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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Aug 2019

Views: 52


Wanted Looking for SBIG STL6303e or other KAF6300 camera

By: sator Location: World

I'm looking for a camera with CCD series KAF 6300e.I'm offering $2,000 plus shipping.Fabio

16 Jun 2018

Views: 172


Wanted Atik 460 Mono

By: millerrobe Location: USA

Looking for an Atik 460 mono camera.

09 Feb 2020

Updated: 15 Feb 2020

Views: 60


Wanted Looking for a used, perfectly working mono QHYCCD 695a or 814a

By: rdw4176 Location: World

Hello, I am looking for a used QHY695A or QHY814A in good functioning order, My budget is $1,500 depending on what ac...

19 May 2018

Views: 235


Wanted SBIG STF-8300M

By: Plierle Location: Southern Vermont

Looking for a used SBIG STF-8300M monochrome CCD, not interested in the OSC version. Thanks!

06 May 2019

Views: 128


Wanted Zwo asi cooled

By: tavo Location: WA

Hello, I'm looking for a zwo camera so cooled, any camera you have to sell, let me know

24 Aug 2019

Views: 203


Wanted Cooled DSO camera(294mc, 071 etc)

By: msacco Location: USA, west coast

Hello guys, not sure if it would even be possible, but I'm currently in the US until September 11, west coast trip....

17 Jun 2019

Views: 82


Wanted WTB QHY EOS EF adapter

By: Bob_Huerbsch Location: FL

Looking for an EOS adapter for my QHY183c something like the CyclopsOptics Blade Adapter or similar solution. Than...

04 May 2020

Views: 60


Wanted ZWo 183mm pro or 1600mm pro

By: Strandon Location: Illinois

Looking for a mono camera I would prefer one of the two mentioned in the title but not opposed to other brands as lon...

11 Dec 2017

Views: 172


Wanted ISO Canon 6D or 5D3

By: MR2TOYOU Location: South Dakota

Looking for a well priced used unit. THANKS! CLEAR SKIES

17 May 2020

Views: 27


Wanted WANTED: Hyperstar V4 for 8" EDGE HD

By: GoldSpider Location: Southeast PA

Looking to purchase a gently-used Starizona Hyperstar V4 for Celestron 8" EDGE HD. Offering more than one recently s...

10 May 2020

Views: 61


Wanted Hyperstar for C11

By: kg4whl Location: United States

Looking for Hyperstar for C11 scope Thanks for looking.

15 Jul 2019

Views: 89


Wanted WANTED - ASI183MC-Pro

By: Thundermoon1994 Location: Ohio

Hello, I'm looking to purchase a good condition ZWO ASI183MC-Pro. I'm near Akron, OH. Please send me an offer if y...

02 May 2018

Views: 147


Wanted looking for a ZWO asi1600

By: rusty2198 Location: Houston

looking for a good condition used ASI

12 Apr 2018

Views: 218


Wanted astro modified Nikon D600, D610 or D750

By: Martin A Cohen Location: USA

I recently missed out on a great deal for a modified Nikon D600 or D610, listed for $520. If you have anything simila...

17 Jul 2019

Views: 134


Wanted Wanted: Monochromatic Camera

By: GraySkies Location: Ontario Canada

With my recent upgrade I now have the option of including a second camera. I did some monochromatic tests using my gu...

23 Jul 2018

Views: 156


Wanted ALL SKY CAMERAS - Moonglow or Orion Starshoot

By: missouri_skies Location: USA

I'm looking to purchase your Orion Starshoot All Sky Camera or Moonglow Technologies All sky camera in good working o...

09 Dec 2019

Updated: 02 May 2020

Views: 84


Wanted ZWO ASI178MM Cool

By: bug85 Location: US

I need delivery to Russia. PayPal. I can purchase from eBay if it's more convenient. Feel free to offer yor price.

13 Jul 2019

Updated: 10 Sep 2019

Views: 108


Wanted Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator

By: 1onica Location: Fremont

looking to buy a Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator, shipping to CA should be included in the price

19 May 2020

Views: 32


Wanted Wanted - ASI174-mini

By: kingjamez Location: Virginia

Title says it all. Looking for an ASI174-mini. Let me know if you have one for sale.

15 May 2018

Views: 209


Wanted ZWO ASI174MM

By: joecool1211 Location: CA

Looking for used ZWO ASI174MM camera for solar work.

27 Apr 2020

Views: 49


Wanted Looking for ZWO 183MC

By: harshad.savant Location: SC, USA

Looking for an ZWO 183MC non pro version in excellent condition under $400.

06 Mar 2020

Views: 52


Wanted Looking for ZWO ASI294MC uncooled non-pro camera

By: Rob-Cville Location: Arlington, VA

Hi- I’m looking for a ZWO ASI294MC uncooled (non pro) camera in excellent condition. Thanks, Rob

26 Sep 2018

Views: 142


Wanted QSI WSG-8 Cover WANTED

By: fco_star Location: US

Hi if you have a QSI WSG-8 Cover please let me know your price shipped to 79707 Thank you

14 Apr 2018

Views: 525


Wanted WANTED: 178mm (7-inch) f/2.5 Kodak Aero Ektar Lens

By: PaulEK Location: Wisconsin

I periodically place this wanted ad here on CN, looking for these old lenses. They were made for air reconnaissance p...

24 Jun 2019

Views: 110


Wanted WTB: Astro modified Canon T3i

By: arvindsh Location: CA, SF Bay Area

Looking to buy an astro modified T3i with low shutter actuations count and in good working condition. LPF2 mod not fu...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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