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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Aug 2017

Updated: 25 Aug 2017

Views: 420


Wanted Coast Instrument Company ORTHO-STAR Ocular (FOUND)

in Eyepieces by johnlynch

I would like to add an ORTHO-STAR ocular, sold by the Coast Instrument Company from the late 1950s to early 1960s, of...

04 Jun 2017

Updated: 06 Jun 2017

Views: 358


Wanted 32mm BRANDON, DAKIN Wanted

in Eyepieces by dougspeterson

I am looking for ex condition 32mm. Prefer flat top but will accept the eyecup. Also prefer the Questar version, iden...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 349


Wanted Retel Micrometer

in Eyepieces by glmorri

I would certainly consider another manufacturer of a bifilar micrometer. I would pay $500. for a Retel in good condit...

23 Sep 2017

Updated: 27 Sep 2017

Views: 336


Wanted Meade Series 5000 SWA 28mm Eyepiece

in Eyepieces by yoga

Wanted; Meade Series 5000 SWA Eyepieces. Looking for the 28mm considered the same as the Explore Scientific waterproo...

27 Apr 2017

Updated: 29 Apr 2017

Views: 330



in Eyepieces by DrRandyHester

Just interested in picking up a few of the old style Vixen LV eyepieces. Looking for 4 ,7, 12, 15,16, 30 & 40 LV...

23 Mar 2017

Updated: 26 Mar 2017

Views: 322


Wanted Celestron Silvertop Plossl eyepieces

in Eyepieces by orion61

****Still looking for 15mm, 17mm, and 36mm.***** Wanted Celestron Silvertop Plossls. I am looking for the 1st gen si...

07 Mar 2018

Updated: 07 Mar 2018

Views: 305


Wanted Clave Pic Du Midi Plossls

in Eyepieces by Levine

Seeking Third generation, pre-Kinoptic, Clave Plossls. Wanted focal lengths are 65mm and 75mm. Glass and coatings mus...

10 May 2018

Updated: 11 May 2018

Views: 284


Wanted BOX for Celestron Ultima 60mm or 45mm eyepiece

in Eyepieces by apfever

The eyepiece came in the Hype box. I don't need the Hype box. I'd like to find an original 60mm Ultima box. An origin...

14 May 2017

Updated: 15 May 2017

Views: 267


Wanted Celestron X-Cel LX or Meade HD-60 7mm/6.5mm

in Eyepieces by hoa101

If anyone has one of these eyepieces in the focal lengths listed, please get in touch. Since they appear to be optica...

20 Sep 2017

Updated: 22 Oct 2017

Views: 265


Wanted Baader Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark III or IV 8-24mm EP

in Eyepieces by sonikapoor

Looking for Baader Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark III or IV 8-24mm EP (1.25" / 2") in very good to excellent condition....

29 Apr 2018

Updated: 30 Apr 2018

Views: 262


Wanted University Optics Konigs, VT abbe orthos, Super Erfles

in Eyepieces by astropho

Looking for the classic University Optics Konigs, VT "abbe" orthos, Super Erfles. Optics must be clean and in excelle...

19 Mar 2017

Views: 255


Wanted Takahashi LE-10mm Eyepiece

in Eyepieces by sjbrennan

Takahashi LE-10mm eyepiece, boxed with caps and earlier green engraved barrel as shown in the image.

23 Nov 2017

Views: 252


Wanted Meade series 4000 8.8MM UWA EYEPIECE Wanted

in Eyepieces by MYT51

looking for a Meade 4000 series (Japan) 1.25/2 inch eyepiece, been looking a long while and would greatly appreciate...

05 Dec 2017

Views: 252


Wanted Edmund Scientific 21.5mm RKE

in Eyepieces by Suresh S.

I'm looking for a 1980s-90s era Edmund Scientific 21.5mm RKE eyepiece to complete my set. If you've got one in good/...

11 Sep 2017

Updated: 14 Sep 2017

Views: 251


Wanted 25mm ortho volcano top, UO, Celestron, or Meade RG

in Eyepieces by tony_spina

Ideally Looking for an excellent to mint UO 25mm ortho, but will consider Celestron, or Meade RG ortho

07 Apr 2017

Updated: 09 Apr 2017

Views: 245


Wanted Wanted Siebert 36mm or 34 mm OB eyepiece

in Eyepieces by Oleg Efremov

I'm here to buy Siebert 36mm or 34 mm Observatory eyepiece with excellent optics condition. Marks on the barrel isn't...

14 Dec 2017

Views: 242


Wanted WANTED Sirius Mars 2003 filter

in Eyepieces by francesco italy

I am looking for a nice Mars filter that Sirius Optics made In 2003 for Big Mars opposition, please let me know, thanks!

29 Mar 2017

Views: 240


Wanted Wanted cheap 2in eyepiece

in Eyepieces by ahousefavor

Someone has to have an old one laying around. Don't have alot of money so that's why I'm not being picky as to brand...

22 Dec 2017

Views: 239


Wanted Edmund RKE 21.5mm

in Eyepieces by SpyderwerX

Looking for a nice used Edmund RKE 21.5mm EP. Make me a great Christmas deal. Thanks, Frankie

28 Aug 2017

Views: 235


Wanted Need some eyepieces in Europe to send to my cousin

in Eyepieces by twilightmoons

My cousin in Poland just bought a 8" dob and needs more eyepieces. Let me know what you have. They don't need to be N...

25 Mar 2017

Updated: 08 Apr 2017

Views: 231


Wanted Pentax XW 7MM ***FOUND****

in Eyepieces by pdwebb300

Looking for 7MM PENTAX XW eyepiece in excellent condition with box, bottle and all caps. shipping to 29205 Thanks, Paul

09 Dec 2017

Views: 231


Wanted University Optics Orthos

in Eyepieces by Al Paslow

Looking for some University Optics Orthoscopic eyepieces. Standard or HD. May consider purchase of an entire set....

25 Apr 2017

Views: 225


Wanted wanted meade 4.7mm

in Eyepieces by vvv

Hi, I am looking for meade uwa 4.7mm or 5.5mm uwa. I am open to offers. Thanks and best regards!

13 Aug 2018

Updated: 16 Aug 2018

Views: 220


Wanted Criterion R. 50mm

in Eyepieces by Matt Looby

Hello, I am search of the R 50mm Criterion. Note I already have a set pf A.S.P. B&L so I am interested only in...

08 Mar 2018

Views: 218


Wanted Wanted: Meade 2" 32mm Smoothie

in Eyepieces by chrismpls

Anyone have a good one of these they don't use? Thanks!! Chris

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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