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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 03:33 PM

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For Sale Brand New Astro-Smart Focus Smart(CFS-PRO) Focuser Controller System

in Focusers by astromiester1

Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized CFS-PRO Focus Smart Controller System ( Model - CFS-PRO )package that includ...

Today, 02:14 PM

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For Sale Celestron Focus Motor for SCT and EdgeHD

in Focusers by Danweis1

Celestron Focus Motor used a couple of times. Had it on a Celestron 6SE, but sold the scope shortly after installing...

18 Jan 2020

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Wanted Moonlite Reflector Focuser for SW-QUATTRO 10" + Curve Adapter

in Focusers by mof1re

Hello! I'm looking for Moonlite Reflector Focuser for SW-QUATTRO 10" + Curve Adapter. As original focuser on this tub...

25 Nov 2019

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Wanted FTM-CPC11, Or another focus upgrade for a C11HD

in Focusers by dickeypjeep

Looking for a FTM-CPC11 focuser. Probably a long shot, but let me know if you have one you're willing to part with....

23 Jan 2020

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Wanted Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS

in Focusers by zp53

Hi,I WTB Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS (with cable):http://www.jimsmobil..._hand_units.htmShipping to Ch...

15 Jan 2020

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Wanted WANTED - Starlight Instruments HSM motor 30

in Focusers by R Botero

Looking for an HSM30 unit. Thank you! Roberto

24 Jan 2020

Views: 35


Wanted Vixen Dual Speed Focuser 37227

in Focusers by Smallfrye

Anyone have one of these older focusers they would part with. let me know price and condition thank you Jim

08 Jan 2020

Views: 36


Wanted WANTED - Starlight Instruments HSM30 motor

in Focusers by R Botero

Hi All Looking for an HSM30 unit. Thanks for looking at my ad. Roberto

11 Nov 2019

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Wanted Takahashi CAA (CCA-250 )

in Focusers by Tau_Ceti

I'm looking for Takahashi Camera Angle Adjuster part number TKP86200. Thank you for offer, Tau_Ceti

03 Jan 2020

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Wanted Pegasus Astro FocusCube SCT Bracket and Hardware

in Focusers by elineberry75

I'm looking for a bracket and hardware kit for the Pegasus Astro FocusCube (V1 or 2) for a 8" SCT. I already have th...

08 Jan 2020

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Wanted WTB: JMI MFETX Motofocus for ETX

in Focusers by Taylor

If you have a JMI Motofocus #MFETX for the Meade ETX that you are no longer using, I would like to buy it from you.

03 Jan 2020

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in Focusers by Night shift

Wanted ZWO auto focuser.

18 Dec 2019

Views: 44


Wanted Orion AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser

in Focusers by Brissel

Wanted used on not working .

23 Jan 2020

Views: 45


Wanted 1.25" focuser for 114mm Newt

in Focusers by jmillsbss

I'm looking to upgrade the focuser for a decent little scope I picked up a while back. Strictly 1.25", as the scope...

20 Jan 2020

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For Sale Vixen Size 1.25" Adapter

in Focusers by MASILMW

Vixen Size 1.25" Adapter Fits into the Focuser/Focus Tube of a Vixen, Celestron etc. Telescope. Ideal to replace the...

23 Aug 2019

Views: 47


Wanted WTB - Pegasus Focuscube V2

in Focusers by spbalaji

If you have one for sale then please message me. Thanks...

13 Jan 2020

Views: 48


For Sale Moonlite Focuser CFL Flange for Meade 130 6000 Series Refractor

in Focusers by rcoferjr

Moonlite 2.5" CFL Focuser Flange for the Meade 130mm 6000 series refractors. Got this as part of a focuser deal from...

27 Oct 2019

Views: 50


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller

in Focusers by Ken Milburn

Looking for a Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller. If you have one that could use a new home and can part with it, I woul...

03 Nov 2019

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Wanted Sesto Senso

in Focusers by janame

Looking for a Sesto Senso or possibly another similar stepper motor based system.

14 Aug 2019

Views: 52


Wanted GSO (or other) focuser for 112.5mm ID refractor tube

in Focusers by mdbradshaw

I'm looking for a used but clean GSO 112.5mm refractor focuser. If any other company makes something similar, i woul...

30 Jul 2019

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Wanted Looking for a Unihex Type A Drawtube

in Focusers by Tiredeyes

Looking for a drawtube (preferably including the clamp, but I can live without it if necessary) for a Unihex Type A....

07 Jan 2020

Views: 57


For Sale Starlight Feather Touch 2" adapter for Vixen?

in Focusers by Dshiner

Up for sale is a Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch adapter. It is in brand new condition. I am not completely su...

15 Jan 2020

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Wanted Crayford for Orion 120 f/8.3 Refractor

in Focusers by Dale Penkala

Looking for a good condition dual speed focuser for my Orion 120mm F/8.3 refractor. Something better to replace the s...

07 Oct 2019

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Wanted Wanted: Featherlite Paracorr SIPS Focuser/Corrector

in Focusers by Dessman

Looking for the Featherlite focuser with integrated Paracorr coma corrector.

30 Nov 2019

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Wanted FTF2025BCR-LW Feather Touch 2'' lightweight, 2.5" tube travel

in Focusers by khachik

Looking for the following focuser:http://starlightinst...&product_id=385Ideally with an adapter to mount on barsk...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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