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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Sep 2019

Views: 29


Wanted TeleVue 2" Everbrite Dielectric

in Diagonals by Neptune

Looking for a TeleVue 2" Everbrite Dielectric diagonal in like new or gently used condition. Thanks, David

17 Oct 2019

Views: 33


Wanted 2" Correct Image Diagonal (90-degree)

in Diagonals by BYD

It's for my finder scope, so I'm not looking for high end. Thanks for watching. Clear skies!

18 Oct 2019

Views: 39


Wanted Maxbrigt 2 in astrophysics diagonal wanted

in Diagonals by 21681577

If you have one and thinking in selling it let me know Thank you Ed

16 Jun 2019

Views: 44


Wanted Unitron 0.965" Star Diagonal

in Diagonals by ScottAstroNut

I am looking for a Unitron 0.965" star diagonal in very good to excellent condition. Thank you!

05 Sep 2019

Views: 54


Wanted celestron c90 visual back 1 1/4

in Diagonals by bobbyt63

will pay top dollar for a celestron c90 visual back for 1 1/4 thanks

19 Sep 2019

Updated: 19 Sep 2019

Views: 56


Wanted Wanted: WO or GSO 1.25" 90° RACI Prism Diagonal

in Diagonals by texcoco

Both have a roof prism and are erecting and correct image for daytime use.The GSO has a plastic housing and metal bar...

27 Aug 2019

Views: 58



in Diagonals by tavo

I am interested in buying a diagonal dielectric SCT 2 inch

10 Sep 2019

Views: 60


Wanted Baader 2" Prism Diagonal

in Diagonals by n3yt

Wanted: Baader 2" Zeiss prism diagonal with BBHS Coatings & 2" ClickLock Eyepiece Clamp - PRISM-2Z Let me know if...

10 Sep 2019

Updated: 11 Sep 2019

Views: 65


Wanted FOUND Takahashi 1.25 prism diagonal

in Diagonals by JohnKulczycki

Looking for one of these in good shape in Canada (because the exchange rate is just a killer unless it's the UK ).Let...

17 Feb 2019

Views: 66


Wanted WTB: Burgess Optical 1.25 inch diagonal

in Diagonals by 39cross

Hello, I'm looking for a Burgess Optical 1.25 inch diagonal. According to one of our outstanding CN members, it is...

08 Aug 2019

Views: 74


Wanted 1.25" dielectric diagonal

in Diagonals by Taylor

Looking for a 1.25" dielectric diagonal. Willing to pay $45 shipped. Thanks for looking.

17 Aug 2019

Views: 76


Wanted Inexpensive 2" diagonal

in Diagonals by ScottW

Need above. Rebuilding a 40 year old scope I made as a boy. Objective is uncoated and has a chip near its center. D...

31 May 2019

Views: 82



in Diagonals by Joe Eiers

Looking for the Denkmeier S1 Power Switch that will work with my Nextstar 11 GPS. Let me know if you have one for sa...

23 May 2019

Views: 90


Wanted Astro-Physics Maxbright Diagonal

in Diagonals by bdg

Excellent to good condition.

01 Jun 2019

Updated: 02 Jun 2019

Views: 91


Wanted 1 1/4 Diagonal

in Diagonals by cl300stick

Hello all, I'm looking for a high quality 1 1/4" diagonal. Preferably a correct image example. Please PM me if you...

31 Dec 2018

Views: 91


Wanted Baader T-2 1.25" Prism Diagonal

in Diagonals by ChrisGTS

I'm looking for a Baader 1.25" T-2 prism diagonal -- either the "regular" prism or the Zeiss-spec prism. But it need...

13 Mar 2019

Views: 99


Wanted 2 Prisms Wanted for Repair of Towa Diagonal and Porro .965"

in Diagonals by Kasmos

1. I have an old .965" Towa Star Diagonal that is missing it's Prism. These were quite often found in Tasco and Sears...

16 Apr 2019

Updated: 17 Aug 2019

Views: 100


Wanted WTB: Meade square body 2" diagonal

in Diagonals by mccarthymark

I'm looking for the Meade square body 2" diagonal as shown in this photo. I'm mainly interested in the mechanicals, s...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 102


Wanted Explore Scientific 2” diagonal

in Diagonals by Drumsetplyr87

Looking for an ES 2” dialetric diagonal. Please let me know price shipped to 60073, paid via PayPal. Thanks!

14 Feb 2019

Views: 102


Wanted prism diagonal

in Diagonals by bockos

I am looking for vintage celestron or vixen prism diagonal. Thanks for looking!

21 Nov 2018

Views: 104


Wanted WO or Telvue 1.25" diagonal

in Diagonals by SpaceJamer

For some reason I cant find my diagonal and looking for a nice replacement. -James

12 Feb 2019

Updated: 14 Feb 2019

Views: 105


Wanted 2 inch prism diagonal

in Diagonals by Ryord

Hello I would like to try a 2 inch prism, thanks . Rick

27 Oct 2018

Views: 110


Wanted APM 2" PRISM Diagonal,

in Diagonals by Defenderslideguitar

Looking for an APM 2 inch prism Diagonal

21 Oct 2018

Views: 122


Wanted Right Angle Prism 1,25 or 2 inch 90 degree

in Diagonals by Alex90900

Want to buy right angle prism in good condition.

07 Sep 2018

Views: 124


Wanted TAL 2" Diagonal

in Diagonals by Synthetic

Looking for TAL 2" Diagonal any condition

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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