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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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24 Oct 2018

Updated: 26 May 2019

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For Sale TPO 2 inch 2 speed Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by zambonikane

I am selling my TPO/GSO/Astrotech 2 inch, 2 speed Crayford Focuser. It is in excellent shape and comes with a base-pl...

24 Jan 2018

Views: 857



in Focusers by scopehed

Explore Scientific FOCEDCRBN-01 2" APO EDT SERIES CRAYFORD STYLE 2 SPEED FOCUSERThe high-quality focuser offers 10:1...

11 Apr 2017

Views: 800



in Focusers by Easton7172001

Almost new gso focuser. I took this one out of my new GSO RC8 scope. I got JMI focuser so I don't need this one. 90....

19 Jul 2017

Updated: 18 Jun 2018

Views: 798


For Sale FocusDreamPRO Stepper Motor Focus Controller

in Focusers by Astrogadget

FocusDreamPRO - control unit for the stepper motor of electric focusers (Stepper Motor Focus Controller). It is desig...

04 Apr 2017

Views: 753


For Sale ATM Helical focuser

in Focusers by jayscheuerle

This smooth gliding beauty was made for a project that's never going to materialize. It's baltic birch plywood and 4...

20 Oct 2017

Views: 740


For Sale Unitron 1.25 and 2" adapters

in Focusers by astronomy-shoppe.com

Astronomy shop: Unitron 1.25 eyepiece adapters . These adapters will allow the use of standard 1.25 eyepiece and diag...

18 Aug 2017

Updated: 19 Aug 2017

Views: 739


For Sale MoonLite 2.5" Large Format Refractor Focuser

in Focusers by marcb

I am selling a MoonLite focuser that I had purchased for my AT111edt. (the flange says AT106, it also fits the AT111...

24 Mar 2017

Updated: 12 Jan 2018

Views: 717


For Sale Explore Scientific original 127 mm focuser

in Focusers by RRod

This is a Crayford focuser that came with the original CF Explore Scientific 127mm ED telescope. I don't need that an...

29 Mar 2017

Updated: 10 Aug 2017

Views: 700


For Sale Old Synta Plastic 2" Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by Fr3d

This Crayford focuser was took off an old Synta 8" newtonian OTA. The plastic focuser body has an "opened" design an...

18 Jan 2018

Updated: 25 Jul 2018

Views: 675


For Sale Moonlite 2.5 inch large format CRL focuser for 8 inch newtonian

in Focusers by zaubermantel

Moonlite 2.5 inch large format CRL focuser for 8 inch Newtonian, blue. This came attached to my new telescope but I a...

22 Nov 2017

Views: 673


For Sale William Optics DDG, Dual Speed focuser

in Focusers by Ken Durazzo

Selling my William Optics DDG for an SCT. This was mounted on my Celestron C8. It has digital display, dual speed and...

20 Jul 2018

Updated: 20 Jul 2018

Views: 652


For Sale Astro sale on focusers

in Focusers by detector

Original vixxen 102f focuser and rings $65.00 plus shipping Meade 1.25 ans Meade 2 inch all metal ( no plastic ) 1.25...

02 Nov 2017

Updated: 03 Nov 2017

Views: 639


For Sale Feathertouch 2025 for Orion Reflector Base

in Focusers by Eddgie

There is nothing made as good as a Feathertouch focuser, and of the two that I have owned, this one is even better th...

03 May 2017

Views: 623


For Sale Unitron eyepiece adapters

in Focusers by astronomy-shoppe.com

Our Unitron Focus tube adapters allow you to use modern 1.25 and 2" eyepices on your Unitron, depending on model: the...

01 Nov 2018

Views: 588


For Sale Thinning the herd ... a Starlight focuser motor and gear ...

in Focusers by choward94002

... acquired some time ago as part of a trade, I believe that it's an MSM30 and I've verified that it responds to com...

18 Dec 2018

Views: 586


For Sale New 2" Crayford Style Focuser

in Focusers by stbrown1954

This all metal 2" Crayford Style Focuser is yours for $75 with free shipping to continental US or Canada. Clear Skie...

01 Aug 2017

Views: 567


For Sale MoonLite CR Newtonian Focuser

in Focusers by David Aguilar

I bought two of these and have never used the second one. It's brand new, no scratches or dings. It has a 2" travel c...

14 Mar 2018

Updated: 09 Apr 2018

Views: 564


For Sale JMI EV-2c motorized focuser for Celestron CAT

in Focusers by rhaskins

JMI Event Horizon focuser EV-2C and adds the following: Includes focus motor, Celestron adapter, position encoder, an...

03 Jan 2020

Updated: 12 Jan 2020

Views: 552


For Sale Moonlite 2 inch Dual Speed Focuser - 4.5 Inch Drawtube

in Focusers by Rick Williams

I bought this on here to mount on my ES ED80CF. Unfortunately, it's too heavy for that scope, given the out of whack...

30 Jan 2018

Updated: 18 Feb 2018

Views: 533


For Sale KISS Focusers

in Focusers by Gary J

Two types of KISS Focusers For Sale Contact; Gary Jarrette garyjarrette@gmail.com US Precision 18328 E. Sunnybrook L...

18 Nov 2017

Views: 526


For Sale Celestron Focus Motor #94144 New in Box

in Focusers by em51

Still clearing out new old stock, found this nice new-in-box Celestron Focus Motor #94144. Asking $24.95 plus $8 ship...

30 Aug 2017

Views: 516


For Sale Orion ST80 stock focuser

in Focusers by pselaphid

This is the original 1.25" focuser from an ST80 after I upgraded to a better one. Just the thing if you have an 86mm...

07 Apr 2017

Updated: 15 Apr 2017

Views: 515


For Sale Stellarvue 3" focuser

in Focusers by Christopher Corkill

I am selling my 3" Stellarvue focuser that came with my telescope. I used it no more than 5 times because I switched...

21 Mar 2019

Updated: 17 Aug 2019

Views: 513


For Sale Moonlite 2" Crayford manual focuser for Meade 16" LX200 SCT

in Focusers by hlritter

Bought new by me several years ago and in near-perfect condition. For sale only because I'm installing an Optec TCF-L...

12 Aug 2017

Updated: 22 Sep 2017

Views: 511


For Sale Newtonian crayford focuser

in Focusers by Bill Gnirrep

2" with 1.25" adapter. Manufacturer unknown but works perfectly. Asking $50 + shipping plus Paypal fees if any. Prefe...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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