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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 May 2018

Views: 242


For Sale Nikon Binoviewer Straight Thru

in Binoviewers by Aaron_tragle

I am selling a straight through Nikon binoviewe...

02 May 2018

Views: 74


For Sale Baader Coma Correcting Glasspath OCA. 1.7x

in Binoviewers by StevenYood

This is a Baader Coma correcting Glasspath OCA...

11 Mar 2018

Views: 177


For Sale Denk Part SR

in Binoviewers by Jeff B

What the title says. A variation of the denk O...

10 Mar 2018

Updated: 19 Mar 2018

Views: 284


For Sale Siebert Binoviewer OCA(1.3x, 2x and 2,7x)

in Binoviewers by ERHAD

I am selling my Siebert multi-magnification Hig...

21 Feb 2018

Views: 229


For Sale Arcturus BinoViewer with Two 30mm Plossl Eyepieces-and-Two-Barlow-Attachments

in Binoviewers by Camcon101

Our Arcturus Brand Binoviewers are new from the...

09 Jan 2018

Updated: 10 Jan 2018

Views: 475


For Sale Denkmeier Deepsky I Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by Gene Middleton

In New Condition: My reason for selling is tha...

10 Dec 2017

Updated: 16 Jan 2018

Views: 469


For Sale Zeiss Binocular Eyepieces

in Binoviewers by Paul Rini

High Quality Zeiss with West Germany lettering...

06 Dec 2017

Views: 161


For Sale Denkmeier 2" OCS for Lunt Solar Scopes

in Binoviewers by RGM

I am the original owner of this OCS. Also inclu...

04 Dec 2017

Views: 489


For Sale Carl Zeiss custom made binoviewers - 25mm prisms

in Binoviewers by Ns58

Up for sale is a great pair of Zeiss Binoviewer...

24 Nov 2017

Views: 307


For Sale Baader Mark IV Binoviewer, Set Meade bino pairs

in Binoviewers by bartine

Baader / Carl Zeiss Mk IV binoviewer with a ful...

23 Nov 2017

Views: 189


For Sale L-O-A 3D eyepieces 21mm obo

in Binoviewers by Unlorja

Only used these 3times still in mint condition....

04 Nov 2017

Views: 340


For Sale Baader Mk V Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by bartine

Baader Type V binoviewer Diagonal, 2" /T-2 adap...

02 Nov 2017

Updated: 16 Nov 2017

Views: 523


For Sale Denkmeier Binotron 27 Ala Carte

in Binoviewers by Nicu Barbieru

Selling my Denkmeier Binotron 27 Ala Carte boug...

01 Nov 2017

Views: 178


For Sale Denkmeier Collitron for Binotron

in Binoviewers by Eddgie

I will soon be listing my Binotron, so if you a...

20 Oct 2017

Updated: 30 Nov 2017

Views: 343


For Sale Microscope Binocular Head Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by oviedo

This is binoviewer for 2" telescope focuser tha...

30 Sep 2017

Views: 515


For Sale ATM Binoviewer with eyepieces and case

in Binoviewers by Sean Cunneen

This is a set of Nikon stereo microscope Binovi...

26 Sep 2017

Updated: 02 Apr 2018

Views: 411


For Sale Bino Viewer with Case & 7 Eyepiece Sets

in Binoviewers by STRVU07

Complete Kit consists of: Orion Bino Viewer BA...

11 Sep 2017

Views: 196


For Sale CELESTRON Aspheric Eyepiece Telescope HD Wide Angle 62 Degree Lens 23mm Ful

in Binoviewers by robmac

CELESTRON Aspheric Eyepiece Telescope HD Wide A...

10 Sep 2017

Updated: 10 Sep 2017

Views: 521


For Sale Binoviewers, brand new, works great

in Binoviewers by robmac

These are brand new generic celestron binoviewe...

30 Aug 2017

Views: 237


For Sale Denkmeier 1.25'' OCS cell

in Binoviewers by Xing

Includes the optical Cell and T part. condition...

25 Jul 2017

Views: 231


For Sale Denkmeier OCS for Lunt Solar Telescopes

in Binoviewers by Rick_CT

Putting some of my mothballed equipment up for...

24 Jul 2017

Updated: 01 Aug 2017

Views: 483


For Sale Celestron Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by Dave1007

Celestron Binoviewer Model # 93691 like new in...

20 Jul 2017

Updated: 24 Jul 2017

Views: 569


For Sale Denkmeier Power-Switch *REDUCED*

in Binoviewers by bbcoltrane

Buying some new toys so I'm selling my Denkmeie...

27 Apr 2017

Updated: 30 Apr 2017

Views: 582


For Sale Denkmeier Binotron-27 Super System with D21s, OCS A-45, 1.25" Nosepiece

in Binoviewers by dajebriza

Denkmeier Binotron-27 Supersystem with matched...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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