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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 08:34 PM

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For Sale Astro Physics 2" eyepiece holder ADA2003A

in Focusers by EverlastingSky

This is part ADA2003A which attaches to an 2.7" AP thread. For use on a wide variety of instruments and focusers with...

Yesterday, 07:33 PM

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Wanted Vixen Dual Speed Focuser 37227

in Focusers by Smallfrye

Anyone have one of these older focusers they would part with. let me know price and condition thank you Jim

Yesterday, 12:22 AM

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For Sale Astro-Physics 4" Focuser

in Focusers by sqrlman

Astro-Physics 4" Focuser for a 155 EDF. 4" focusers are no longer available from Astro-Physics. This one is in excell...

Yesterday, 12:05 AM

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For Sale Unitron 60mm Rack and Pinion Focuser

in Focusers by starbird

This is a unitron rack and pinion focuser from a untron 60mm refractor telescope. I have picked up a hoard of minor...

23 Jan 2020

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Wanted 1.25" focuser for 114mm Newt

in Focusers by jmillsbss

I'm looking to upgrade the focuser for a decent little scope I picked up a while back. Strictly 1.25", as the scope...

23 Jan 2020

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For Sale Blue Fireball Eyepiece Holder (1.25") with SCT Female Thread # E-15

in Focusers by Jond105

Have a 1.25” Blue fire ball visual back for standard SCT. This comes with a nice compression ring with 2 locking scre...

23 Jan 2020

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For Sale Single speed focuser 2” of my orion 100mm refractor

in Focusers by Rayk47

I upgraded my focuser for imaging so am selling the original single speed focuser of my orion 100mm . Works great and...

23 Jan 2020

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For Sale 1.25" Helical focuser

in Focusers by scott50

I.25" Helical (screw) focuser. Not sure of brand. Good for a small telescope, especially where weight & balance i...

23 Jan 2020

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For Sale 2" focuser w/1.25" adapter

in Focusers by scott50

2" focuser with 1.25" adapter. I believe it is a Tectron, although it is not labeled. It has a flat base and leveling...

23 Jan 2020

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For Sale ZWO Helical Focuser

in Focusers by lenrabinowitz

For sale is a used ZWO helical focuser. Only about two months old. Was not used more than once or twice. Sales and...

23 Jan 2020

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Wanted Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS

in Focusers by zp53

Hi,I WTB Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS (with cable):http://www.jimsmobil..._hand_units.htmShipping to Ch...

21 Jan 2020

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For Sale Meade motorized microfocuser for large SCTs. #07080

in Focusers by msl615

Meade Zero Image-Shift 07080 Microfocuser designed to work with LS, LX85, LX200, LX600 and LX850 Telescopes using th...

21 Jan 2020

Updated: Today, 11:06 AM

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For Sale Starizonia micro touch focuser

in Focusers by rrice

Just returned from Starizona for complete check out and two new cables, works like new. factory parts included Digita...

21 Jan 2020

Views: 191


For Sale Moonlite CFL 2.5" Focuser with APM

in Focusers by lu270bro

For sale is a Moonlite CFL 2.5" focuser with Tri-Knob and 4.5" draw-tube, fully rotatable. The main body is blue in...

20 Jan 2020

Views: 108


For Sale Takahashi 10:1 Micro-Edge Focuser TFF002, MEF1

in Focusers by cworkman

Takahashi 10:1 Micro-Edge Focuser TFF002, MEF1. Excellent condition $100 + $10 shipping.

20 Jan 2020

Views: 166


For Sale Explore Scientific 10 to 1, 2" Focuser

in Focusers by scopehed

Explore Scientific 2" Focuser 10 to 1 fine focus, all metal has a brass clamp ring to hold the eyepiece or diagonal w...

20 Jan 2020

Views: 135


For Sale Meade Focusers 2 to choose from

in Focusers by scopehed

Meade Focusers 2 to choose from 1) Meade 1 1/4" Refractor Focuser This came from a Polaris 90, fits 85mm I.D. Tube....

20 Jan 2020

Views: 94


For Sale Moonlite DC motor with Power Slip Clutch and mounting bracket, and a Moonlite BR

in Focusers by mAnKiNd

Excellent operating condition, no visible wear anywhere. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal accepted, I'll take the fee.

20 Jan 2020

Views: 43


For Sale Vixen Size 1.25" Adapter

in Focusers by MASILMW

Vixen Size 1.25" Adapter Fits into the Focuser/Focus Tube of a Vixen, Celestron etc. Telescope. Ideal to replace the...

19 Jan 2020

Views: 76


For Sale Helical Focuser Non-Rotating

in Focusers by RickHull

Custom made, super-fine, Non-rotating Helical 2" focuser. Based on a Clave design which sold for over $400. It is int...

18 Jan 2020

Views: 224


For Sale FS: Orion 2" Dual-Speed Crayford Refractor Focuser

in Focusers by helpwanted

For sale: barely used, in perfect condition, Orion 2" Dual-Speed Crayford Refractor Focuser. 11-1 fine focuser, easy...

18 Jan 2020

Views: 27


Wanted Moonlite Reflector Focuser for SW-QUATTRO 10" + Curve Adapter

in Focusers by mof1re

Hello! I'm looking for Moonlite Reflector Focuser for SW-QUATTRO 10" + Curve Adapter. As original focuser on this tub...

17 Jan 2020

Views: 320


For Sale 4 Refractor focusers

in Focusers by LunarObserver

Refractor focuser 1 Unbranded focuser for refractor telescope, two speed, male flange 80 mm diameter. $15 Refractor...

17 Jan 2020

Views: 109


For Sale Brand New Astro-Smart (CFS-R) Focuser Controller System

in Focusers by astromiester1

Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized CFS-R Focus Smart Controller System ( Model - CFS-R )package that includes a...

17 Jan 2020

Updated: 18 Jan 2020

Views: 63


Wanted Moonlite Focuser Flange for ES ED80 Carbon Fiber

in Focusers by Rick Williams

Anyone happen to have one for this specific scope?

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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