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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Today, 02:30 PM

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Wanted WTB: Meade 8” LX200R / ACF Forks

in Mounts/Tripods by StargazerMax94

Want to buy a 8” LX200R/ACF fork mount so I can refork a scope I’ve got. Don’t need the tripod, just the forks. Tha...

Today, 01:23 PM

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in Mounts/Tripods by cmckow91

Full package, Tripod is preferred. Thanks

Yesterday, 07:56 PM

Views: 29


Wanted UA Microstar Super Deluxe

in Mounts/Tripods by PhotoDave

Looking for a Universal Astronomics Microstar Super Deluxe in excellent condition.

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

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Wanted WTB: DM4 mount head

in Mounts/Tripods by pacificdiver

I'm looking for a Discmounts DM4 mount head. Must be in very good or better condition. Thanks.

10 Sep 2019

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Wanted Takahashi NJP original mahogany wood tripod.

in Mounts/Tripods by kevinelister

Hi Folks, I'm looking for an original Takahashi NJP mahogany wood tripod. I'd prefer to find a complete tripod that...

09 Sep 2019

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Wanted 2" Tripod for iOptron CEM25P/ ZEQ25 / CEM25

in Mounts/Tripods by aatdalton

Have you upgraded to a pier? Got a 2" tripod laying around that needs a new home? I'm interesting in purchasing it! A...

05 Sep 2019

Updated: 12 Sep 2019

Views: 53


Wanted JMI Wheeley Bar #TPWLB16 for Meade 16" Lightbridge

in Mounts/Tripods by TheBigEye

If you have one for sale, I'm interested! Please state condition and price, including shipping to 88056. Thanks!

05 Sep 2019

Views: 82



in Mounts/Tripods by WSlater

Celestron Powerstar 2 (C8) telescope fork with hand controller

04 Sep 2019

Views: 51


Wanted Ultra-portable dobson frame 20"

in Mounts/Tripods by martastro

Hi, I am looking for an affordable 20" ultra-portable dobson frame. I have the optics. 20 inch.

04 Sep 2019

Updated: 04 Sep 2019

Views: 107


Wanted Losmandy GM8 Standard #492 drive system (Non Gemini) with stock accessories

in Mounts/Tripods by aa6ww

Im looking for a Losmandy GM 8 in very good condition. It must be the standard #492 drive system (Push Pull system,)...

31 Aug 2019

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Wanted Astro-Tech Voyager 8" Extension Column

in Mounts/Tripods by mrsjeff

I'm looking for the extension column made for the original Astro-Tech Voyager I mount. If you have a functional one y...

30 Aug 2019

Updated: 02 Sep 2019

Views: 73


Wanted WTB AZ/EQ6 / Atlas pro

in Mounts/Tripods by regis helaine

Hit me up

30 Aug 2019

Views: 68


Wanted Heavy duty tripod wanted, Losmandy Folding, iOptron Tri-Pier or?

in Mounts/Tripods by chrisg

Heavy duty tripod wanted, Losmandy HD, Losmandy HD Folding, iOptron Tri-Pier, or? Please let me know what you have, s...

30 Aug 2019

Views: 34


Wanted Twilight II Pier Extension

in Mounts/Tripods by stlp33

Looking for a pier extension for the Explore Scientific Twilight II alt/az mount. If you have one, let me know. Than...

28 Aug 2019

Views: 97


Wanted WTB Celestron AVX

in Mounts/Tripods by engrdy

TLDR: Looking to buy an AVX (with good Go-To and Tracking) willing to meet at Union City, CA. This is kinda complica...

28 Aug 2019

Views: 46


Wanted Tripod leg spreader tray for SE mount/tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by Toddeo

Looking for a used spreader tray for an "SE" mount/tripod. I have a used tripod that I picked up-without the leg tray...

27 Aug 2019

Views: 106


Wanted Wanted cheap broken mount for a project

in Mounts/Tripods by ahousefavor

Looking for a broken mount that maby has a fried controll board or whatever as a project to do. Hit me up with what y...

26 Aug 2019

Views: 46


Wanted Orion Synscan V5/Sky-watcher Synscan V4/5 hand controller

in Mounts/Tripods by vkhastro1

I am looking for one of the following controllers: Orion SynScan V5 Hand Controller Or Sky-Watcher SynScan V4 or V5 H...

25 Aug 2019

Views: 47


Wanted WTB Nexstar Evolution 6" or 8" tripod

in Mounts/Tripods by Taylor

I'm looking for the smaller Nexstar Evolution tripod that comes with the 6" or 8" version of the telescope.

23 Aug 2019

Views: 49


Wanted C8 Tabletop Wedge

in Mounts/Tripods by Richard O'Neill

I'm looking for an early C8 tabletop wedge, not a tripod mounted wedge with is quite different. They were available i...

22 Aug 2019

Views: 49


Wanted Wanted: Orion Synscan Adapter

in Mounts/Tripods by junomike

Looking for an Orion Synscan WiFi Adapter w/both OEM Cables.If you have one lying around, drop me a line.Thanks!

22 Aug 2019

Views: 96


Wanted Losmandy GM8 or GM811 with Digital Drive (non-goto)

in Mounts/Tripods by troy6666

Looking for a Losmandy GM8 or GM811 with Digital Drive (non-goto) in very good to excellent condition. Would need sh...

20 Aug 2019

Views: 59


Wanted 8" Permanent Steel Pier

in Mounts/Tripods by PlanetOrion

I'm looking for an 8" diameter Permanent Steel Pier (3-4 feet in height) around the San Jose Bay Area (CA). If you ha...

20 Aug 2019

Views: 96


Wanted Takahashi NJP Wood Tripod Part

in Mounts/Tripods by Howard Gao

Hi I'm looking for the Takahashi NJP wood tripod part in the photo. It's used to hold the spread stopper plate. Mine...

19 Aug 2019

Views: 56


Wanted Meade Starfinder 8inch/10inch EQ mount

in Mounts/Tripods by TommyLM

Does anyone have a Meade Starfinder EQ mount for parts? I need a DC servo motor with gear box.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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