mm x 66 deg eyepiecesTwo Generic 32mm Plossls.1.6x b...

07 Jan 2020

Views: 269


For Sale Orion Binocular Viewer for Telescopes - 52071

in Binoviewers by mtolsen

Up for sale is my Orion Binocular Viewer for Telescopes #52071 BinoViewer with Barlow an case new in box never used....

05 Jan 2020

Views: 262


For Sale Denkmeier II Binoviewer w/ Case & Accessories

in Binoviewers by John Verderame

Excellent condition. Collimation is spot on. Includes foam-lined carrying case with keys, eyepiece holder plugs, 2"...

02 Jan 2020

Views: 261


For Sale Zeiss West Germany with Zeiss Eyepieces

in Binoviewers by Paul Rini

Excellent upper sliding bridge inter pupillary adjustment for those who have good straight eyes, able to use binocula...

01 Jan 2020

Views: 203


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer Full Package

in Binoviewers by murray8144

Used once...just not for me. Excellent condition, original box, two eyepieces WA 20mm, 1.6 Barlow. FYI I don't have t...

29 Dec 2019

Views: 423


For Sale William Optics binoviewer full package

in Binoviewers by Dangitler

This item comes with the binoviewer plus 2 20mm 66 degree eyepieces and the 1.6x Barlow nose piece in the foam box wi...

23 Dec 2019

Updated: 26 Dec 2019

Views: 345


For Sale Complete Denkmeier bino setup. REDUCED.

in Binoviewers by Rmitro

All items are in excellent condition. Included : Binoviewer with power slide 3 two inch extensions. Various sizes 2”...

22 Dec 2019

Updated: 03 Jan 2020

Views: 264


For Sale Baader Mark V Binoviewer Package

in Binoviewers by Rex Myer

I received this binoviewer as part of a package. I prefer single eyepiece viewing and have a full set of eyepieces, s...

19 Dec 2019

Views: 370


For Sale DENKMEIER original binoviewers

in Binoviewers by coachspidey

DENKMEIER original binoviewers in very good cosmetically condition. Optics are great too!. 2X eyepiece and Starsweep...

17 Dec 2019

Views: 92


For Sale Carl Zeiss binoviewer - 30mm prisms

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

2 pieces available!If you want, I can make my Signature and date of making on binoviewer for free!Binoviewer is suita...

16 Dec 2019

Views: 188


For Sale Stellarvue BV3 Binoviewer with Eyepieces

in Binoviewers by Volvonium

For sale is a Stellarvue BV3 binoviewer with case and pair of 23mm Stellarvue eyepieces, which come in eyepiece conta...

13 Dec 2019

Updated: 14 Dec 2019

Views: 232


For Sale Denkmeier Standard Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by Teresabip

Denkmeier standard binoviewers in excellent condition optically and cosmetically. Viewers have all the original DM co...

11 Dec 2019

Updated: 12 Dec 2019

Views: 244


For Sale Olympus binoviewer with Denk power switch and eyepieces

in Binoviewers by Charlie_van

Binoviewer Specifications: -Clear aperture:23mm -IPD: from 50mm to 75mm -Optical path:≈100mm -Telescope adapter: 1.25...

08 Dec 2019

Views: 198


For Sale Leica WORLD SHARPEST binoviewer + acc.

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

Finally, after more than long 1 year, 1 piece available!Dont miss it that time!Are you bored of mass produced binovie...

07 Dec 2019

Views: 157


For Sale Carl Zeiss Angled Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by mohawk195

Carl Zeiss Angled BinoviewerNearly impossible to find in this condition. These bino-viewers are very rare - with engr...

04 Dec 2019

Views: 150


For Sale Zeiss aus JENA Microscope Binocular Head

in Binoviewers by Van Huynh

This binocular head came from a Zeiss aus JENA Laboval 4 microscope. All optical surfaces are clear and in excellent...

02 Dec 2019

Updated: 02 Dec 2019

Views: 171


For Sale Siebert 1.25" OCA Type 1A for Reflector OR Refractor

in Binoviewers by Volvonium

For sale is the 1.25" Siebert Type 1A OCA with two detachable lens elements that will work on both reflectors AND ref...

29 Nov 2019

Views: 256


For Sale Leica WORLD SHARPEST binoviewer + acc. ***REDUCED***

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

Signature Series - signed by me!Only 1 pieces available.Are you bored of mass produced binoviewers?You want high end...

27 Nov 2019

Views: 115


For Sale Baader 1.25x GPC 2456314

in Binoviewers by EverlastingSky

Glass Path Compensator 1.25x #2456314. Excellent condition.I was using this with my custom Leica microscope binoviewe...

24 Nov 2019

Views: 139


For Sale Denkmeier 1.25'' OCS

in Binoviewers by Xing

This is a 1.25'' Denkmeier OCS lens (part S with lens). Overall in great condition. Has both end caps Asking for $40...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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