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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 08:30 PM

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Wanted Focuser Compression Ring

in Focusers by Sam M

I'm in search of a new (used) functional compression ring for my GSO (Apetura, Zhumell, Skyline) focuser. What I nee...

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

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For Sale GSO 2" Linear Bearing Crayford Focuser for Refractors - 96.6mm flange

in Focusers by js76

GSO 2" linear bearing Crayford focuser. This is for refractors, and has the 96.6mm flange. Here is a link to the exac...

Yesterday, 09:59 AM

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For Sale Motorized 3.5" Diameter Moonlite Focuser for 8" Ritchey Chretian Scope

in Focusers by Farshad

Hi guys This focuser is in excellent condition and comes with Moonlite DC Motor with power slip clutch and nFocus Ri...

16 Jul 2019

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Wanted Mini-V2 controller for High res stepper motors (Model MTS-500-V2)

in Focusers by rcoferjr

I'm looking for a Mini-V2 controller for High res stepper motors (Model MTS-500-V2). If you have one for sale let me...

16 Jul 2019

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For Sale Moonlight CFL 2.5" Refractor/Stepper

in Focusers by Mbenj2405

I have a excellent nearly new (bought new this past spring) Moonlight 2.5" CFL refractor, 4.5" drawtube with Hi res s...

16 Jul 2019

Updated: Yesterday, 11:31 AM

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For Sale MoonLite 2.5" CFL Focuser

in Focusers by Wm Rison

I have a MoonLite 2.5" CFL tri-knob with shaft lock, focuser with 4.5" drawtube and APM 152/140 flange. Had this on...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 211


For Sale Lot of 4 Newtonian focusers

in Focusers by Chuck Hards

Bargain lot of 4 nice Newtonian focusers. You get all four for one low price. Two 1.25" with base contoured to fit...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 90


For Sale Explore Scientific Variable Coma Corrector

in Focusers by Surfinash

Lowering the price! Let this one find the right home. Taking the annual stock, and clearing a few items that I do not...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 65


For Sale JMI EV Focuser Base/3.25" Flange for Celestron C11/C14

in Focusers by JOEinCO

This is a JMI "Focuser Base" for attaching an Event Horizon focuser to Celestron C11 and C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain teles...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 127


For Sale AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser

in Focusers by RRod

I am selling a new AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser kit I bought from Astromania (Amazon). I sold the telescope...

14 Jul 2019

Views: 37


Wanted Wanted: SkyWatcher 2" two speed focuser for Dob

in Focusers by RickDawg

I'm looking for a SkyWatcher 2 inch, two speed, focuser for my Dob. These came stock on their 12 inch Dobs, but, not...

13 Jul 2019

Views: 117


For Sale JMI MotoFocus For AP Refractors MFAP27 $125 Shipped

in Focusers by J A VOLK

Great condition, unused other than me installing to check fit and take pics. Includes stock attachment screws, allen...

13 Jul 2019

Views: 127


For Sale JMI NGF-mini2 1.25" Focuser

in Focusers by stgetI

For sale is my JMI NGF-mini2 1.25" focuser. The focuser has a flat base. It's a solid unit. Asking $75 shipped CONUS...

12 Jul 2019

Updated: 16 Jul 2019

Views: 145


For Sale ST80 R & P Focuser (1.25”)

in Focusers by mhettrick

Removed upon arrival from Meade Adventure 80 telescopes, as I modified these for a project requiring just the front l...

11 Jul 2019

Updated: 15 Jul 2019

Views: 159


For Sale JMI NGS F Motofocus

in Focusers by Patrick66

I have for sale is a good condition JMI NGSF Motofocus for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. There are some marks on the...

10 Jul 2019

Views: 170


For Sale JMI Event Horizon 2" Focuser EV-3n (old style for Newtonians)

in Focusers by John Verderame

This focuser appears unused. It's the older version of the EV-3n, for Newtonian telescopes. Really classy, nice qua...

10 Jul 2019

Views: 94


For Sale Moonlite 2.5" Newtonian Focuser, Motor, Controller, and Flange Extender

in Focusers by Monkeybird747

Complete autofocus package. Sold my newt. Offering up this excellent focuser package. Will not separate at the momen...

09 Jul 2019

Views: 133


For Sale GSO -SCT 2 speed Crayford focuser $95

in Focusers by Alucard400

Used this a couple of sessions to image planets on a SCT 9.25. This should work on other SCT sizes. This is essenti...

09 Jul 2019

Views: 149


For Sale TPO Dual Speed Focuser

in Focusers by Luckypaul777

For sale 2" TPO dual-speed 10:1 micro crayford SCT focuser. In excellent as new condition. Made in Taiwan, has a bra...

09 Jul 2019

Views: 65


For Sale Optec WiFi Wireless Board and Antenna

in Focusers by AstroGabe

This is my Optec WiFi Wireless Board and Antenna that I pulled from my FocuserBoss controller. Not needing wifi for...

09 Jul 2019

Views: 50


For Sale Optec FocusLynx Hand Controller

in Focusers by AstroGabe

Here is my Optec FocusLynx Hand Controller for use with FocusLynx and FocuserBoss Control Hubs. Included is the cont...

09 Jul 2019

Updated: 12 Jul 2019

Views: 92


For Sale Price Reduced: JMI MotoFocus for c6 or c8

in Focusers by OmarR

JMI wired remote control for nextstar 6 or 8. Includes extra long cable,motor and hand controller. Battery was reloc...

08 Jul 2019

Views: 36


Wanted JMI C-6 or 8 motor focus

in Focusers by George Methvin

Looking to buy a JMI C-6 or 8 motor focus for my sct if you have a used one to sell or trade please let me know.

05 Jul 2019

Views: 57


For Sale Crescent .965 R&P focuser

in Focusers by oldtimer

Crescent (probably Carton) branded .965 R&P focuser from a 60mm F-900 made in Japan scope. All metal gray finis...

05 Jul 2019

Views: 116


For Sale Baader 1.25"/T-2 Helical Focuser

in Focusers by John Miele

Baader Planetarium EYEHOLD-2 1.25"/T-2 Focusing Eyepiece Clamp with Dual Clampscrews and Compression Ring. The Baade...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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