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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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30 May 2020

Views: 129


Wanted Wanted a Reflector 2” Focuser for 8” OTA

By: Starhopper2 Location: MD

Wanted a Reflector 2” Focuser for 8” OTA I am not looking for a great focuser. I need the kind of basic focuser you r...

27 Oct 2019

Views: 161


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller

By: Ken Milburn Location: Washington

Looking for a Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller. If you have one that could use a new home and can part with it, I woul...

08 Jan 2020

Views: 149


Wanted WANTED - Starlight Instruments HSM30 motor

By: R Botero Location: Kent, UK

Hi All Looking for an HSM30 unit. Thanks for looking at my ad. Roberto

30 Jul 2019

Views: 148


Wanted Looking for a Unihex Type A Drawtube

By: Tiredeyes Location: Maryland

Looking for a drawtube (preferably including the clamp, but I can live without it if necessary) for a Unihex Type A....

23 Jan 2020

Views: 138


Wanted 1.25" focuser for 114mm Newt

By: jmillsbss Location: MS

I'm looking to upgrade the focuser for a decent little scope I picked up a while back. Strictly 1.25", as the scope...

22 Jul 2019

Views: 193


Wanted Wanted: Focuser for a 8" Newton Telescope

By: franksnow Location: US, EU.

Hi Guys, Just looking a Focuser for my 8" Newtonian Telescope from Celestron. If you have one that fits on this tube...

27 May 2020

Updated: 27 May 2020

Views: 112


Wanted WTB - 96.6mm 2 speed refractor focuser

By: aa5te Location: Clinton, TN

Looking for a dual speed refractor focuser with a 96.6mm flange to replace the stock shifty one on an Omni XLT 150R....

29 Jul 2017

Views: 289


Wanted Looking for Moonlite CFL 2.5" focuser

By: alberto2000 Location: Basel, Switzerland

Looking for a Moonlite CFL 2.5" focuser that suits Astro Tech AT106LE, no need for motors. Thanks

22 Nov 2017

Views: 323


Wanted Wanted 70mm focuser

By: levidog2 Location: Washington State

Hi everyone, I am building a 70mm spotter and am looking for a good quality focuser to fit my 70mm tube must be 1.25"...

28 Jan 2018

Views: 267


Wanted Borg helical fouser #7757

By: Starhustler Location: 74019

need this for a project -- Thanks

02 Jul 2018

Views: 335


Meade 2" Rack and Pinion Focuser made in Japan

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is the retro model meade 2" rack and pinion focuser made in Japan. Very nice condition great for a restoration...

18 Nov 2019

Views: 142


Wanted Focuser for 6/8 inch Rc

By: cmckow91 Location: NELA

Need a manual focuser that would fit an 6 inch Astro-Tech Rc. Thanks!

20 Mar 2019

Views: 223


Wanted Orion Accufocus controller

By: stpal001 Location: Texas

I am looking for what I think is an Orion Accufocuser hand controller and cord. I have the gearbox (pictured) on a us...

15 Dec 2018

Views: 216


Wanted Explore ED127 focuser wanted

By: hoes Location: Boston Ma

Hi - I have an aluminum tube Explore Scientific ED127 (with the sliding dew shield and slightly longer tube than the...

30 Jun 2018

Views: 386


For Sale 2" R&P Refractor Focuser

By: Sean Cunneen Location: Flossmor Il

Standard 2" Focuser, one wobbly knob. Works... Cheap! $25 shipped CONUS

02 Mar 2020

Views: 173


Wanted Moonlite Newtonian Focuser

By: DSalters Location: Missouri

One more try: Looking for a Moonlite single speed Newtonian focuser in good condition. No additional accessories nece...

18 Feb 2019

Views: 185


Wanted Feathertouch Microfocuser for 14" Celestron Edge

By: Jeff Struve Location: USA

I am in need of a Feathertouch focuser for our local university's 14" Edge. Excellent Like New condition preferred....

15 Jan 2019

Views: 201


Wanted Reducer flatner

By: kevlaa1 Location: Melbourne

Wanted a original reducer flatner for my OFFICINA STELLARE HIPER APO TRIPLET 115 F/7, CARBON TUBE, 3.5" Feathertouch...

27 Sep 2017

Views: 288


Wanted WTB: FeatherTouch MicroFocuser EdgeHD8/8SE/6SE/CPC #FTM-CPC8

By: RrainbowSix Location: Toronto

Looking for a FeatherTouch MicroFocuser for my EdgeHD 800 (model #FTM-CPC8).It's the version that fits the Celestron...

03 Nov 2018

Views: 161


Wanted WTB: FeatherTouch 3.0" Focuser (FTF3015B-A)

By: RrainbowSix Location: Toronto

Looking for a Starlight Feather Touch 3.0" Focuser with 1.5" Draw tube travel (model # FTF3015B-A). Thanks.

12 Dec 2019

Views: 192


Wanted Focuser for Sears 6339a or Tasco 10TE or similar

By: photiost Location: Montreal

New project need focuser for a (76mm) Sears 6339a ... theSears (75mm) 6339 and the Tasco (76.2mm) 10TE focuser will a...

17 Sep 2020

Views: 63


Wanted Dual Speed Crayford Focuser with 96.6mm flange

By: gkoch16 Location: 14086

I am looking for a dual speed crayford focuser for a refractor with a 96.6mm flange to replace the one on my Celestro...

28 Nov 2017

Views: 294


Wanted SkyWatcher/Synta 2" Crayford Focuser-SW100 Pro-ED Refractor

By: c2m2t Location: Canada

Looking to replace the Crayford Focuser on my SW100 Pro-ED refractor after suffering damage during a blow-over in a r...

15 Feb 2020

Views: 144


Wanted Looking for GSO (or similar) linear reflector focuser

By: Itz marcus Location: NY

Hi, Looking for gso (or similar) linear focuser for my 12 inch reflector. Clear Skies Itz

06 Nov 2019

Updated: 06 Nov 2019

Views: 190


Wanted Wanted JMI Motofocus Systems For Celestron C-8

By: George Methvin Location: Cross Plains Texas

Look for a JMI Motofocus System for Celestron 8 on a sl mount, thank you for your time.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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