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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 11:06 PM

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Wanted WTB: Astronomik UV IR L3 Filter

By: Okokey Location: San Diego

Hello everyone, I'm in search of an Astronomik UV IR L3 filter. Please let me know if you have one, I do have PayPal....

Yesterday, 04:18 PM

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Wanted Lumicon UHC 2” and Baader Contrast Booster 1.25”

By: CowTipton Location: NW Chicago Burbs

Looking for both of these in excellent condition. Mounted (threaded) of course. Thanks!

Yesterday, 01:42 PM

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Wanted Optolong L-Pro 1.25" round mounted

By: nmaletto Location: Central Florida

Looking to buy. Title says it all

01 Mar 2021

Views: 46


Wanted Baader LRGB 36mm

By: carathir Location: North Carolina

Hi I would like to buy a set of Baader LRGB 36mm, please ping me if you happen to have a pair you are looking to sell...

01 Mar 2021

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Wanted Canon Clip In L-Enhance Filter

By: Sean Edwards Location: Washington

Lookin for a Lenhance clip in filter for a canon T3I. Name the price. Thanks.

01 Mar 2021

Updated: 01 Mar 2021

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Wanted Empty or broken clip in for Canon APS-C

By: GeorgeLiv Location: ship to Canada

I'm looking for an empty, broken, damaged or printed plastic clip-in filter for Canon crop bodies (APS-C). This can...

27 Feb 2021

Views: 105


Wanted ZWO M42 Filter Drawer - 2" - FD-M42

By: n1rlu Location: CT

Looking for ZWO 2” filter drawer. M48-M42 model. FD-M42 If you have one that you’d like to sell please contact me. I...

27 Feb 2021

Views: 18


Wanted Looking for Astrodon or Chroma 50mm round OIII 3nm filter

By: syxbach Location: Texas

Looking for a used filter with very good condition. Thanks! Best Yuexiao

26 Feb 2021

Views: 28


Wanted Baader 1.25" SII 8nm Filter / OIII 8.5nm Filter

By: Sokrates Location: Simpsonville, SC

Hi Guys, I am looking for a mounted Baader 1.25" SII and OIII Filter to complement my H-alpha Filter. If you have o...

26 Feb 2021

Views: 26


Wanted WTB: Astronomik L-3 UV-IR Block Clip-Filter EOS APS-C

By: jessebear Location: Colorado

Looking for an L3 Astronomik clip in filter for Canon APS-C. Let me know your price shipped to 81503. Thanks!

26 Feb 2021

Views: 32


Wanted WTB: 2” Sirius Optics MV-20 or Baader Fringe Killer

By: Atlanta AstroView 90mm Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for something to fight CA on my 90mm, f/10 Achromat Refractor. The CA is not horrible because this is a slowe...

26 Feb 2021

Views: 25


Wanted Astronomik L-2 UV-IR Block Clip-Filter EOS XL

By: skywindsurfer Location: Canada

Hey, I am looking for the Astronomik L-2 UV-IR Block Clip-Filter EOS XL for my full-spectrum-modified Canon 6D. It s...

25 Feb 2021

Views: 33


Wanted Hutech HEUIB- II UV/IR Filter

By: zakry3323 Location: Pittsburgh

Hi folks! I'm looking for a 2" (48mm) Hutech HEUIB-II filter in good condition. Also happy to consider mid-tier or be...

24 Feb 2021

Views: 36


Wanted WTB Antlia 36mm LRGB Filters

By: CrazyPanda741 Location: Orange County, California

Hello! Looking to buy these for an upcoming dark sky trip, please let me know if you are letting go of a set. Clear s...

22 Feb 2021

Updated: 23 Feb 2021

Views: 48


Wanted Astrodon SII 3nm Narrowband Filters 1.25 mounted

By: WYO100 Location: Iowa

Looking for a Astrodon SII 3nm Narrowband Filters 1.25 mounted. I'm okay with it having little bit of dust, as long a...

20 Feb 2021

Views: 17


Wanted WTB Baader UV IR Cut Filter 2"

By: leftyk82 Location: TN

Looking for new or near-new. Thanks!

19 Feb 2021

Updated: 27 Feb 2021

Views: 45


Wanted Wanted Optolong L-Pro filter 2”

By: Bobbeanbags Location: 01752

Good condition.

16 Feb 2021

Views: 41


Wanted WTB ZWO or similar 2" M42-M48 Filter Drawer

By: Drumsetplyr87 Location: Illinois

I am looking for a 2" filter drawer, preferably the ZWO model, but others of comparable quality and cost would work a...

15 Feb 2021

Views: 49


Wanted WTB Astrodon Johnson-Cousins VRBI set

By: Bruce Berger Location: Massachusetts, Eastern USA

Looking for an Astrodon Johnson-Cousins BVRI filter set in excellent condition. All filters are 50mm round and unmou...

14 Feb 2021

Updated: 20 Feb 2021

Views: 51


Wanted IDAS LPS-D1 or D2 Filter for Canon APS-C Frame Camera

By: MirrorReflections Location: South Central NY

Looking for a IDAS LPS-D1 or D2 Filter for Canon APS-C Frame Camera. Message with price. Would like to pay with PayPa...

12 Feb 2021

Views: 48


Wanted H-alpha 6 nm CCD Filter - 2-inch

By: 4alien51 Location: Any

Looking for a H-alpha 6 nm CCD Filter - 2-inch

11 Feb 2021

Views: 54


Wanted Looking for Baader 2" Highspeed F/2 Sii RASA/Hyperstar Filter

By: NJack Location: Utah

Looking for Baader 2" Mounted Highspeed F/2 Sii RASA/Hyperstar Filter. Please message me if you have one and willin...

09 Feb 2021

Updated: 15 Feb 2021

Views: 61


Wanted Astronomik CLS CCD Filter - Sony Alpha 7 Clip

By: astarace36 Location: US

**Wanted** Astronomik CLS CCD Filter - Sony Alpha 7 Clip

06 Feb 2021

Views: 46


Wanted WTB Optolong L-Pro 2" filter

By: btiedt Location: WI

Hi. I just got my first telescope for astrophotography and am looking for a Optolong L-Pro 2" filter. Anyone have on...

05 Feb 2021

Views: 59


Wanted Wanted: H-alpha, 7nm, 2" mounted filter

By: Pawan Location: California

Let me know if you have an H-alpha 7nm 2" mounted filter you want to sell. Thanks.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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