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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Jan 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Reducer flatner

in Focusers by kevlaa1

Wanted a original reducer flatner for my OFFICI...

15 Jan 2019

Views: 19


Wanted WTB: MoonLite CHL 2.5" - Focuser Edge HD8

in Focusers by TikiTom

Wanted to Buy-MoonLite CHL Large 2.5" Format Fo...

14 Jan 2019

Views: 26


Wanted Shoestring FCUSB2 unit

in Focusers by cengell

Hello CN, I am looking for a Shoestring FCUSB2...

12 Jan 2019

Views: 33


Wanted Feathertouch Low Profile 2"-1.25" Adapter *wanted*

in Focusers by rgbizz

I am looking for a Feathertouch Focuser Low Pro...

08 Jan 2019

Views: 22


Wanted Focuslynx stepper motor for 3SV focuser wanted.

in Focusers by skycamper

Does anyone have a 3-inch stepper focuser motor...

03 Jan 2019

Views: 39


Wanted Moonlite flange for Orion ED80T CF Flange

in Focusers by snoraste

If anyone has one for sale.

03 Jan 2019

Views: 42


Wanted WTB: 2" focuser for Orion ST80

in Focusers by s3hoch

I picked up a used Orion ST80 refractor on the...

02 Jan 2019

Views: 32


Wanted WTB- AP 2.7" focuser

in Focusers by tag1260

Putting out feelers to see if anything is out t...

26 Dec 2018

Updated: 26 Dec 2018

Views: 83


Wanted Quality 2-Speed Refractor Focuser

in Focusers by zakry3323

Whether you're liquidating or upgrading, I'm in...

22 Dec 2018

Views: 28


Wanted WTB: Skywatcher Esprit 80mm Stock Focuser

in Focusers by RrainbowSix

I am looking for a Skywatcher Esprit 80MM Stock...

19 Dec 2018

Views: 43


Wanted ADM dual saddle

in Focusers by snoraste

For newer Atlas mounts

19 Dec 2018

Views: 32


Wanted WANTED - Primaluce ECCO, environmental computerized controller

in Focusers by TikiTom

Primaluce Ecco computerized weather controller...

18 Dec 2018

Updated: 22 Dec 2018

Views: 59


Wanted Looking for a Feather Touch Micro focuser for a Celestron C8 (FTM-CPC8)

in Focusers by LucaSky

Hi, I would like to install a Feather Touch Mi...

05 Dec 2018

Views: 42


Wanted Moonlite DRO + rotator for large SCT focuser CHL

in Focusers by ZL4PLM

Looking for a dual DRO controller and rotator f...

27 Nov 2018

Updated: 28 Nov 2018

Views: 58


Wanted Unitron, Polarex super focus knob needed

in Focusers by clell777

received a damaged Super focuser in the mail an...

26 Nov 2018

Views: 78


Wanted WTB- R&P Focuser

in Focusers by tag1260

Looking for a nice Rack and Pinion focuser from...

18 Nov 2018

Views: 27


Wanted WANTED in UK - A20-302 Feather Touch Focuser adapter for Takahashi FS-60

in Focusers by surfindogg

WANTED in UK - A20-302 Feather Touch Focuser ad...

11 Nov 2018

Views: 57


Wanted Low profile 2" focuser -Kineoptics HC-2, Destiny low profile helical, etc.

in Focusers by TripelDogDare

I'm looking for a low profile 2" focuser for a...

07 Nov 2018

Views: 42


Wanted Wanted: Adapter ring for Moonlight focuser to WO GT81MM Triplet

in Focusers by normhughes

Im looking for an adapter ring for a moonlight...

03 Nov 2018

Views: 34


Wanted WTB: FeatherTouch 3.0" Focuser (FTF3015B-A)

in Focusers by RrainbowSix

Looking for a Starlight Feather Touch 3.0" Focu...

30 Oct 2018

Views: 47


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite flange for SV80ST (OD 3.467")

in Focusers by Synon

Looking for a moonlite flange for my Stellarvue...

28 Oct 2018

Views: 56


Wanted Wanted - JMI NGF-S Focuser

in Focusers by Lftscope1

I'm in need of a JMI NGF-S focuser. 2" to 2". I...

22 Oct 2018

Views: 68


Wanted Wanted: GSO dual-speed focuser for refractor

in Focusers by miniqtone

Need ASAP a GSO dual speed Crayford that can be...

04 Oct 2018

Views: 49


Wanted Moonlifght Mini V2 Focus Controller

in Focusers by Strawb

Managed to let the magic smoke out of mine so l...

28 Sep 2018

Views: 89


Wanted 2 inch focuser for my 17 inch truss dob scope

in Focusers by Michael Dziak

Hi, I am looking for a quality "solid" 2 inch...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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