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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Apr 2021

Views: 68


Wanted Antlia 2" LRGB Filter Set (Wanted)

By: Sternicus Location: PA

Looking for good condition set, 2" mounted. Message me if you have them in hand

10 Jul 2017

Views: 447


Wanted Wanted: AFW50-7S

By: jdeast Location: Arizona

I need an Apogee 7 position 50 mm square filter wheel (AFW50-7S) in good working order. No need for any accessories o...

11 Nov 2020

Views: 87


Wanted Wanted 2” H-Alpha imaging filter

By: mkillmer Location: Melbourne, Australia

I’m after a 2” h-Alpha imaging filter 7nm or better. cheers!

18 Dec 2020

Views: 79


Wanted Wanted ZWO 8 X 1.25 inch filter wheel

By: telfish Location: North Carolina

If you have a ZWO 8 position 1.25 inch filter wheel you might sell please let me know. Terry

05 Jun 2020

Views: 173


Wanted Looking for Baader 2" Mounted High Speed Filters

By: Noro Location: Ohio

Looking for Baader 2" Mounted High Speed Filters. Will pay cash or trade with my ASI 294MC Pro.

13 Mar 2021

Views: 62


Wanted Wanted: Astrodon 36mm E-series LRGB

By: Synon Location: US

Looking for an Astrodon 36mm LRGB set to match my currently narrowband filters

07 Apr 2021

Views: 57


Wanted Looking for 50.4mm Unmounted filters

By: ArandomPilot Location: Colorado

Hi CN, Looking for 50.4mm unmounted filters for LRGB. I can pay up to $450 USD for the filters. Thanks, Gabe.

07 Dec 2020

Views: 87


Wanted Astrodon 3 nm H-Alpha Narrowband Filter - 36 mm Round Unmounted

By: dirac Location: Fairfax, VA

Does anyone have a Astrodon 3 nm H-Alpha Narrowband Filter - 36 mm Round Unmounted? It has to be 36mm Round and Unmou...

25 Apr 2021

Updated: 25 Apr 2021

Views: 50


Wanted Wanted: 2" Round Mounted Baader Ultra-Narrowband H-alpha 3.5nm filter

By: Hobby Astronomer Location: USA - Texas

Hello,Wanted: 2" Round Mounted Baader Ultra-Narrowband H-alpha 3.5nm filter. Have the SII and the OIII, missing the H...

22 Aug 2018

Views: 279


Wanted Baader LRGB filter set

By: Dwcrall Location: Cincinnati

Looking for Baader LRGB 36mm unmounted filter set

02 Sep 2017

Views: 294


Wanted WTB: Astrodon 3nm OIII filter 1.25"

By: caoyuan9642 Location: Massachusetts, USA

Hi, I'm looking for a Astrodon 3nm passband OIII filter in 1.25" format. Price negotiable. Thanks.

25 Jun 2019

Views: 240


Wanted STC Duo Narrow Band Filter

By: VanceJoy Location: Utah

Looking for a clean STC Duo Narrow Band Filter, 2” mounted.

31 Dec 2019

Views: 194


Wanted Astronomik Narrow Band filter set (OIII, SII and H-alpha 1.25")

By: Swordfishy Location: Miami, FL

Hey all, Looking for a Astronomik Narrow Band filter set. More specifically need the Oii and Sii, since I already...

05 Aug 2020

Views: 114


Wanted ZWO narrowband set

By: rbrtgmn Location: Romania, Europe

- Looking for zwo narrowband set or astronomik quad band. - Used in good condition. - need it in europe

26 Aug 2020

Views: 107


Wanted Wanted 2" Optolong L-eXtreme Narrowband Filter

By: Riju12 Location: Norristown, PA

Wanted 2" Optolong L-eXtreme Narrowband Filter

26 Mar 2021

Views: 85


Wanted Wanted - Blue Chroma 1.25” mounted filter (pre-2019)

By: eastwd Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Chroma raised the lower end of the transmission range of the blue filters in its LRGB filter sets from 365nm at the b...

20 Oct 2019

Views: 203


Wanted Optolong L-eNhance filter (2-inch)

By: Martin A Cohen Location: USA & Canada

If you have one that sees little or no usage, I will gladly buy it from you! Thanks, Martin

01 Jul 2021

Views: 30


Wanted Astronomik 6nm OIII 31mm or 1.25"

By: khursh Location: CONUS

Newer preferred. Dust OK, but no smudges please.

25 Jun 2019

Views: 254


Wanted Hydrogen alpha filter 72 mm

By: mpcwatts Location: TX

Looking for a large hydrogen filter. Known commercial product Lumicon Night Sky Hydrogen-Alpha 72mm Filter MFR #LF...

30 Jul 2020

Views: 101


Wanted Optolong LPro 2 inches

By: arshadwm Location: Anywhere in the world

Looking for Optolong LPro 2 inch LP Filter. New or used in good condition. I can have it collected by courier.

30 Jul 2017

Views: 361


Wanted Lumicon 2" OIII Filter

By: arvindsh Location: San Francisco - Bay Area

Looking for a used but in good condition 2" Lumicon OIII filter. Please LMK if you have one you want to sell.

22 Oct 2020

Views: 83


Wanted Looking for an eos clip in ha filter or 2 inch mounted ha filter

By: sspoerhase Location: OR

Looking for a reasonably priced ha filter, either eos clip in or 2 inch mounted filter.

10 Apr 2020

Views: 129


Wanted Looking for 2" OIII Filter / Gen3 Lumicon or Astronomik

By: RaleighNC Location: Ship to NC

Hi looking for a 2" OIII filter by Lumicon (GEN3 only) or Astronomik. Thanks for looking!

26 Apr 2018

Views: 341


Wanted Lumicon H-Beta Filter Visual/Lumicon OIII Filter Visual

By: Celestialoptics Location: Orange County

Looking to buy recent Lumicon visual filters 2" for $125. I am looking to buy one or the other filter, or I can buy b...

31 Aug 2020

Views: 100


Wanted Looking for a high quality 2 inch UHC and LPR filter

By: JibaritoNTX Location: DFW

I am looking for Lumicon, Baader, Astronomik, Baader, or similar quality 2 inch filters

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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