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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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18 Jan 2019

Views: 35


Wanted Astronomik 12nm H-Alpha EOS Clip Filter

in Filters by Joshm1084

Looking for a used Astronomik APS-C sized clip...

16 Jan 2019

Views: 29


Wanted Filter Wheel for 36mm Unmounted Filters

in Filters by rohitb

I am looking for EFW for 36mm unmounted filters...

15 Jan 2019

Views: 49


Wanted Looking for an STC Duo Narrowband Filter - 2"

in Filters by brettkoz

I'm on the lookout maily for an STC Duo-narrowb...

10 Jan 2019

Views: 20


Wanted Astronomik H-beta Hb CCD 12nm 1.25" or 31mm

in Filters by mAnKiNd

Looking for an Astronomik H-Beta Hb CCD 12nm fi...

08 Jan 2019

Views: 32


Wanted Looking for Narrow Band Filters Set

in Filters by aashish

Hello all, I am looking for a narrow band filt...

07 Jan 2019

Views: 26


Wanted Baader U-Filter (Venus UV)

in Filters by rosalino

If you have one of those 2" filters for sale, i...

06 Jan 2019

Views: 27


Wanted Empty 2" filter cell ?

in Filters by Tom Bakowski

Looking for a Empty metal 2-inch filter cell an...

06 Jan 2019

Updated: 12 Jan 2019

Views: 30


Wanted Wanted: Astrodon OIII (and SII?) 1.25" 5nm Filters

in Filters by Andy T.

I've been using the original 31mm ZWO Filters t...

31 Dec 2018

Views: 30


Wanted WTB: Orion 1.25 filter slider

in Filters by SpyderwerX

Looking for a nice used Orion 8 slot 1.25 filte...

30 Dec 2018

Views: 38


Wanted ZWO EFW (8 x 1.25″/31mm)

in Filters by narcosisnz

Hi, I would like to purchase a ZWO EFW if anyon...

29 Dec 2018

Views: 25


Wanted Baader 685nm

in Filters by gfstallin

I'm looking for a used Baader 685 filter in goo...

23 Dec 2018

Views: 29


Wanted Wanted: 2" Astronomik ProPlanet 642 IR-Pass Filter

in Filters by Aryeh95

I'm looking to buy a 2" Astronomik ProPlanet 64...

08 Dec 2018

Views: 48


Wanted Astronomik UHC - 2"

in Filters by DonBoy

Looking for a very good condition Astronomik UH...

07 Dec 2018

Views: 25


Wanted WTB: Astrodon 1.25in S2 filter 5nm or 3nm

in Filters by dhaval

Looking for excellent condition Astrodon S2 1.2...

23 Nov 2018

Views: 53


Wanted Astrodon 1.25” LRGB SET

in Filters by WSMIKE

Let me know if you have a set in excellent cond...

15 Nov 2018

Views: 48


Wanted Astrodon 3nm Narrowband filters 31mm/1.25"

in Filters by josh smith

I'm looking for Astrodon 3nm filters. Preferab...

01 Nov 2018

Views: 70


Wanted Baader 2" OIII 8.2nm Filter

in Filters by Stargazer3236

I looked at this filter over at OPT. It has a n...

18 Oct 2018

Views: 46


Wanted Wanted: Orion Skyglow 2" Imaging Filter

in Filters by astonomers_son

Hello all- just looking to pickup an Orion Skyg...

17 Oct 2018

Views: 54


Wanted 2in Filter Wheel

in Filters by Ansu

Looking for 2in Filter wheel for my DSLR. I hav...

14 Oct 2018

Views: 40


Wanted ZWO 8*1.25" Filterwheel

in Filters by Firochromis

Looking for a ZWO filterwheel in good condition.

13 Oct 2018

Views: 84


Wanted 1.25" , 31mm, 36mm diameter hydrogen alpha filter

in Filters by The Ardent

Looking for a 1.25" or 31mm/36mm diameter hydro...

12 Oct 2018

Views: 40


Wanted Astronomik NB 1.25" Imaging Filters

in Filters by Jimbards

Looking for Astronomik Narrowband Filters, Ha,...

10 Oct 2018

Views: 38


Wanted Variable Polarizing Filter 2"

in Filters by mreyner

Looking for a 2" variable polarizing filter thanks

23 Sep 2018

Views: 35


Wanted Astrodon 5nm H-Alpha 31mm or 1.25" Filter

in Filters by joecool1211

Looking for an excellent condition Astrodon H-A...

21 Sep 2018

Views: 46


Wanted Wanted: Baader Planetarium 670nm IR Pass 2" filter

in Filters by Scottsdale90

Looking for a good quality long pass filter to...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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