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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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10 Nov 2014

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For Sale Meade 12.4 Series 4000 Super Plossl. BNIB

By: Astronomics Location: Norman, OK

So we have been doing some cleaning and such here at the office and stumbled across a few large boxes from Meade. Ok...

10 Nov 2014

Views: 966


For Sale Astro-Tech 30mm Titan Type II ED Eyepiece BNIB

By: Astronomics Location: Norman, OK

Each Titan Type II ED uses a six lens optical design with an ED (Extra-low Dispersion glass) element that provides ex...

08 Mar 2017

Views: 477


For Sale Pair of 25x Binocular Eyepieces 1.25"

By: rolo Location: GA

These are a pair of 25x Binocular eyepieces from 100mm Binoculars like the BT100. They're 1.25" barrels with green co...

09 Mar 2017

Views: 648


For Sale Carl Zeiss 10x 2 Eyepieces Barrel size 30mm

By: grnflv80 Location: Europe, Italy, Rome.

Carl Zeiss 10x 2 Eyepieces. paypal +5% Barrel size 30mm

09 Mar 2017

Views: 561


For Sale TMB Optical 6mm V2

By: Joe Eiers Location: Sacramento

Excellent planetary eyepiece. Perfect condition. Used little. $45 Shipped CONUSA

09 Mar 2017

Views: 624


For Sale Olvion 2.5mm 58deg field

By: Joe Eiers Location: Sacramento

Superb short fl planetary eyepiece with lots of eye relief!! 2.5mm and 58 deg field. $40 shipped CONUSA

11 Mar 2017

Updated: 11 Mar 2017

Views: 392


For Sale GSO 1.25" Plossl Eyepiece - 20mm

By: Dubboy Location: Western kentucky

(2) GSO 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces 20mm Excellent condition. Used a couple of times in binoviewers. $49 for both U.S.P.S....

12 Mar 2017

Views: 706


For Sale Explore Scientific 24mm 2inch Lens Great Condition 82 Degree

By: jpbartel Location: Denver, CO

I have an explore scientific 82 degree 2 inch 24mm lens with all caps and original box. It is used and I've only had...

13 Mar 2017

Updated: 14 Mar 2017

Views: 614


For Sale Smooth 1.25-inch Nosepiece for Baader MK III Zoom

By: saguaro Location: Tucson, AZ

**PLEASE NOTE***: one of the custom smooth-barrel 1.25-inch nosepieces has been sold. I have left for sale one custo...

14 Mar 2017

Updated: 23 Mar 2017

Views: 652


For Sale Tele Vue Radian 12 mm

By: russgarrett Location: Alabama

Used once.

15 Mar 2017

Updated: 18 Apr 2017

Views: 511


For Sale Eyepiece caddy for your Dob

By: drizzle Location: Bloomington, IN

Greetings, This is a kit for a 5 eyepiece holder for your dobsonian telescope base. Length is 10.25" long and will s...

18 Mar 2017

Updated: 22 May 2018

Views: 523


For Sale Orion Optiluxe 40mm, 10.5mm LV, 19mm Edge-On

By: vkhastro1 Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

For Sale:1. Orion Optiluxe 2" 40mm 62* eyepiece #1includes top end cap, original box, longer barrel versionin excelle...

18 Mar 2017

Views: 382


For Sale Smart Astronomy 19mm Extra Flat

By: vkhastro1 Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

For Sale: 1. Smart Astronomy 1.25" 19mm 65* Extra Flat eyepiece #1 identical to Orion 19mm Edge-On eyepie...

18 Mar 2017

Updated: 09 May 2017

Views: 629


For Sale Celestron 12.5mm Omni, X-Cel 25mm, 21mm, 18mm

By: vkhastro1 Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

For Sale: 1. Celestron 1.25" Omni 12.5mm Plossl eyepiece #1 includes both end caps and original box in excellent opti...

18 Mar 2017

Updated: 28 Mar 2017

Views: 576


For Sale Agena 8 mm ED EP

By: chipotle mg Location: chicago

Good used condition 8 mm ED eyepiece. Under good sky conditions this Agena 8mm gave great views of Mars with my c6 sc...

22 Mar 2017

Views: 443


For Sale 4mm Williams Optics UWAN

By: hokie1525 Location: Edmond, OK

Eyepiece in great shape. Stored in a pelican case with both end caps. Selling with original box. 82 FOV! Price in...

22 Mar 2017

Views: 381


For Sale Paramount ME/ME II/MX Heavy Duty Wedge-to-Pier Adaptor Plate

By: Kaban Location: Chicago, IL

Bought about five years ago and never used.This is the item:http://www.bisque.co...ptor-plate.aspx

25 Mar 2017

Views: 535


For Sale Three GOTO Mitzenway-Huygens Eyepieces

By: rfic1 Location: ct

Selling 3 GOTO MH eyepieces from the 1980's. 6mm,12.5mm and 25mm. These are .965" format, have green lettering and r...

28 Mar 2017

Updated: 01 Apr 2017

Views: 555


For Sale Antique 1.5" Brass Telescope Eyepiece - Best Offers

By: gatorengineer Location: NE Pa

This is NOT a 1.25" or 2.0" Eyepiece. its 1.5" brass, and is unmarked. Given the size of the field lens, its a widefi...

28 Mar 2017

Updated: 20 Apr 2017

Views: 645


For Sale Celestron 25mm Plossl

By: chipotle mg Location: chicago

Celestron 25mm Plossl with classic orange letters. The eyepiece is in good condition with slight tear on rubber eye-g...

30 Mar 2017

Views: 399


For Sale Orion DeepView 28mm

By: Polestar Location: Ohio, USA

The Orion DeepView series, made by GS Optical, has earned quite a reputation for value for money. The 2" 28mm deliver...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 447


For Sale Volcano Top 12.5mm Ortho

By: BillShakes Location: NH USA

A nice, clean 12.5mm ortho - Circle T made in Japan. Caps, No box. Very clean glass and good coatings, but has a sma...

04 Apr 2017

Updated: 07 Apr 2017

Views: 848


For Sale Bunch of Eyepieces - Cheap!!

By: Stan Lopata Location: 13323

Bunch of Eyepieces - Cheap!! Any one eyepiece is $10, second eyepiece is $8, third eyepiece is $6The 5mm eyepiece, th...

05 Apr 2017

Views: 695


For Sale Meade 9mm Ortho Circle T - JAPAN

By: SocalAstro Location: SoCal

I have a Meade circle-T 9mm Ortho EP - made in Japan. Asking $45 shipped in the US48. Thanks for looking

05 Apr 2017

Updated: 09 Apr 2017

Views: 652


For Sale Celestron 26 & 17mm Silvertops, early, Circle V

By: Littlegreenman Location: South Pasadena, CA

Celestron Silvertop eyepieces, 26mm &17mm. "Double Circle" V, Japan, engraved lettering.I have two of each of the...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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