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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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11 Nov 2019

Views: 17


Wanted Takahashi CAA (CCA-250 )

in Focusers by Tau_Ceti

I'm looking for Takahashi Camera Angle Adjuster part number TKP86200. Thank you for offer, Tau_Ceti

15 Nov 2019

Views: 19


Wanted Moonlite Flange... WO GT-71 , ES 102 CF

in Focusers by SandyC8

I just bought a Moonlite system for my WO GT-71. I need the appropriate flange to connect it to my scope. This is my...

27 Oct 2019

Views: 29


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller

in Focusers by Ken Milburn

Looking for a Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller. If you have one that could use a new home and can part with it, I woul...

30 Oct 2019

Updated: 04 Nov 2019

Views: 30


Wanted Moonlite CF 2 inch Focuser for ES ED80 Carbon Fiber

in Focusers by Rick Williams

Anyone have one for this scope for sale? Rick

03 Nov 2019

Views: 34


Wanted Sesto Senso

in Focusers by janame

Looking for a Sesto Senso or possibly another similar stepper motor based system.

23 Aug 2019

Views: 37


Wanted WTB - Pegasus Focuscube V2

in Focusers by spbalaji

If you have one for sale then please message me. Thanks...

09 Nov 2019

Views: 39


Wanted Moonlite Mini-V2 controller

in Focusers by PowerM3

Hi, looking for a Moonlite Mini-V2 controller. Let me know if you have one and price shipped to 98662. Thanks!

02 Nov 2019

Views: 41


Wanted WANTED- Focuser for Meade AR-6

in Focusers by tag1260

Looking for a focuser for a Meade AR-6. Need something smooth and tight but economical as mine has a lot of problems....

14 Aug 2019

Views: 42


Wanted GSO (or other) focuser for 112.5mm ID refractor tube

in Focusers by mdbradshaw

I'm looking for a used but clean GSO 112.5mm refractor focuser. If any other company makes something similar, i woul...

07 Oct 2019

Views: 42


Wanted Wanted: Featherlite Paracorr SIPS Focuser/Corrector

in Focusers by Dessman

Looking for the Featherlite focuser with integrated Paracorr coma corrector.

28 Oct 2019

Views: 44


Wanted ZWO EAF

in Focusers by PowerM3

Hi, looking for a ZWO EAF preferably with the hand controller. Let me know how much you would like shipped to 98662....

21 Oct 2019

Views: 44


Wanted WANTED; 5" Jaegers 2" focuser w/wo flange

in Focusers by Rick Runcie

I'm looking for a replacement 2" focuser with or without the flange to connect to the tube. Your time and considerati...

30 Jul 2019

Views: 45


Wanted Looking for a Unihex Type A Drawtube

in Focusers by Tiredeyes

Looking for a drawtube (preferably including the clamp, but I can live without it if necessary) for a Unihex Type A....

14 Sep 2019

Views: 47


Wanted ZWO EAF focuser

in Focusers by tom193

Would like to get one of these. Thanks!

20 Aug 2019

Updated: 21 Aug 2019

Views: 49


Wanted Wanted - 68mm Baader 2" Clicklock

in Focusers by JayS_CT

Looking for a male threaded 68mm x 1 Baader 2" Clicklock. Let me know if you have one available. Jay S.

24 Aug 2019

Views: 51


Wanted WANTED++JMI MotoFocus+ Celestron NexStar Evolution 6/8/9.25

in Focusers by carlm01

Looking for a JMI MotoFocus+ Celestron NexStar Evolution 6/8/9.25 Let me know what you have and how much.... Thanks

15 Nov 2019

Updated: 15 Nov 2019

Views: 52


Wanted Wanted 1.25" Focuser for 114mm reflector 3 15/16 - 7 3/4" Moivement.

in Focusers by Mbinoc

I know some of you here upgrade the focusers on your reflecting telescopes and may have some stock unused parts on ha...

08 Aug 2019

Views: 54


Wanted Wanted: TeleVue FocusMate Dual Speed Fine Focuser TFM-2000

in Focusers by Hankster

Wanted: TeleVue FocusMate Dual Speed Fine Focus Mechanism TFM-2000. Hank

30 Aug 2019

Views: 55


Wanted PegasusAstro SCT Motor Focus Kit - For SCTs

in Focusers by SebaAstro

I am looking for a Pegasus Astro SCT Motor Focus Kit - For Celestron 6"/8"/9.25" SCTs. For the exact model find the l...

27 Mar 2019

Views: 58


Wanted Edmund 1.25" Extension Tube

in Focusers by dan boyar

Looking for 2 items to complete my 3" F/15 Edmund refractor: - Chrome plated 1.25" extension tube for the standard f...

13 Oct 2019

Views: 58


Wanted W.O. Megrez 90FD focuser

in Focusers by Toddeo

looking for a replacement focuser for a W.O. Megrez 90FD refractor. If anyone has replaced their original focuser-jus...

01 Aug 2019

Views: 58


Wanted 1.25" Focuser Wanted

in Focusers by epenna

I'm looking for a 1.25" focuser with a baseplate that would fit a tube with an OD of 7.25" Ideally, it would have a...

17 Jul 2019

Views: 59


Wanted Focuser Compression Ring

in Focusers by Sam M

I'm in search of a new (used) functional compression ring for my GSO (Apetura, Zhumell, Skyline) focuser. What I nee...

16 May 2019

Views: 59


Wanted Wanted: Pegasus Astro FocusCube Focuser Motor

in Focusers by carl67lp

Looking for a Pegasus Astro FocusCube Focuser Motor, with the universal L-bracket. AgenaAstro has 'em on closeout, b...

10 Sep 2019

Views: 60


Wanted Focus controller

in Focusers by Strawb

Managed to blow up my moonlight mini 2 controller so am after a replacement. Payment will be by Paypal Thanks in advance

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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