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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 02:54 PM

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For Sale Moonlite CR Newtonian 2" Format Focuser

By: Gork Location: Tucson, AZ

This focuser is nearly brand new. I bought it for my SkyWatcher 10" f/4 astrograph about four months ago. It is dua...

Today, 01:24 PM

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For Sale Feathertouch Posi-drive focus system 3.5"

By: Whichwayisnorth Location: SoCal 92883

This is my entire focuser system for my Feather Touch 3.5" refractor focuser.KEEP IN MIND! Feather Touch sells parts...

Yesterday, 06:23 PM

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For Sale Williams Optics Focuser

By: 23foos Location: Miami Beach

For Sale: WILLIAMS OPTICS FOCUSER - $100.002” focuser with 1.25” adapter. Compression rings hold eyepiece in place w...

27 Nov 2020

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Wanted Looking for low profile 1.25" focuser (helical or crayford)

By: Jethro777 Location: Australia (US Postal Address)

Please send me a picture of what you have and what you would like for it.

27 Nov 2020

Updated: Today, 11:31 AM

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For Sale Starlight Instruments - 2" Feather Touch Focuser - Two Speed - Newtonian

By: bartine Location: Silver Spring MD

Starlight Instruments - 2" FeatherTouch Focuser - Two Speed - Newtonian Curved base mounting plate - used with 11" St...

27 Nov 2020

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Wanted GSO/TPO SCT Crayford Focuser for SCT Single Speed unit

By: cengell Location: USA, IL

Looking for a used/like new GSO/TPO SCT Crayford Focuser for SCT Single Speed unit, I don't need dual 10:1, so single...

26 Nov 2020

Updated: 27 Nov 2020

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For Sale Pegasus Focus Cube 2 C8 margarita or universal

By: suvowner Location: Arkansas

This is a Pegasus Focus Cube 2. never used only mounted onto my C8 edge, but then decided to switch to a Moonlite Cra...

26 Nov 2020

Updated: 27 Nov 2020

Views: 65


For Sale Rigel N Step focuser for C8 edge

By: suvowner Location: Arkansas

this is a Rigel N Step focuser for C8 edge with the usb controller with the temp sensor. conus and paypal included

25 Nov 2020

Updated: 25 Nov 2020

Views: 202


For Sale JMI Event Horizon Electronic Focuser for Cassegrain

By: glancey Location: Southern California

Complete JMI electronic focuser fits SCT telescopes. Attaches directly to the rear cell, not the focus knob and provi...

25 Nov 2020

Views: 162

Offer Pending

Moonlite Tall SCT Focuser with Hi-res Steppers

By: darkstar3d Location: 30223

I've decided to stay purely in the refractor lane and get out of the SCT for awhile. The CS focuser with High Resolu...

25 Nov 2020

Views: 42


Wanted Moonlite CS dual speed focuser

By: Roger Berube Location: 04250

Looking for a Moonlite 2" daul speed with 90mm x 1mm flange for a 8" GSO Classical Cassigrain

24 Nov 2020

Views: 111


For Sale Celestron Focus motor

By: skylab1 Location: Bellflower, CA

Focus Motor Item #94155-A. Like new condition. Sell for $180.00, buyer pays for shipping and I will cover for Paypal.

24 Nov 2020

Updated: 24 Nov 2020

Views: 377


For Sale GSO 2" Dual Speed Focuser

By: ItsMeTony Location: Florida

For sale is my Micro Crawford 10:1 96mm Dual Speed Focuser. It is in excellent condition. This was used on my Orion 1...

24 Nov 2020

Views: 35


Wanted ZWO EAF S

By: longneck Location: NC

Hi, Looking for a zwo EAF-S in good condition. Thanks

24 Nov 2020

Views: 248


For Sale Explore Scientific 2" Crayford Focuser

By: MASILMW Location: US

Explore Scientific 2" Crayford Focuser This 2" Crayford is a Two Speed Focuser. Made of Anodized Aluminum. The focus...

24 Nov 2020

Views: 45


Wanted WTB: Moonlite 2" Refractor Focuser or focuser Parts

By: yurij Location: Glen Rock, NJ

Looking for one with dual speed, and/or stepper motor, and/or controller. or where I can get focuser parts for the r...

23 Nov 2020

Views: 147


For Sale Starlight Instruments FTF2015BCR focuser

By: Really Big Steve Location: Tallahassee

This is an Starlight Instruments FTF2015BCR Feather Touch Rotatable 2.0" Diameter Dual Speed 1.5" Draw Tube Travel, B...

23 Nov 2020

Views: 33


Wanted ZWO EAF or Sesto senso gen2

By: deepanvishal Location: Los Angeles

Looking for EAF or Sesto Senso gen2 in good condition.

23 Nov 2020

Views: 40


Wanted Fine Focus Know - Orion Starmax127 Mak

By: trumpetpa Location: NC

These are no longer being made so I thought I would see if anyone still had one they weren’t using.

23 Nov 2020

Views: 183


For Sale Synta Refractor R&P focuser-very smooth, not cosmetically perfect

By: erin Location: 01075

Here is a Synta R&P focuser that came from a Meade 80mm Adventure scope. 86mm flange. I bought this to put on my...

23 Nov 2020

Views: 86


For Sale Bracket to attach ZWO EAF focuser to a Celstron 11 inch SCT

By: PABresler Location: Los Osos, Ca

This is a custom bracket to fit a ZWO EAF electronic focuser to a Celestron Edge HD 1100. It is all metal, machined,...

22 Nov 2020

Views: 37


Wanted Looking for Borg Rack & Pinion Focuser

By: julianchan Location: Oregon

Looking for Borg Rack & Pinion Focuser Also looking for : Borg 125 SD short tube, Baader Clicklock 2" holder,...

22 Nov 2020

Views: 167


For Sale Refractor GSO 10:1 Crayford 2" Focuser w/ C80ED adapter

By: Humanoids Location: Milwaukee, WI

For sale is a focuser purchased from agenaastro. It's about 2 months old. Used this with one of my refractors. Decide...

22 Nov 2020

Views: 62


For Sale Feathertouch A20-215 2” adapter for Celestron & Meade SCTs

By: vkhastro1 Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Starlight Instruments Feathertouch A20-215 2" thread on adapter for Celestron & Meade small thread SCT telescopes...

22 Nov 2020

Views: 96


For Sale FeatherTouch Focuser for Celestron 9-1/4"/11"/14" SCT's

By: DennisR Location: Rodeo, New Mexico

FeatherTouch FTF2015BCR 2" Focuser with 1.5" Draw FeatherTouch A20-212 Adapter to 2" focuser and Celestron 3.29 x 16...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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