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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Apr 2019

Updated: 22 Apr 2019

Views: 162


For Sale Miyauchi 20x100mm Binoculars

in Binoviewers by Camcon101

Item is in decent cosmetic and good working condition and so is the glass.The product shown is the exact item up for...

19 Apr 2019

Views: 110


For Sale Zeiss microscope binoviewer

in Binoviewers by steveareno

Modified to fit a 2" telescope focuser. Well collimated and in clean used condition with 20mm prism light path. Two...

16 Apr 2019

Views: 66


For Sale Nikon binocular head for microscopes

in Binoviewers by texcoco

Nikon binocular head that apparently fits the Labophot, Optiphot, and Alphaphot series of microscopes.This should be...

15 Apr 2019

Views: 198


For Sale Nikon for SCT....

in Binoviewers by Paul Rini

Nikon modified for use with SCT/Maks and refractors. Nikon makes the best for compactness and durability for permanen...

15 Apr 2019

Updated: 15 Apr 2019

Views: 241


For Sale Nikon for 8" f/4

in Binoviewers by Paul Rini

Designed for low power direct binoviewing with 1.25" eyepieces. Shown on the 8" f/4 reflector with that long light p...

12 Apr 2019

Views: 154


For Sale Carl Zeiss/Vernonscope binoviewer

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

4 pieces were available for sale, 3 piece sold so far! This is same binoviewer model as selling under name Vernonsco...

12 Apr 2019

Views: 124


For Sale Carl Zeiss binoviewer - 30mm prisms ***LIMITED EDITION***

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

5 pieces were available, all unique!1 piece sold so far!Beautifull, LIMITED EDITION, airbrush painted!!!This is most...

12 Apr 2019

Views: 91


For Sale Carl Zeiss sharpest binoviewer ***LIMITED EDITION***

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

ONLY 1 PIECE AVAILABLE!!!Beautifull, unique, LIMITED EDITION, airbrush painted!!!Thats tottaly NEWLY IMPROVED version...

09 Apr 2019

Views: 306


For Sale Denkmeier II Binoviewer Super-system w/ Case +OCS + Solar

in Binoviewers by Willygh

Denkmeier II Binoviewer Super-System Binoviewer Inlcudes: - OEM metal case w/ two keys - 2" OCS for use with newtoni...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 126


For Sale Zeiss Compact Binocular viewer with 30mm holders & E-PL 10x/20 EPS

in Binoviewers by elquihee

Here's another amazing compact Zeiss binocular viewer with 30mm holders and a pair of dedicated E-PL 10x 20 High eye...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 114


For Sale Zeiss compact Binoviewer 150th Anniversary with Baader 1.25" Holders

in Binoviewers by elquihee

Up for sale is genuine Zeiss binocular viewer with Baader Planetarium 1.25" helical holders and compression rings....

08 Apr 2019

Views: 206


For Sale Zeiss Large Binoviewer w a pair of S-PL 10x 20 (25mm) Super Flat Field

in Binoviewers by elquihee

This is a. Genuine Zeiss binocular viewer with 30mm holders. The holders have individual solid brass diopters with h...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 143


For Sale REDUCED - Denkmeier D21 Eyepiece Pair

in Binoviewers by PowerM3

Hi, I have a Denkmeier D21 Eyepiece Pair in excellent shape. Glass is perfect. $325 plus shipping and 3% for PayPal i...

28 Nov 2018

Updated: 28 Nov 2018

Views: 181



in Binoviewers by astronomer10

Unit made in the late 1990s, MINT condition. Made by Zeiss subcontractor in Germany. Prisms are the same as the ones...

15 Nov 2018

Views: 304


For Sale LOMO HB-45.01 Binoviewer with hard case

in Binoviewers by Camcon101

Very Clean. Very good condition. Free shipping CONUS Payment via Paypal to Camcon102@gmail.com We also accept majo...

11 Oct 2018

Updated: 05 Dec 2018

Views: 513



in Binoviewers by dannyg

LUMICON BINOVIEWER.... Made in Germany works like new, $500.00 shipped thank you.. ONE OF THE BEST ONES OUT THERE...

24 Jul 2018

Views: 491


For Sale ATM Binoviewer with eyepieces and oca/diagonal

in Binoviewers by Sean Cunneen

Everything you need for binoviewing in a newt or refractor. Originally a Nikon stereo scope binoviewer, 25 mm clear a...

11 Mar 2018

Views: 293


For Sale Denk Part SR

in Binoviewers by Jeff B

What the title says. A variation of the denk OCS that screws into the 2" nose piece of your TV or AP 2" diagonal. V...

21 Feb 2018

Views: 505


For Sale Arcturus BinoViewer with Two 30mm Plossl Eyepieces-and-Two-Barlow-Attachments

in Binoviewers by Camcon101

Our Arcturus Brand Binoviewers are new from the same plant in China that makes the same ones for other name brands su...

09 Jan 2018

Updated: 10 Jan 2018

Views: 726


For Sale Denkmeier Deepsky I Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by Gene Middleton

In New Condition: My reason for selling is that at age 72 my life journey now takes me in other directions and it is...

06 Dec 2017

Views: 260


For Sale Denkmeier 2" OCS for Lunt Solar Scopes

in Binoviewers by RGM

I am the original owner of this OCS. Also included is the adapter to attach the OCS to the Lunt diagonal. Both are in...

23 Nov 2017

Views: 318


For Sale L-O-A 3D eyepieces 21mm obo

in Binoviewers by Unlorja

Only used these 3times still in mint condition. I just dont have dark enough skies to utilize these and my telesecope...

04 Nov 2017

Views: 506


For Sale Baader Mk V Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by bartine

Baader Type V binoviewer Diagonal, 2" /T-2 adapter, diagonal adapter In great shape Come in a Meade case... Buyer pay...

02 Nov 2017

Updated: 16 Nov 2017

Views: 713


For Sale Denkmeier Binotron 27 Ala Carte

in Binoviewers by Nicu Barbieru

Selling my Denkmeier Binotron 27 Ala Carte bought this year.It is new in fact as it never left the house. I have use...

01 Nov 2017

Views: 299


For Sale Denkmeier Collitron for Binotron

in Binoviewers by Eddgie

I will soon be listing my Binotron, so if you are interested in a package deal that includes the Binotron, Collitron,...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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