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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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22 Jun 2019

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Wanted WTB Vintage right angle finder scope.

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Eddie Rose

Hello, I am looking for a vintage Celestron right angle finder scope, for my vintage Celestron C8. Let me know what y...

21 Jun 2019

Views: 33


Wanted 6x30 RACI or RA Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by PJBilotta

Thanks for letting me know if you have a 6x30 right angle finder you are willing to part with - bracket or no bracket...

25 Jun 2019

Views: 40


Wanted 1974 Meade 3.1" Photo-Guide Telescope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by rcobservatory

Does anyone have a nice 1974 or that year range 3.1" Meade Photo-Guidescope they would like to sell? Or something sim...

08 Jun 2019

Views: 41


Wanted ZWO 30mm guidescope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Drumsetplyr87

Looking for a functioning zwo 30mm guidescope. Please send price including shipping to 60073. Thanks! Payment via Pa...

21 Jun 2019

Views: 43


Wanted Takahashi Quick Release Finder Bracket (ADM/Farpoint)

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Cometeer

Interested in an ADM or Farpoint quick release bracket for Takahashi finders.

01 May 2019

Views: 44


Wanted WTB: Guidescope with Cam for 8" SCT

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by 2ndRecon

Looking for a serviceable "pre-loved" Guidescope and Cam, prefer mono 1280 x 960 min. with 50mm-70mm scope, to use on...

11 Jul 2019

Views: 47


Wanted Wanted Celestron 6x30 finderscope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by murphb

Condition of paint not an issue, repainting it white anyway. A vintage straight through with focus is perfect. Res...

28 May 2019

Views: 47


Wanted Red Dot Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by iuseglasses

Looking for a general red dot finder. I'd prefer the Deluxe Red Dot finder similar to this: https://www.omegon.e...th...

17 Jul 2019

Updated: Yesterday, 12:17 PM

Views: 50


Wanted Decent guide camera that can do planetary.

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by AstroEdge

I want to start doing deep sky astrophotography better, i have a Celestron 127 SLT, Orion Sirius EQ-G, and i am wanti...

23 Mar 2019

Views: 51


Wanted Wanted: Lafayette 25x40 finder scope objective

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by sarastro

Hi, I am looking for a replacement objective for a Lafayette F-628 finder scope. This is a 25 x 40mm f12 finder sco...

12 Jun 2019

Views: 52


Wanted Guide Scope & Piggyback Rings for Vixen Dovetail

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Augustus

Need something to guide with my FC76.

17 May 2019

Updated: 17 May 2019

Views: 53


Wanted Looking for a ST4 cable.

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by coolergw

I’m looking for a ST-4 to Drive Electronics cable. Let me know if you have one available. Thanks

06 Jun 2019

Views: 54


Wanted Meade 9X60MM right angle Finder with Illum Reticle and Bracket

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by n.holmes

Hi,i am looking for a Meade 9x 60mm right angle finder with illuminated reticle and finder holder bracket .They came...

14 Jul 2019

Views: 54


Wanted MEADE Finderscope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by jklapheke01

Looking for MEADE finderscope with 45 degree angle view finder.

21 Apr 2019

Updated: 02 May 2019

Views: 57


Wanted WANTED: Meade 9x60 LX Finder Scope with illuminated Reticle with Mounts

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by jadesystem88

WANTED: Meade 9x60 LX Finder Scope with illuminated reticle - complete/together with the stock one-piece ring and do...

28 Dec 2018

Views: 58


Wanted WANTED: Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by ericspicts

Looking for Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package -- Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser plus StarSh...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 58



in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by hishubho

Hello Friends, Looking for Orion THIN OFF-AXIS GUIDER or similar kind of THIN OFF-AXIS GUIDER. Thanks Shubhendu

03 Apr 2019

Views: 59


Wanted Finder for Skywatcher 8in Quattro

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by samson50

Looking for a straight through skywatcher finder for my 8in Quattro Thanks Samson50

11 Apr 2019

Updated: 12 Apr 2019

Views: 59


Wanted Unitron 60mm guidescope rings

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Jim Mon

Hi, I am looking for a set of Unitron guidescope rings for the 60mm Unitron guidescope to Unitron 152 4" refractor un...

11 Apr 2019

Views: 59


Wanted 50mm guide scope/rings/base for a WO Z73 Apo refractor

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by TheQMSKid

Thx for your interest... I just purchased a William Optics Z73 Apo refractor and I'm looking for a 50mm guide scope/r...

17 Feb 2019

Views: 61


Wanted University Optics or similar orange 50mm right-angle finderscope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Augustus

Looking for a 50mm right-angle finder for my C8, would prefer an older orange one in good condition. Thanks!

05 Mar 2019

Views: 68


Wanted RACI 9x50 Wanted

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by ricgomez

I want to buy a RACI 9x50. If illuminated it will be best but this is not a must have.

28 Jun 2019

Updated: 01 Jul 2019

Views: 69


Wanted 6x30 mm Finder Bracket FOUND - Thanks!

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Uncle Milt

Hello -- I am looking for an Orion / Synta type 6x30 mm finder bracket -- just the bracket. An older Celestron / Vix...

11 Feb 2019

Views: 70


Wanted Wanted! TeleVue Starbeam finder RDF for TV85

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Scampbe11

I am looking for a TeleVue Starbeam finder RDF finder for my TV-85 scope. I am located in Canada but if that is a pro...

01 Nov 2018

Views: 71


Wanted Wanted: cap for celestron RACI finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by texcoco

Should measure about 57mm ID.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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