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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Sep 2020

Views: 147


Wanted Baader to Binotron dovetail

By: coconut Location: Ontario

Looking for one to mate my Binotron to a Baader diagonal. Denkmeier use to make them,seems he doesn't anymore.

26 Jan 2018

Views: 499


Wanted Denkmeier 2" OCS Newtonian (Multi-Purpose)

By: MichalKaczan Location: European Union (Poland)

I'm looking for a Denkmeier 2" OCS Newtonian (Multi-Purpose). Please let me know if you have one available, and your...

09 Sep 2020

Views: 148


Wanted WANTED: William Optics Binoviewer

By: jupiter Location: Alberta, Canada

Looking for a William Optics or equivalent binoviewer w/eyepieces and nose piece/corrector! Thanks.

10 Apr 2017

Views: 449


Wanted Baader Heavy Duty Quick Changer wanted

By: chrisg Location: San Diego, CA

Please send me your asking price, ty!

10 Oct 2019

Views: 270


Wanted Dovetail adapter

By: coconut Location: Ontario

I am looking for a Baader compatible dovetail for the Binotron.

26 May 2021

Views: 79


Wanted Dankmeier 1.25" nose piece

By: jack s Location: San Diego

Looking for 1.25" nose piece with 29 x .5 mm male threads. Fits older style Dankmeier binoviewers.

22 Nov 2020

Views: 149


Wanted William Optics Binoviewer W/Eyepieces & Barlow Nosepiece

By: Diomedes Location: Yonkers, NY

Looking for a William Optics Binoviewer W/Eyepieces & Barlow Nosepiece to use with my C6, if you got one please r...

16 Jun 2021

Views: 72


Wanted Stellarvue binoviewer focusing adapter

By: MizPJ Location: WA state

Looking for a focus adapter for my Stellarvue binoviewer, Model BV1, since I sadly do not (yet <g>) have a St...

15 Feb 2021

Views: 109


Wanted Spare Denk Filter Carrier/Holder

By: GME56 Location: AL

Need a spare (or two) filter carrier/holder for Denkmeier filter slide.

23 Feb 2018

Views: 401


Wanted Star Sweeper

By: Paolo Masini Location: Italy

Hello Everyone, i'm lookin for Star Sweeper, from Denkmeier for my ns 11" gps SCT Grazie Ciao Paolo

06 Jul 2020

Views: 280



By: Cochise Location: AZ

I'd like to purchase one for use with the Binotron-27 system.

19 Apr 2017

Views: 430


Wanted [Wanted] William Optics 1.25" 2x Barlow Nosepiece for Binoviewers

By: kyang Location: 94555

Looking for a William Optics 1.25" 2x Barlow Nosepiece for Binoviewers ;-) -Kai

06 Feb 2019

Views: 377


Wanted William Optics binoviewer

By: irin Location: NJ

I am looking for the William Optics binoviewer. If you have one and you would be willing to sell please let me know....

27 Feb 2021

Views: 170


Wanted WANTED: ASI 6200mm Pro

By: jcschultz01 Location: US

Looking for a ASI6200mm Pro in at least good condition. Would like a 2" 7 position filter wheel with it if you are...

09 Apr 2020

Views: 231


Wanted Denkmeir Lunt OCS

By: scooke Location: FL

If anyone has one they are not using, let me know. Thanks.

08 Mar 2021

Views: 107


Wanted Baader Maxbright II

By: mikebb Location: Baton Rouge, La

Looking for a Baader Maxbright II binoviewer. With or without extras.

29 Dec 2018

Views: 349


Wanted WTB- Siebert Optics Black knight 25 Binoviewers

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

I have a set of early Siebert Optics Binoviewers but want a set of the 25mm ones. Mine were sent to Siebert but cann...

13 Mar 2019

Views: 334


Wanted Wiliiam optics binoviewer kit

By: bjgiii Location: Florida

I’m looking for a complete William Optics binoviewer kit. Let me know if you’re looking to sell. Thanks

22 Mar 2021

Views: 147


Wanted Denkmeier Binoviewer

By: braindontstop31 Location: Kentucky

Im in the search of a Denkmeier Standard binoviewer or Denk II with a power switch.

17 Aug 2018

Updated: 01 Sep 2018

Views: 407


Wanted Wanted-Binotron Collitron Reticle & Collitron Ring Tool

By: De Lorme Location: Texas

Hello, If you have either{or both} a Denkmeier Binotron Collitron Reticle or a Collitron Ring Tightening Tool that y...

26 Feb 2018

Views: 380


Wanted Denk Standard 1-1/4 O-nose-piece and ocs wanted

By: bcuddihee Location: ohio

Looking for an older Denk standard or big easy 1-1/4 O-nose-piece and ocs. Let me know if you have one or both of the...

19 Aug 2021

Views: 51


Wanted Denkmeier Optical Corrector for Lunt H-a Scopes

By: bigdob24 Location: Any

I need a Denkmeier Optical Corrector for Lunt H-a Scopes Let me know if you have one not being used

13 Jun 2020

Views: 221


Wanted Orion Premium Binoviewer

By: rtalaga Location: New Mexico

Let me know if you have this item for sale. Thanks!

15 Mar 2020

Views: 307


Wanted Looking for an economical set of Binoviewers...

By: Zandrew Location: Usa WV

Like the title states, looking for an affordable set of binoviewers. Nothing like televue or zeiss, unless you want t...

31 Aug 2017

Updated: 31 Aug 2017

Views: 490


Wanted Siebert OCA low power or trimag for dob

By: doug mc Location: Australia

Looking for a Siebert low power ocs for my dobsonian. Suit William Optics Style Bino. Would also consider the trimag...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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