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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Apr 2021

Views: 99


Wanted Antlia 2" LRGB Filter Set (Wanted)

By: Sternicus Location: PA

Looking for good condition set, 2" mounted. Message me if you have them in hand

16 Jan 2021

Views: 115


Wanted Wanted Antlia 3.5 NM 36 mm unmounted

By: telfish Location: NC

Need a full set of Antlia 3.5 nm narrowband filters or individual filters. If you are planning to upgrade to the 3 nm...

16 Oct 2020

Views: 260


For Sale Maxi filter wheel + Astrodon 50 mm round LRGB and 3nm Ha, OIII, SII, NII

By: KD58 Location: Texas

I am selling my Astrodon 50mm filter set to finance the purchase of a full frame CCD camera. The filters are mounted...

06 Feb 2021

Updated: 06 Feb 2021

Views: 184



By: KD58 Location: TX

I am selling my FLI CFW 5-7 and 50 mm square Chroma filters. The filters include LRGB and 3nm narrowband filters. All...

01 Dec 2020

Views: 177


For Sale Astrodon 50mm Square Gen 2 E-Series Tru-Balance LRGB and SHO Filter Set

By: Monkeybird747 Location: Kentucky

Filter set runs $4800 new. Asking $3600 (25% off new price). Oiii is 3nm, Ha and Sii are 5nm. Not selling individual...

14 Apr 2021

Updated: 15 Apr 2021

Views: 349


For Sale Chroma 50mm Unmounted Filters (Complete Set) ++

By: GeneralT001 Location: Nanaimo, BC

***PRICE REDUCED*** Hi, Am selling my Chroma 50mm unmounted LRGB, Ha 3nm, OIII 3nm and SII 3nm filters. All are in...

28 Dec 2017

Views: 626


For Sale Astrodon Gen II LRGB, HA, OIII & SII 50mm

By: Jim Miller Location: Boulder, CO USA

I have a set of generation II Astrodon filters, LRGB, HA (5nm), OIII (3nm) & SII (5nm) for sale. Includes origina...

16 Aug 2021

Views: 273


For Sale Astrodon 36mm LRGBHOS (3nm)

By: AtmosFearIC Location: Melbourne, Australia

Having recently upgraded to 50mm round filters I no longer have a need for my 36mm set. The LRGB are all Gen 2 E-Seri...

18 Jan 2021

Views: 184


For Sale Astrodon E-Series RGB and 3nm NII, H-A, OIII, and SII filters, 1.25" mount

By: fnord123 Location: Portland, OR

Selling my Astrodon filters, prefer to sell as a set but willing to split out:E-Series LRGB Set 1.25" mounted - $425A...

14 Aug 2021

Views: 163


For Sale Chroma 31mm 3nm Ha, 3nm OIII, 3nm SII + LRGB filter set

By: nathmath Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Chroma filter set: 31 mm unmounted LRGB filters + Ha 3nm + OIII 3nm + SII 3nm. $2000 includes shipping and PayPal. Al...

10 Jul 2017

Views: 466


Wanted Wanted: AFW50-7S

By: jdeast Location: Arizona

I need an Apogee 7 position 50 mm square filter wheel (AFW50-7S) in good working order. No need for any accessories o...

11 Oct 2020

Views: 206


For Sale Astronomik FAST CLS-RGB-HaO3S2 50mm R set

By: RogeZ Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Hi folks:Had to give this sale a lot of thought but I have no choice, I had to rebuy this set entire in 50x50mm for t...

09 Feb 2021

Updated: 10 Feb 2021

Views: 360


For Sale RASA Filters, MaxFR 50x50, RASA Accessories Sale

By: RogeZ Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Hi folks:For sale a number of premium accessories for RASA or other fast telescopesAstronomiks MaxFR 6nm 50x50mm NB s...

09 Dec 2020

Views: 255


For Sale Chroma 2" LRGB Filter Set

By: 1onica Location: like new

Chroma 2" LRGB Filter Set almost new bought 1 month ago from OPT

11 Feb 2021

Views: 198


For Sale Astrodon 31mm LRGB Gen2 E-Series, 31mm 3nm OIII, 5nm Ha, 5nm SII and ZWO EFW

By: jimmydigital00 Location: South Jersey

Up for sale are Astrodon 31mm LRGB Gen2 E-Series filters $500 Astrodon 31mm 5nm Ha filter $300 Astrodon 31mm 5nm S...

19 Mar 2020

Views: 324


For Sale SX USB filter wheel+ Astrodon 36mm LRGB Gen II + NB filters

By: KD58 Location: Texas

I have an SX USB filterwheel with an OAG and 36 mm Astrodon filters. I have LRGB Gen II filters and 5nm Ha, 5nm SII,...

15 Feb 2021

Views: 359


For Sale Chroma Filters and ZWO 8 Position 31mm Wheel

By: angry_garden_salad Location: Sacramento, CA

Only used about a dozen times, great condition. Originally purchased in February of 2019. Includes: ZWO 8 position w...

01 Jul 2021

Views: 312


For Sale Full set of PREMIUM filters for sale: Astrodon & Chroma LRGBSHO + ZWO EFW

By: dan_hm Location: New Jersey

For sale is my entire set of premium astrophotography filters from Astrodon and Chroma. I'm taking a big step back fr...

08 May 2021

Updated: 08 May 2021

Views: 231


For Sale REDUCED-Astrodon Gen2 E-Series LRGB Tru-Balance Filter 31mm+ Ha-OIII-SII 3 nm

By: SebaAstro Location: PA

This set is just beautiful. In excellent condition and free from any marks or dust.When i transitioned to Astrodon fi...

02 Aug 2021

Updated: 09 Aug 2021

Views: 247


For Sale *UPDATED*Astronomik 2” Deepsky RGB, L3 UV-IR LUM, 6nm CCD SHO

By: JayWisc Location: 84096

Selling my Astronomik filter set. It includes all original accessories and packaging and all filters have been babied...

11 Jan 2021

Views: 370


For Sale ASTRODON 36mm unmounted - 5nm Ha, OIII, SII & LRGB Gen2 E Tru-Balance

By: SebaAstro Location: PA

I posted this Ad last weekend and sold, but then shipping them to the buyer located in UK ended up being quite a cha...

05 Dec 2020

Views: 242


For Sale Chroma 1.25" 5nm NB, LGRB+LoGlo set with ZWO EFW

By: vballrican Location: Sarasota, FL

Selling my Chroma complete filter set, 5nm NB and LRGB + LowGlow, with ZWO 8-pos EFW. I bought 36mm filters and no lo...

02 Jan 2020

Updated: 03 Jan 2020

Views: 444


For Sale Astrodon 36mm unmounted 3nm Ha, SII, OIII

By: collaredkeeper Location: Riverside, CA 92507

Hello all, I am selling an Astrodon 36mm unmounted 3nm narrowband filter set. I am not looking to split them up for...

01 Mar 2021

Views: 200


For Sale Astrodon v2 lrgb+Chroma 3nm nb filters+8 position EFW 1.25

By: GIFTED1570 Location: Las Vegas

Astrodon v2 lrgb+ Chroma 3nm nb filters+ 8 position EFW 1.25 size, all in perfect shape, i must find the filter cases...

07 Jun 2017

Views: 597



By: Xing Location: San Jose, CA

For sale is the ultimate filter set. Astrdon LRGB and 5nm 65mm square filters for very big big CCD chips like 16803It...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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