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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 08:02 PM

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Wanted Celestron O-III and Orion Ultrablock

in Filters by stlp33

Looking for 2" versions of the Celestron O-III and Orion Ultrablock. If you have one or both, let me know a price sh...

Today, 02:58 PM

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For Sale Celestron 1.25" Filter Adapter

in Filters by MASILMW

Celestron 1.25" Filter Adapter Allows the use of more than one eyepiece with the same filter. The eyepiece and filter...

Today, 02:20 PM

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For Sale 2" (48mm) camera close-up set Vivitar NOS

in Filters by Littlegreenman

This is a camera close-up set by Vivitar It just so happens that 48mm camera filters and close-up lenses like the one...

Today, 01:18 PM

Updated: Today, 01:33 PM

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For Sale Daystar Energy Rejection Filter (ERF) with frame

in Filters by Sevo

I`m selling my Yellow Daystar ERF. It is clear 82mm/6mm filter glas and two cages. Small one is with 77mm clear apert...

Today, 08:34 AM

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For Sale Orion SkyGlow 2" filter

in Filters by chenauto

Like new condition. Paypal, and free shipping.

Today, 01:19 AM

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For Sale ZWO 1.25" Complete New Filter Set LRGB, Ha, OIII, SII

in Filters by jragsdale

Like new LRGB set, not a speck of dust. New version optimized for the ASI1600MM. Brand new, unused, still in box new...

Today, 12:48 AM

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For Sale ZWO New LRGB Filter Set 1.25"

in Filters by jragsdale

Like new condition, not even a speck of dust, inside a filter wheel their whole life. New version optimized for ASI16...

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

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For Sale 2" Zhumell eyepiece filters and 1.25" Lunar and Planetary set

in Filters by 1965_dup1

All these filters have lived up to what they're supposed to do , I only use the "Cardinal Rule " to ep cleaning when...

Yesterday, 04:13 PM

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For Sale Astrozap 3.5" full aperture glass solar filter part# AZ-1507

in Filters by hlritter

Bought new by me for use with telephoto lens at the 2017 solar eclipse and not otherwise used. Offered for sale becau...

Yesterday, 04:00 PM

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For Sale Astrozap Part# AZ-1513 4.5" glass solar filter for telescope or big binos

in Filters by hlritter

Bought new by me for use with my APM 100mm binos at the 2017 solar eclipse and not used otherwise. I don't need them...

Yesterday, 08:18 AM

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Wanted Wanted: Astrodon Filters - OIII and/or SII

in Filters by Andy T.

Currently looking for a couple Astrodon filters to finish up my collection/upgrading from ZWO stock filters. These ar...

20 Mar 2019

Views: 28


Wanted WTB 2" Baader Contrast Booster Filter

in Filters by ajdone

Let me know what you have! Thanks.

20 Mar 2019

Views: 65


For Sale Celestron 1.25" UHC/LPR Filter

in Filters by equifire

I used this filter to reduce the effects of light pollution in my area. However I find lately I haven't been using i...

20 Mar 2019

Views: 29


Wanted 1.25” Astrodon filters

in Filters by AstroGabe

Looking for 1.25” mounted Astrodon E series LRGB filters. I’m also looking for narrow and filters with a 3nm bandpas...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 97


For Sale Astronania 2" 5 Position Filter Wheel

in Filters by EV1970VE

I have a very nice, well built 2" 5 position filter wheel for sale. I no longer have a large SCT which is where i use...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 54


For Sale StarGuy LRGB 1.25” filter set

in Filters by beachbum58

Selling StarGuy 1.25” LRGB filter set in excellent condition. $110.00 shipped.

19 Mar 2019

Views: 69


For Sale Astronomic CLS-CCD filter t2

in Filters by beachbum58

Astronomik cls-ccd t2 filter. In excellent condition. For sale $100.00 shipped.

19 Mar 2019

Views: 56


For Sale Astronomic CLC -CCD eos clip filter.

in Filters by beachbum58

Astronomic CLS- CCD filter for Canon EOS. It is excellent condition. $100.00 shipped. Also listing t2 version in anot...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 30


Wanted Astrodon 3nm OIII 31mm filter

in Filters by lefty7283

Looking to buy a 3nm OIII filter in good condition, preferably the 31mm version over the 1.25" version so it can be p...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 117


For Sale ZWO RGB set

in Filters by Digipainter

I have a set of ZWO RGB filters from a ZWO kit only R, G, B filters are included. NO lum filter in this set. $65.00 s...

19 Mar 2019

Updated: Yesterday, 01:15 AM

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For Sale Celestron Moon filter in box

in Filters by FC-100N

1) 1998 Celestron Moon filter. This is the version that is all glass and is mounted in a nylon hard plastic body. It...

18 Mar 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Planetary Filter Set

in Filters by w1828

I would like to buy a 1 1/4" filter set. I mostly want them for the moon but it would be nice to have a few for the p...

18 Mar 2019

Views: 81


For Sale Thousand Oaks Optical Broadband LP-1

in Filters by cantres60

Thousand Oaks Optical Broadband LP-1 25 1.25" Light Pollution Telescope Filter. It is in good condition. $30.00 shi...

18 Mar 2019

Views: 105


For Sale Lumicon UHC 1.25"

in Filters by WilburTWildcat

So many good memories with this filter, but I've moved to 2" filters, so this one has to go! Lumicon UHC 1.25" with...

18 Mar 2019

Views: 25


Wanted WTB: Astronomik Deep Sky RGB 2" Mounted

in Filters by Monkeybird747

Looking for the Deep Sky set only, in 2" threaded mounts.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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