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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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06 Sep 2019

Views: 32


Wanted Baader MaxBright Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by duffmeister

I am looking for a set of Baader MaxBright Binoviewers Including 1.25 Glasspath 2" nosepiece Storage case

12 Mar 2019

Views: 71


Wanted WTB- Supercharged Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by tag1260

Looking to see if anyone has a set of binoviewers that have already been supercharged that they want to sell. Do not...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 74


Wanted WTB - Baader 1.25X and 1.7X GPCs

in Binoviewers by Jeff B

I'm looking for the above GPCs. They must be of the variety that screw into the bottom of the dovetails for the Baade...

Today, 10:37 AM

Views: 74


For Sale LOMO Binoviewer with Two Eyepieces

in Binoviewers by TheBigEye

For sale a LOMO binoviewer with two 25mm Super Plossl eyepieces. Fits 1.25" focuser. Glass is in great shape, but th...

07 Aug 2019

Views: 76


Wanted ATM or Televue bino sparepart

in Binoviewers by pancho61

Hi, Everythings is on the title, i search some spare or complet ATM or televue bino for spare. Thanks for watching

22 Jun 2019

Views: 80


For Sale Wanted: Collitron Eyepiece to Borrow for Binoviewer Collimation

in Binoviewers by austin.grant

Hi, I'd like to collimate my Baader MkIV binoviewer, but I'm not sure that investing in the Denk collitron is the ri...

14 Mar 2019

Views: 87


Wanted WTB- WO, Stellarview or Orion Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by tag1260

Looking for a set of Binoviewers by WO, Orion or Stellarvue. Do not need eyepieces as I already have a set. Can need...

13 Mar 2019

Views: 93


Wanted Wiliiam optics binoviewer kit

in Binoviewers by bjgiii

I’m looking for a complete William Optics binoviewer kit. Let me know if you’re looking to sell. Thanks

18 Apr 2019

Views: 94


Wanted Binoviewer Denkmeier 27 Binotron

in Binoviewers by Joko

Hello, Looking for a Denkmeier 27 Binotron. PayPal only. Please send pictures, Thank you

24 May 2019

Views: 100


Wanted Denk denkmeier binotron 27 super system

in Binoviewers by miamichillin99

Hi fellow CN’ers! Looking for a Binotron for an SCT with all the package accessories, such as the Powerswitch, OCS,...

16 Feb 2019

Views: 103


Wanted Denk Power Switch OR Earthwin Single Eyepiece System

in Binoviewers by Joko

Hi, Looking for Denk Power Switch OR Earthwin Single Eyepiece System. If you have one of these, please contact me. Ki...

11 Mar 2019

Views: 105


Wanted Denkmeier II binoviewer with powerswitch

in Binoviewers by miamichillin99

Hi. Im looking for a denk II binoviewer for my SCT. Preferably it would includes any accessories needed for SCT use....

29 Dec 2018

Views: 114


Wanted WTB- Siebert Optics Black knight 25 Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by tag1260

I have a set of early Siebert Optics Binoviewers but want a set of the 25mm ones. Mine were sent to Siebert but cann...

12 Sep 2019

Views: 114


For Sale [Reduced] Denkmeier Denk II binoviewer

in Binoviewers by Xing

This Denk II is in great to working condition. Collimation is very good. Comes with 2'' nose piece. Also including a...

12 Aug 2019

Views: 114


For Sale $105-Like New Omegon Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by De Lorme

Hello, Have a like new Omegon binoviewer with case for sale. Comes with end caps. Used just a couple of times. Decid...

30 Jul 2019

Views: 117


For Sale T-2 Quick connector

in Binoviewers by Tom Bakowski

Denkmeier Binotron to Baader T-2 quick connector adapter. This screws into powerswitch of Binoviewer body. See this p...

19 Sep 2019

Views: 122


For Sale Burgess Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by laixiaolue

The Burgess binoviewer is in great condition, comes with a pair of 20mm WA eyepiece. Ask for $150 shipped, no PP fee.

16 Apr 2019

Views: 123


For Sale Nikon binocular head for microscopes

in Binoviewers by texcoco

Nikon binocular head that apparently fits the Labophot, Optiphot, and Alphaphot series of microscopes.This should be...

09 Aug 2019

Views: 124


For Sale NIB Celetron BinoViewer w/ 2 Matched Plossls

in Binoviewers by mikey5312

BNIB set of Celestron BinoViewers for SCT's and Refrctors for $155.. Only used to test and includes two matching AT...

05 Sep 2019

Views: 124


For Sale DENKMEIER power switch with 2" nose piece

in Binoviewers by prjctapollo

In excellent condition. Threads into the opening of Denk and Denk II binos.

14 Jun 2019

Views: 126


For Sale Vixen 7X50 ZCF Binoculars - Minty

in Binoviewers by davela

I am selling a pair of Vixen 7X50 ZCF binoculars in close to mint condition in all respects. Included in the sale, ar...

16 Sep 2019

Views: 129


For Sale Carl Zeiss angled binoviewer

in Binoviewers by denis0007dl

For sale Carl Zeiss angled special binoviewer! Zeiss serial number 4219289 (beautifully deeply engraved in metal hous...

22 Apr 2019

Updated: 22 Apr 2019

Views: 132


Wanted Binoviewer Denk 27 Binotron or Denk II

in Binoviewers by Ericcurry

Looking for a used Denkmeier Binoviewer. Also interested in the accompanying corrector. Can pay PayPal. Please send p...

10 Jan 2019

Views: 133


For Sale Denkmeier Collitron for B27

in Binoviewers by Eddgie

Like new. Bolt case included. Price includes Paypal and USPS Priority Mail shipping.

18 Sep 2018

Views: 139


Wanted Inexpensive Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by stlp33

Looking for an inexpensive Binoviewer for occassional use. Had a wonderful Denkmeier but didn't use it often enough...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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